Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit warns Kaveri

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit saying I have loved Randhir, this love is of the past, Veer knew everything, but even then he falsely married me. She tells everything to Nalini. Nalini asks why did you agree to marry again. Amrit says because, Veer played a big move, he blamed Randhir of molesting Saroj and kept marriage condition in front of me for Randhir’s freedom, after marrying Veer, I had sacrificed my love, I did a wife and bahu’s duty well. Randhir says Amrit is saying right, she didn’t let me know about her sacrifice, I misunderstood her and told bad things to her, when Veer got to know that I m his younger brother, he realized his mistake, he gave Amrit’s hand to me, he said he will talk to you, but that accident snatched Veer from us.

Amrit says we had called you at the temple to tell you the truth, but Bua ji played this game, she made us fall in your sight. Randhir says we love each other, but we never crossed our limits, when you had seen us, I was just giving courage for Amrit, I have no wrong feeling for Amrit, I would have behaved same in that situation with any other girl, we have true love between us, we don’t need to do cheap things in the middle of the road. He says I want to marry Amrit with your blessings, I hope you won’t disappoint us, if your answer is no, then I will not do this marriage, but its decided, I won’t sit quiet until I convince you. He goes. Kaveri says you have to do something. Nalini says I don’t like what all you have done.

Kaveri scolds Naman. Vijender says I will explain him. Kaveri says let me say, Amrit scolded me because of you, you both are useless. Naman says they spoiled my mind, you called me a dog, I got angry, forgive me. Vijender says I had to tell that to act in front of them. She says I understand, you understand it, if Randhir and Amrit get married, then we will be ruined, I won’t let this happen.

Mohan goes to Vashma. He says if you die, my son’s secret will be a secret. Doctor asks Uday to take Vashma home, its no use to keep her in the hospital and spend money. Uday comes and says you here. Mohan says I had come to meet my friend, I thought to see Vashma, what did doctor say. Uday says doctor said that a nerve is compressed by her fall, don’t know if she will get conscious or not, she had one wish, she wanted to meet her child. Mohan offers help and goes. Uday cries.

Manak comes to Amrit and asks are you a fairy. Amrit says no, why. He asks why do you just wear whites. She says its this ground, not sky, there are some rules for the ground, widows have to wear white clothes, Veer went to the sky, so I have to wear white clothes, rules aren’t same for everyone, but its imp to change it, you also change it when you grow up. He asks why do you stay here, why do you not eat with us. She says because Veer went to the sky. He asks just women have to wear white. She says if such women get married again, then they can wear colourful clothes again. He says then your problem is solved, you marry Randhir, then you can wear colourful clothes. She says we have to take care of many things, Nalini won’t like it.

Manak says don’t worry for her, she didn’t like me buying the gun, now that I have bought it, she plays with me. She laughs. He asks where is Vashma. She says she is unwell. He asks will she come back here. She says yes, do you like her. He says yes, she gets angry and then loves a lot. She says she has a son like you. He asks where is he, I want to play with him. She says I hope he is safe and happy, go now, Kaveri will get angry. He says Kaveri took my toy, I got this box from her room. She says its wrong to get anything from someone’s room, give the box to me, go and sleep now. He goes. The box falls. She sees Randhir and her pics. She says Kaveri knew about Vashma’s truth, she told it to Nalini intentionally.

Randhir makes a mandap drawing. Servant comes. Randhir asks him to give salary envelops to everyone. Servant says sure. He goes. Kaveri comes and says I didn’t know that I will get money in instalments, you should have known my status, you insulted me, you want to marry a widow. Amrit comes. Kaveri says you don’t care for your mum’s respect, you are Rajkumar of this house, will you marry a widow, you should be ashamed. Amrit says you should be ashamed.

Amrit says Randhir, I want to talk to Kaveri in private. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. Randhir goes. Amrit gives the box. She says you knew about Vashma, you got her truth out, you have done wrong, you don’t like me, what will you get by separating Randhir and me. They argue. Amrit says if you hurt my loved ones, then I won’t be quiet, don’t hurt Randhir and Nalini because of me, Nalini is my Maa and Randhir is my love. She warns Kaveri and then requests her. She says its our duty to keep this house’s peace and respect.

Nalini says I m ready for this marriage. Amrit faints down. Randhir asks how is Amrit now. Doctor talks to Nalini. Kaveri acts shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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