Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Uday confesses love to Vashma

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran and Bua reading Amrit’s letters. Kiran says Randhir wants to meet Ranjhan, he is desperate to know Ranjhan. Bua gets an idea. Amrit sees Randhir and thinks he is eager to meet Ranjhan, even I wanted to meet him. Randhir thinks this gift is for Ranjhan. He looks around. Uday plays the hockey. He thinks of Vashma. His friends joke on him. Uday imagines Vashma running to someone else. He gets angry and shouts. Everyone looks at him. Coach comes and asks what happened. He asks him to play well. Radha gets ready and asks how do you I look. Rajrani and Zara praise her beauty. Radha says Brij is going to take me to cinema. Brij gets ready and comes. Rajrani and Zara look at his modern look. Brij calls Bua. Bua looks at him. She gets a shoe for Radha. Brij recalls her taunts. He asks Bua to make Radha wear the shoes. Bua apologizes to Radha. Radha says its okay. Rajrani asks Radha to go out with her husband. Brij and Radha leave. Bua gets angry.

Randhir says I got a gift for Ranjhan, I want to meet her, keep your promise. Amrit worries. Kiran goes to Randhir and says I m Ranjhan, I won’t write stories again. Randhir says so this is the reason that you know Ranjhan, she is your sister. Amrit sees Kiran. Randhir says thanks, but you took much time. Kiran says tell Randhir that Lala hates Ranjhan, he may get a heart attack on knowing that I m Ranjhan. Randhir says I couldn’t identify you. Randhir gives the gift to Kiran. Kiran says its really beautiful, but I can accept this gift on one condition, you won’t tell anyone that I m Ranjhan, just we know it. He says okay. She takes the gift and goes. Amrit gets sad. Kiran says Lala will be angry knowing you know Ranjhan, are you the real Ranjhan. She asks Amrit to help her. She says don’t be jealous of me. Radha says I liked the movie, the lovers finally met. Brij says they were just shooting for the movie, I will take you for shooting next time. He asks her to have chaat. The men comment on Brij and laugh. Uday hears this. He goes. Radha slips. Brij holds her. Her shoe falls away. Brij scolds the stall vendor. Radha asks where did my shoe go. The man says I had seen it, its there. The stall vendor asks Brij to get it if he can. Brij climbs on the ladder to get the shoe. His pant gets torn. The men laugh. Uday looks on. Radha asks Brij to come down. He says wait, I will get your shoe. They both fall down. Uday comes there and gets the shoe for Radha. He recalls Brij beating him. The people laugh at Brij. Uday angrily puts the shoe and goes. Uday comes home and hugs Vashma. They cry. Kyun uthe…plays… He says I don’t want any other relation, I just want you Vashma, I have no relation with dad and his wife. Brij is upset. Radha says I m not upset with you. She holds his hand. She says you took me to a big haveli and gave me a good house, also this heel shoe, you took me for movie and climbed the ladder for me, I think I m a rich woman now, I m very happy that you gave me your name, give me another relation, I want to be Uday’s mum, I don’t want anyone else, really.

Uday says you want to get married, go and die. Vashma asks will you live without me. He says yes, I will be called to do arrangements in your wedding. She smiles. He says tell me something, if the guy comes and likes you, what will happen. She says he will like me for sure, if I was in movies, then people would have taken tickets to see me. He says you won’t go in front of him. She says once any rasam happens, then it will not stop. He says I know. She says if he doesn’t come tomorrow, then he won’t come for 2 months, he is going Rangoon for 2 months. He says okay, I won’t let anyone take you. He recalls that she got hurt. He sees her wound on her shoulder. He says this is the last time that you got hurt in my house, I will never let this happen, no one can separate us, I will not let anyone take you away. She smiles. They hug. Amrit prays. Randhir looks at her. Rajrani asks her to go and serve food. Kiran makes a face seeing Amrit. Bua says forget her, lives are made on lies also, once you get married to Randhir, the truth doesn’t matter. Lala asks can you tell your decision to your dad, Randhir. Bhanu says Kiran is a nice girl, my Sasural praises her a lot, we didn’t accept their alliance for her. Lala says Randhir’s dad had given his word to Kiran’s dad. Randhir sees Amrit. Lala says once Amrit marries, then we will think of Amrit’s marriage, I feel worried, what shall I do, we can’t make daughters sit at home, that guy will be lucky who marries Amrit, she is the best daughter, the day doctor asked me not to have sweets, she has also left sweets. Randhir smiles and says it means you left sweets for your dad’s sake. Amrit says I can leave anything of my choice for my dad.

Randhir goes to wash hands. Amrit gives a towel. He thanks her. Brij and Radha come home. Bua asks what happened. Uday taunts them that Brij is a monkey dancing on Radha’s sign. Radha cries. Bua says I also like to see such games. Amrit feels sad for Radha.

Iqbal asks did you think that I won’t know. Lala asks what happened. Some guys tease Amrit. Randhir comes and says indian girl don’t get scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

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