Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Samaira and Roli celebrate Kuldeep

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

SCene 1
Harsh comes. Shubhra says hi, here are your fees for yesterday. I can’t continue with the sessions for some time. He says may I know the reason? Are you mad about yesterday or for what I said after the road accident? Shubhra says that isn’t the reason. Take your fees. I can’t more sessions for now. He says in the heart it’s money. I won’t stop helping Rishi because of money. Harsh says I don’t take money until I get my work done and show some results. Let me do sessions for a month and you can pay me after a month. You don’t have to pay if there’s no difference in Rishi? Rishi says Harsh you came? I was waiting for you. Harsh says really? Rishi says you’re my friend too now. I have three friends. Ganu bappa, aai, and you. He shakes hand with Harsh. Harsh gives him cake and ice cream. Rishi says I made a friendship band for you. Come let me show you. Shubhra smiles. She says go see it with him.

Rishi says aai make a milkshake for Harsh as well Put ice cream in it. Harsh says you live this life for Rishi. I will heal him. He returns the money. Harsh plays with Rishi. Shubhra says I will do anything for my Rishi. Shubhra sees Rishi playing with Harsh. They take selfies. Shubhra says do you like the shake? Rishi says a lot. Harsh says my friend is an expert in making the shakes. I am also making a friendship band but not for you, for Rishi. He’s more close to me now. Rishi says you’re friends with both of us. Shubhra leaves. Harsh looks at the designs. Rishi says my aai designs necklaces. I color the designs for her. Rishi says aai will become a big jewelry designer. And I gave her that idea. Harsh says I am so proud of you. Harsh says let me give you an idea for the sales of her designs.

Harsh says to Shubhra my little friend asked me to give an idea to my college friend. Rishi says it will help you sell your designs. I have a friend, he exhibits designer jewelry. A lot of dealers and investors come there. Give it a try. Rishi says let’s give it a try. Harsh leaves. Rishi says aai get an appointment. Shubhra says tomorrow.. Rishi says no right now. Shubhra calls them and says Harsh gave me your number. When can I come to meet? Shubhra says we have to go there in 2 hours. Rishi says go get ready. We might get a lot of traffic.

Scene 2
Kuldeep wakes up to a decorated room. There are balloons all around him. He finds Samaira. He says you’re the best gift to me. Samaira hugs him. She says God sent you as a gift to my life. Today is a very special day for me. Happy birthday. Roli brings Kuldeep to the cake. Samaira says this cake from Roli, this from Biji, and this from me. Roli says cut my cake first. Kuldeep cuts the cake. Kuldeep says so many pretty cakes. I am so happy. Samaira says did you ever cut such cakes? He says before this.. He recalls how kids would wake him up with balloons and hug him. He recalls enjoying with his family and cutting the cake Shubhra made. He says a simple homemade cake is way too good. She says oh I thought you’re done with homemade cakes. Let me get you one. He says no no.. I love these. It’s new life, so new traditions. Chandrani says some traditions never get old. She does his arti. Chandrani prays that he gets reunited with his family. Roli says papa you got senti. There are so many surprises for you. Samaira says shh. Roli says come let’s cut the cake.

Bell rings. A large bouquet is delivered. Roli says I have never seen so many flowers. Kuldeep says thank you. Chandrani says he’s so lost in the glitter he doesn’t even remember that Rishi and Shubhra haven’t cold. I won’t let Kuldeep and Roli get lost in this glitter of money.

Rishi says aai let’s go. We are getting late. Shubhra says it’s papa’s birthday. Call and wish him. Rishi says his birthday is the whole day. Your appointment is of right now. He doesn’t miss us anyway. Shubhra says he must be missing you. You don’t express it like him. Rishi says I told Harsh yesterday and now telling you I am like you but not papa. Shubhra says then listen to me and call him. Rishi says okay. Rishi calls.

Roli and Samaira are counting the roses. Rishi calls on Chandrani’s phone. Chandrani says this is a happy birthday. Your other half of the family is calling. Come Kuldeep. Samaira is angry. Chandrani picks and says wish my son. Shubhra says Rishi wish papa. Chandrani says won’t you wish? Shubhra says biji you wish from my side. Rishi says, happy birthday papa. Kuldeep says thank you. Rishi says I will call later. Enjoy your day. Chandrani says is Shubhra not wishing hurts you? He says it’s not like that. Chandrani says I know you from when you couldn’t speak. Don’t lie to your mother. It hurts right? Kuldeep is silent.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says how did you like the surprise? She gives him a car. Kuldeep says this was my dream car. Chandrani looks him in anger. He says you took me so high.
Rishi gives Shubhra’s designs. He says we have to display these designs here from Shubhra Chadha’s designer jewelry. The host says you have to pay 3 weeks advance which would be 30k. Shubhra is upset.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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