Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra plans round 2

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep dresses up Shubhra’s bruise. He says why did you come here Shubhra? Shubhra says you said you will visit us every weekend but you didn’t. Shubhra says but after I got to know about your relationship with Shubhra and I understand now. I knew you would never come back. Kids really wanted to be with you. They wanted to see you so I had to bring them here. Kuldeep says I won’t ask you to go back. I know you and kids are my responsibility and I will fulfill that but don’t think about coming between me and Samaira. Shubhra gets teary. Kuldeep says please don’t do this emotional drama. Shubhra says what do you want? Kuldeep says I need progress and money. Only Samaira can help me acheive that. He leaves. Shubhra looks at him leaving. Shubhra locks the door and cries in the pillow. She sobs silently, kids are sleeping in the bed.

Rishi wakes up and sees Shubhra crying. He says aai is so upset. I need to cheer her up. He dresses up like her and comes to Shubhra. Shubhra says something went in my eyes I was cleaning that. Rishi says I am always with you aai. Like you have always been there for all of us. Rishi says we will win and we will defeat the wrong. Shubhra says in heart it’s a long fight. Shubhra hugs Rishi.

Scene 2
Samaira and Kuldeep come to the office. Everyone is partying in the office thinking Samaira is gone to Europe. Samaira gets mad. She shouts and says do your work.

Shubhra calls Rishi and Roli’s principal and says we had to come here due to a reason. Can kids please study and give exams from home. The principal agrees. Shubhra says to kids you must never lose focus on your studies. Roli keeps playing. Shubhra says study is as important as playing. If we have to go ahead in our life we have to study. Kids start studyying. Shubhra thinks about round 2 and says the mission office starts. Shubhra cooks food. She plans on going to Kuldeep’s office. Samaira sits in the office. She says at least Shubhra can’t mess with my head here.

Scene 2
Narayan brings food to Madhura. She says I don’t want to it. He says be mad at me but not the food. Chaandrani comes in. She says I brought sweets for Madhura. Narayan says she’s mad at me because I asked you to leave. She isn’t even eating. ChaandRani laughs. She gives him sweets. Chaandrani plans to buy something for Shubhra’s house. She leaves.

People talk about Samaira and her behavior in the office. Shubhra comes there with the lunchbox. The receptionist says she’s Kuldeep’s wife. Shubhra says can you please tell Kuldeep and Samaira I am here with the food. Samaira sees Shubhra. She asks the receptionist not to let Shubhrain the office. The receptionist says to Shubhra Samaira is busy. Shubhra says it’s okay I will wait. She sits on the table. Shubhra says in her heart I can’t leave without accomplishing round 2. The receptionist goes out, Shubhra sneaks into the office.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says I have ordered Chinese for you. Shubhra comes in and says home-cooked food. Samaira and Kuldeep are shocked. Shubhra spills food on Samaira. Samaira says what is this? Kuldeep says what’s wrong with you SHubhra. She sauys I made a mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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