Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant jailed


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep comes. Shubhra asks where were you all night? I was so worried. Samaira comes in, injured. Shubhra asks what happened to Samaira? Where is Anant? Phirki says didi what happened? They go upstairs. Shubhra is worried she calls Anant. Shubhra says where is he? Shubhra comes upstairs and asks where is Anant? You asked him to come to office and since then he isn’t picking phone. Kuldeep says don’t take his name. He did all this to her. He saw her alone And tried to rape. Shubhra says what are you saying? He can’t do that. Kuldeep says how well do you know him? Samaira cries. Kuldeep says I saw everything. Shubhra says she lies. I won’t trust anyone until I speak to Anant. Tell me where is he? He says just met him and ao worried? Shubhra says please tell me where is he? He says in jail. Shubhra is shocked. She says you’re doing wrong. Anant is innocent. She trapping an innocent man. She did this because he exposed her. Kuldeep says enough. They leave.

Samaira wakes up. Samaira smirks at Shubhra. Phirki says you’re such an amazing actress. Kuldeep says you’re taking his side? I am trying to console her. Shubhra says she’s doing a drama to get your sympathy. He says no one can do that. Shubhra says she’s the same woman who abandoned her daughter. He says Anant said that. How can you trust him? Shubhra says Anant can’t do that. Kuldeep says I saw Samaira in office. She was crying. Everything was broken. Shubhra says she made you see what she wanted like me witg Rajiv, kuldeep says enough. Same needs me. Shubhra says she’s using you. She is lying. she knew you’re going to resign and to to Pune. Kuldeep stops. He says like a typical insecure wife you used my phone? And you’re supporting that criminal? You can’t see Sam happy. She says you are also believing a lie because of your benefit. If you don’t you might lost this lifestyle and go back to basics. You both are ysing each other in the name of love. Kuldeep shouts Shubhra.. he is about to slap her. She says why did you stop? Slap me. He says I cannot stoop low at your level. Now I saw you much you hate Samaira. Samaira showed you mirror that you aren’t a good wife that’s why your husband needed another woman and to take revenge you planned all this with Samaira. She’s suffering because of him. I am with Samaira and will always be. He will stay in jail and if you mind it, I don’t care.

Rishi hears. He asks Shubhra is Anant in jail? Bad people go there. Why is Anant there, he’s nice. Shubhra says once your teacher marked your right question wrong by mistake. I told you humans make mistakes. Police is also humans. We spoke to your teacher and she corrected your marks. I will speak to police uncle and he will leave Anant. Rishi says but it would take a lot of time. Shubhra says yes. Take care of Vedika till then.

Scene 2
Chandrani decorates the house and says my kids will come home. She puts on welcome board. Chandrani says I have to get sofa cum bed for myself. Shubhra would be so happy to find that I purchased her house. Thank you God. My family is coming back. Shubhra calls her and tells her Anant is in jail. She’s shocked. Shubhra says we lost again. Samaira proved lies as truth. I shouldn’t have sent Anant there. I thought Vedika might get her mother back. She sent Anant to jail. Varun is coming, he’s lawyer he will help getting Anant’s bail. Shubhra comes to meet Anant at the police station.

Scene 3
Vedika is sad. Roli says let’s play. She says this toy is papa 2.0. When he goes to office I feel like he’s with me. They play chor police. Roli says I am police and Anant uncle 2.0 is thief. Phirki says correct. Vedika says my papa isn’t thief. He’s prince. Phirki says why is he in j… kuldeep shouts Phirki. Go and do your work. Roli asks Rishi why did papa shout? He looks angry.

Kuldeep gives soup to Samaira. He says I know you don’t wanna talk about it. But if we punish Anant, what will happen to Vedika? She’s so young. We should keep her here. Phirki will take care of her. If you can accept my kids, I can accept your daughter. I will take her responsibility, Samaira coughs. She says in heart I did all this drama to kick Anant out of my life. And now his daughter will become a part of my life? Never.

Shubhra asks Anant are you okay? He says is Vedika okay? Did you tell her? Please don’t. She will get an asthma attack. Shubhra says she’s fine. You will meet Vedika soon. I won’t let you stay here for long.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra says to Samaira what do you want in return of taking your complain back? She says to get me to my daughter, you have to keep your kids away from their father.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sam is so ugly the producer/director don’t have to make her look ugly she is already ugly😃😂😃😁😁 I do hope they makers do not let Kuldeep and Subhra unite😠😡😠😠 it will be a blow to all women,just picture this your husband is sleeping with another woman in the same house with you and your kids. And then to take him back? Hell no😠😠who vex vex😠😠

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