Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandrani sees the divorce papers

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra asks Harsh to stay if he can manage work. Kuldeep looks at them. Harsh says if I stay because you asked. At my little friend’s request, I am not going. Rishi says yayyy. Shubhra says thank you. Rishi hugs him.

Scene 2
Samaira comes to Chandrani’s room. Chandrani says call the demon and she’s here. Samaira says you can also say call the DIL and she’s here. Chandrani says in our families people get married once. I have told you many times. Kuldeep is already married. You can only marry my son in your dreams. You should sleep day and night to see that dream. Samaira says at least in a dream your son would be mine. Chandrani says not in reality. You threatened me to get those bangles. Return them right now. Samaira says I came to return. Chandrani is about to take them.. Samaira drops them and says ooops. Chandrani says oops? I knew you would do this. Now you would say these bangles don’t wanna go to anyone else. Chandrani picks them and says you can threaten me to get my bangles, not my son. Look at me. I will stand in front of my son. Shubhra never asked for the bangles, because she didn’t love the bangles, but my son. Samaira says I get what I want. I am not an ordinary girl. You can use all your power to stop me but I will become your DIL. Chandrani says to look for the recipe of imaginary pulao (rice). You will love it. She leaves. Samaira says I will win at all costs.

Scene 3
Shubhra comes to the reception and asks who called me? He says that sir. Kuldeep is sitting there with a woman. Kuldeep says she’s Doctor Opasna. She’s my wife. The doctor says hello. Kuldeep says she’s the most renowned child therapist in the country. She will do Rishi’s treatment from now. Shubhra is silent. Kuldeep says don’t you want the best for him? She will be Rishi’s doctor from now on. Shubhra says thank you for your time Doctor Opasna. But actually, Rishi’s treatment is ongoing. It’s Doctor Harsh Kulkarny. She says I know him. We both came here for a conference. I didn’t know he’s treating your son. He’s one of the best. Samaira says still, thank you for your help. I will definitely call you if I need anything in the future. Give me your card. She gives her the card and says I wish the best for your son. We all call Harsh a magician. He does magic on all the kids. She leaves. Shubhra leaves.

Kuldeep stops Shubhra and says what’s your problem? I got the best doctor for Rishi and you said no? Does Harsh not charge? Is Rishi just your son? If money is the problem you can tell me, I will pay her. Shubhra says from where will you pay? I also earn, if you forgot. I can pay for my kids’ needs. You don’t need to pay. He says then pay doctor Opasna? Or is it about your ego? Shubhra says you never understood me. It’s not about my ego. She says it’s about my son’s treatment. Did you hear what she said? Harsh is a magician. You can’t find friends like Harsh for Rishi. What’s your problem with him? Kuldeep says I want to know how did Harsh become so important for you so fast? She says one of your slaps lost Rishi’s smile and one meeting with Harsh got it back. Can you buy his smile from your money? no. Doctor Harsh made a relation with him that you won’t understand because your knowledge is zero in that regard. He says yeah all world’s knowledge is in that doctor. A doctor became friends with his patient’s entire family? He lies to Rishi that he is your friend. You hate lies right? How did you lie to Rishi? Shubhra says for his one smile I would lie a thousand times.

Samaira and Phirki hear. Samaira says wow, why is Kuldeep trying so hard to replace Harsh? If there’s anyone in Shubhra’s life why is Kuldeep so bothered? Phirki says he has changed. Is he planning to go back to Shubhra? Samaira says I will cut your tongue. I am his one and only. Did you hear that Shubhra lied to Rishi that Harsh is her friend? There are too many twists.

Scene 4
Madhura looks at the divorce papers and recalls what Samaira said. Chandrani comes. She says what happened? I thought let’s have a chat with you. She sees the divorce papers and is shocked. Chandrani says what is this? I should burn it. Madhura stops her and takes the papers back. Chandrani says what’s in your mind? I am trying with all my heart to save their relationship and you want to end it forever? Madhura says you can’t forcefully tie something that’s already broken. Have you ever fixed broken glass? It’s a relationship. Only they can decide if it can fix. We can’t. Only Shubhra can. You’re a mother and so am I. You’re thinking about your son and I am thinking about my daughter. But your son chose Samaira. Then his way to come back is closed? Shubhra doesn’t want Kuldeep in his life. Chandrani says I am with Shubhra. Madhura says today you are, in the end, you will be with your son. Whose side should we be on? Madhura says we will keep thinking from our sides. What about Shubhra’s happiness? Shubhra won’t stay burdened in this relationship. Let her be free and live her life. It’s her choice what she wants to do with her life. She will decide what she wants and I will be with her in whatever she decides. I am sorry. Chandrani leaves. She’s about to pick the papers. Madhura stops her. She leaves in shock. Chandrani says I am not just Kuldeep’s mom. I am a grandmom to Rishi and Roli as well. I will speak to Shubra. I know she believes in fixing not breaking?

Scene 5
Shubhra is going to her room. Samaira stops her. Shubhra says what is wrong with you? Samaira says you will keep all the keys? Shubhra says I have no interest in talking to you. Samaira says I want to know your secrets. I have the keys to my room only but you have three keys. This room and the other two rooms. One Harsh, Papa no. 2, and Kuldeep, papa no. 1. I mean how do you manage all this? Tell me this secret. At least I should have the key to Kuldeep’s heart. How are you managing two papers for two kids? That Biji is in your pocket as well, your family in your purse, Harsh in your heart, and Kuldeep in kids’ hearts. I did everything but Biji didn’t come to clamps. But I am sure you won Harsh’s family as well. What is this master key? Shubhra says you like toys with keys that’s why you chose Kuldeep. Is the key not working or the toy broke? Kuldeep is your favorite toy. Can’t you play with it anymore? Let me tell you one secret. Keep your heart clean, that you can’t. And one more thing, if you love a married man you will always be called a woman no. 2. Samaira gets angry. Shubhra says you will always be scared if woman no. 1 will come back. You will keep questioning yourself in the mirror. Are you living under the same fear?

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep and kids sing happy birthday for Shubhra. The kids ask Kuldeep to make Shubhra eat. They dance around them. Samaira looks inside and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh come on chandrani….cant you see what your filthy son did to shubrah?
    Stop being selfish and let shubrah live her life..

  2. I hate chandrani to be honest why is she forcing her rubbish son on shubra its really annoying honestly. If the makers were to send shubra back to kuldeep, they are tying to put out a message that its okay for the man to fool around and have affairs and the wife will still take him back and it’s disgusting. Chandrani and crap kuldeep should get lost

  3. Chandrani is so selfish. Really she is a woman and she should know better. For her its okay if her son cheated on shubra, she still wants her to go back with him after what he did to shubra. How is this fair? I wish Shubra’s parents just say no and tell shubra to just divorce kuldeep. The children should understand. Rishi does so what is the problem? Only Roli is being a bit of a brat.spoilt by this kuldeep and samaira

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