Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Samaira announces her wedding with Kuldeep

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira says, attention everyone. All the ex-relatives of Kuldeep and on the top Biji, get your papers out and write on it, soon I will be Mrs. Samaira Kuldeep Chadha soon. She says to Shubrha did you recognize these bangles? Your mother in law I mean ex MIL, she gave me these. Did she give them to you. Chandrani shoves her. Samaira touches her feet. She says you have my bangles, blessings, and your son. You’re God’s blessing to me. Chandrani says you know how you took these bangles, I never gave you my son and God’s only blessing is that my son got Shubhra. Samaira grasps her hand and says dear MIL, this relationship between MIL and DIL becomes beautiful with these little arguments. We 3 have to live together. We will adjust. She hugs her. Chandrani shoves her.

Narain says we saw your love for Kuldeep and your craze. Really like it. I wish you two had met before. My daughter would have been safe from this useless relationship. Samaira says Roli’s Aaju ba? Thank you for appreciating. You’re right, if we met before our lives would be different. She says Shubhra ji you didn’t congratulate? Your marriage is dead right? Or are there last breaths? The ring you gave to Kuldeep, I flushed it in the toilet. Did you see my ring on his finger? Any congrats or gift? Shubhra says didn’t think about the gift but congrats. Congratulations Kuldeep. Don’t repeat the same mistakes you did in the first marriage in your second. Life is giving you a second chance. Enjoy yourself. Samaira says excuse me. Shubhra says rings are exchanged, congratulations are done now time for the wedding. Take your to-be husband and go on honeymoon. Just leave me and my kids alone. Shubhra leaves.

Kuldeep stops Shubhra. She says you never understood the respect of marriage. Married someone and loved someone else. Once you shamed this relationship, don’t do it again. When you love someone to do it with all your ehart. Don’t do the mistake of half love again. Samaira claps and says superb. Excelenet. What emotions. Don’t sell jewelry, become a writer. You know how to play with emotions. Use kids or this mangalsutra, I want to break it and shatter it. She touches it. Narain comes in anger. Shubhra says it’s okay baba, it’s my fight. Samaira says so you can fight? Save this mangalsuta if you can. When you both have separated, isn’t this mangalsutra a burden to you? Shubhra says that’s my story. You won’t understand. This isn’t in my neck because I have any hope. If wearing mangalsutra meant husband is yours then Kuldeep wouldn’t be with you. This is the burden of the mistakes that I am wearing. And why, you won’t understand. I have told your to-be husband. He will tell you. Shubhra shoves her hand and leaves.

Scene 2
Roli says aaji left us here. Everyone must be having fun and we are bored here. She didn’t let me meet Samaira aunty. I wanna go back to Samaira aunty. She steps down and says ouch. Rishi says you have to rest. Roli says I don’t want rest. Rishi says I am your elder brother, you have to listen to me. Roli says I have grown up as well. He says grown-up people understand and they aren’t stubborn. If you stay with Samaira aunty mama will get upset. Roli says she’s so nice. She takes care of me. Mama shouldn’t be upset because of her. I have told her my room number. She will come to me. Bell rings. Roli says yayy Samaira aunty is here. Rishi opens, it’s Phirki. Rishi says aai isn’t in the room. Come later. Phirki gets in. Phirki says didi sent these gifts for both of you. Roli takes it but Rishi doesn’t. Roli opens it, it’s a tablet. Roli plays a video on it. Samaira says in the video hi Roli, this is a special gift for you only Roli. Don’t share with anyone. I sent a separate gift for Rishi. Love you princess.

Phirki says what did our doll do here? Roli says a lot. Phirki says who lives here? Roli says, everyone. Phirki says papa lives in the same room? Roli says don’t ask me any more games. Phirki says so papa stays here as well? Roli says go from here. Phirki says where do you sleep? Roli says I sleep here. This is mama’s room. And since I got injured papa lives here as well. Rishi says the door is there and takes this gift. Phirki leaves.

Scene 3
Kuldeep says why did you do that drama in front of everyone? You were trying to break Shubhra’s mangalsutra. What happens to you? Samaira says when your marriage isn’t left why does she wear that mangalsutra? And you didn’t say anything when she insulted me. Kuldeep says oh God. Samaira shoves him from the bed. Kuldeep says what’s wrong with you? She says get up and ask your Biji why doesn’t she consider me her DIL? Your marriage with Shubhra is over. She has to come to the wedding. Go and ask her. Kuldeep shuts the door. Kuldeep says are you crazy? There’s no wedding. When I am not divorced yet how can the wedding happen? Samaira says did it happen in your heart or do you still have feelings for Shubhra? Kuldeep says do you understand the meaning of divorce? Do yu? Samaira takes out the papers and says here are the divorce papers. Kuldeep sits on the bed. Samaira says see Shubhra’s name and yours on it. It can happen now. Even God can’t stop our wedding now. He leaves in anger. Samaira says you spent 2 days with Shubhra in the resort and your feelings changed? I won’t even let the emotion of hate be in your heart for Shubhra.

Scene 3
Shubhra stands silent in the temple. Harsh comes there. He says Kanha ji, she will talk to you and I will listen. Shubhra says do you think he makes relationships in heaven? If they are made there how do they become so weak when they come down here? Just keep suffering until you break. 12 years ago I fled from my parents’ house with trust and hope. I left my family. I held a hand in the name of love. I didn’t know love has an expiry date. Happily ever after happens in the movies only. Not in real life. Harsh says love is like a seed. You water it, give it sunshine and it nurtures. Flowers pop on it. Love isn’t weak, people are. Love doesn’t have an expiry. Some people don’t understand love. But don’t blame their mistakes on love. One flower falling doesn’t kill the plant. Another flower grows on it.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaria asks Phirki to pack all of Kuldeep’s stuff. She says and this Roli doll of Kuldeep, I will pick her myself. Samaira picks Roli. Shubhra takes Roli back. Samaira says she wants to stay with me. You can’t force it. Shubhra shoves her hand and says when this hand got to Kuldeep I didn’t anything but if comes to my kids, I will break it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh chudail samaira…take ur loser kuldeep with you…he’s all yours but don’t dare taking roli cuz shubhra is not weak.Chandrani ko bhi leja please

  2. Hey Kitty, you are all alone here…this is a fantastic serial..dealing with the realities of relationships .. I guess viewers enjoy crap like KKB and KB, when they should be watching a serial like this one.. I’ve only started about a couple months ago and I must say that I’m really enjoying this so far..

    1. Thanks jess…yes ur right!

    2. Totally agree omg this is more relatable as it happened in real life unlike rubbish kkb and Kb and the other bhagya coming..facepalm.

    3. Omg just let samaira take useless kuldeep and his mother away. I can’t stand them all. I am really fearing that these makers will send shubra back to kuldeep. That would be the worst thing ever.

    4. I used to watch kkb and kB….it’s all crap…Katti batti is really nice…it’s about life…kkb is all about taking leaps till it meet 100 years haha🤣

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