Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Shubra agrees to Kuldeep’s job

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubra says you have lied to me, hid so many things. Roli was drowning, you were with Samaira and close to her. Rajesh never met an accident. Tell me what is happening? You lied and asked Rishi to lie as well. After seeing all this how can I trust you? He says okay, no more lies to you.

Sanjana gives milk to the kids. Sanjan says let’s play together. Roli brings all the kids. She says let’s play together. Roli says there was a ghost in the house. Rishi says the entire house messed, aai will have to clean. Roli goes out.

Kuldeep says I agree I lied. But samaira only knows us here. I agree samaira came to meet me. She wanted to convince me for the Mumbai job and she was leaving so only hugged as a friend. Shubra says but she never left. And you didn’t say no to her. Kuldeep says I thought about it and thought I will get such a good salary, benefits and everything. Shubra says so you said yes to Shubra and didn’t even tell me. He says she even gave me the appointment letter. Shubra falls. He says please sit here. He says we can’t do things for our kids because of financial constraints. We will be able to do things for them now. I am doing everything for our kids. If you think this is wrong, I will say no to Samaira.

The kids come back home. Shubra says don’t run. The floor is wet. Kuldeep looks at Shubra. Shubra says to Roli why did you bring this perfume home? Kuldeep says you stole? Shubra says I teach you people never to pick things from other people’s house. Roli says it’s only a perfume. Rishi says no, she stole many things. He says see all these things she stole. Roli says all my friends have good things. You don’t buy me things I like. Shubra says so you will steal? Kuldeep says I am so upset. How could you do this? Roli cries. Shubra hugs her and says Rishi doesn’t have these things either. He didn’t steal. Roli says I didn’t steal, I liked them. Shubra says if you take anyone’s things without telling them, it’s theft. When I have a lot of money I will buy you things you like. Promise me you won’t steal again. Roli says promise. Shubra says you will return it all. Roli says is papa mad? Shubra says no, pack your bag, I will talk to him.

Shubra cries. She hides behind the door and cries. Shubra comes to Kuldeep and says food is ready. He says I am not hungry. Give me poison. My kids are stealing. We are not good parents. Shubra says it’s not like that. He says we are unable to get them things they like. Truth is that, a mother gives manners to kids, but is this what you teach them? You have only one responsibility to handle kids, I am out for work. I told you this job isn’t for me, but you keep stopping me. You never let me utilize my talent. Food is burning, Shubra holds it from her hand. Kuldeep says what are you doing.. Come with me. He a washes her hand and says sit here. Shubra is upset. The song mein phir bhi tumko chahungi plays. He puts a cream on her burn. Shubra says in heart am I being insecure? He cares so much about my little pain, how can he break my heart? Am I being a hindrance in his success? I couldn’t be a good mother or a good wife.

Shubra ignores Kuldeep. He sits down to eat. Kuldeep says you were saying I should get another job in Pune, would you also do job? Shubra looks at him. She nods. He says okay. What salary can you get? 15k? 10k? Even if we combine it, it would be less than half of what Samaira is offering. But you would say Kuldeep stay here, eat and only sleep. Have nothing else in life. I try very hard, he says this appointment letter, my key to bright future, he tears it. Kuldeep says be happy now. I will stay in this well. I will stay here. See your kids being thieves. You would be super proud. Shubra says will taking this job solve all our problems? He says what difference does it make? She says I want to know. He says double salary and everything else will be covered. Shubra says if you think so, do this job. He says are you sure? Shubra says yes. Parents can do anything for their kids. I can’t my kids taking the wrong path. I am a mother, if not good. Your dreams will fulfill as well. He says I will have to go to Mumbai. Shubra says call her. I know this letter isn’t needed. Kuldeep says all our problems would solve. I will clear all medical bills. We would be able to go abroad as well. We will buy our own house as well. You can take time for yourself too when we have maids. She says don’t worry about me, I will be happy if you and kids are happy. Kuldeep hugs her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep calls Samaira and says I have convinced Samaira. Samaira says I love you baby. He says I love you too. Roli says papa, I will near steal. Please don’t leave us. Shubra and Rishi pack his bags. Shubra says never break my trust. He says never. Shubra hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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