Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra meets Rajdaksh

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra and Kuldeep take Roli upstairs. Samaira says let me also clean my saree. Rajdaksh says yeah go and then come back to tell me why do you have to pretend to be Kuldeep’s wife and take Shubhra’s place? Samaira is shocked. She goes upstairs.

Madhura says to Chandrani thank you for being there to Shubhra and taking care of her. She got another mother in you. Chandrani says we need to find about Samaira’s family. Chandrani says we need to become more focused. Vedika’s dad runs after her with food. Chandrani looks at them.

Rajdaksh asks Samaira. She says no you are getting ir wrong. Rajdaksh says yes I saw who the mother was she Shubhra was the one worried for Roli not you. Kuldeep and Shubhra come downstairs with Roli. Rajdaksh says I always had doubts that you guys were lying to me. I came here for the same reason. He asks Shubhra why are you tolerating all this? I know you are doing this for your family. But you don’t have to go through all this. After knowing that your husband is cheating on you, you don’t have to tolerate him and his affair. Shubhra is silent. Rajdaksh leaves. Kuldeep says sir please, give us one chance. Please stop. He says if you couldn’t be loyal to your wife and kids how would you be loyal to my brand? He leaves.

Samaira says to Shubhra it all happened because of you. Your kids are so spoiled. Shubhra says don’t blame my kids, it was your fault. Kuldeep says stop it both of you. He goes to Roli.

Scene 2
Rishi and Roli come to Kuldeep and apologize. Roli says we couldn’t see our mom being called a maid. Rishi says yes. Kuldeep says you haven’t done anything wrong. Lying is bad. Kuldeep tickles and plays with them. He takes the kids to bed. Shubhra looks at them and smiles. Shubhra says I will fight for the smile on my kids’ face.

Kuldeep wakes up and sees Shubhra’s notes asking him to take care of the kids while she’s gone out for work. Rishi and Roli enjoy the breakfast and play around. Samaira comes downstairs angry. Kuldeep asks the kids to go to their room.

Scene 3
Shubhra comes to Rajdaksh’s house and meets his father there. He says Rajdaksh is wrapping work he will is leaving today. Shubhra says please I have to meet him. It’s important. His father says Rajdaksh doesn’t want to stay here and I don’t want to go abroad. He trips, Shubhra holds him. Shubhra says it must be equally difficult for Rajdaksh. Rajdaksh comes and says you have no right to interfere in our personal life. Shubhra says please give me one chance to explain you things. He says please go, I don’t have time. His dad says she’s a good woman. please listen to her.

Samaira shouts are you even serious about work? Kuldeep says what do you want from me? Samaira says my reputation will also be affected because of you. She leaves in anger. Kuldeep looks at the kids and smiles. Roli says I want to eat a paratha. Kuldeep says let’s get one.

Rajdaksh says you have 2 minutes. Shubhra says I didn’t come here to interfere in your personal life. He only shared his heart with her. Shubhra says I won’t leave my husband because another woman wants me to. I want my kids to stay with their father and mother. Shubhra says you shouldn’t judge Kuldeep for a contract by his personal life but by his accomplishments in career. Rajdaksh looks at her..

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. rajdaskh you don’t shout to shubhra she will gets upest because of that rajdaskh you don’t like that please try to understand that.
    rajdaskh this samaira she didn’t her planned to put the roli hand that samaira didn’t her planned .

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