Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka – a show which actually deserves to be watched more.

Before I write a article I’m really disappointed with star plus for doing this to KQHQK. Seriously this show actually needs to be watched more than evening slot sass bahu drama star plus promotes. Instead of giving a chance to tu sooraj main saanjh piya ji it could have actually given to chance to this show which was actually nayi soch and challenges the society. Oh I wish this show was actually given to other channel at least it would have got a extension.

I’m actually watched the Turkish version of the show and I have loved it. When they said they will remake it in Hindi I was actually sacred thinking that they will ruin the story making it sass bahu drama. But I was proved wrong, the show was actually one of the best and had a social message to spread. It made me cry, laugh. I have shed tears because of it.
The male lead redemption was actually good.

Take a bow Pankhuri Awasthy, the actress has actually given me goosebumps sometimes and proved to be one of the finest actors in the industry. Playing rape victim is not easy but the way pakhuri played it flawlessly describes mention, I felt Amala’s pain, her fear and the actress has literally moved me to tears. The last episode was almost going to come but I have already seen it in hotstar. One of the rapist actually asked sorry for Amala in the court and admitted the truth in the court, he said he did it in the state of drugs and was not in conscience and he did not know what he was doing with her. Amala just asked me a question if he would do the same if it was his sister or mother and then also he would save he did not know what was he doing.

With a doubt I will really tell it was pakhuri’s acting who made Amala’s character worth watching.

The next actor rajveer singh who played his character flawlessly and abeer’s character was written so well.The way he stands with Amala.
If it the supporting cast or the antagonist every actor was fab and portrayed the character very well. The only regret I have is could not had to trp of the show as it was in afternoon I have college then. Such good shows deserves every bit of trp .
It one of the shows which will remain close to my heart. I hope television gets more concepts like this show.

  1. Yashiska

    Hey kashaf..I also watch this serial it is just awesome… give a great and truthfull msg to our society….. I loved this show but unfortunately it is goi g to stop…….both lead actors are fan….they look cute together…..

  2. Niyati

    I agreed to u KQHAK is worth watching serial & really a nice concept . I also watched it Turkish version Fatemagul .It is also good . Pankhuri is done great job .Her acting is so natural. Starp plus always judge show with their TRP.They do same with Aarambh which was also a unique concept.

  3. its a mixed emotion…..dont know hw to put it in words….
    part of me is glad its over…..because personally i am of the opinion they were ruining the story so as to get the trp points….
    but im sad they cud hav continued these stories on a different channel or on a seasonal basis…. not just KQHAK…But also the other afternoon shows deserved a chance….
    nyways all the best to all the actors and production team and etc….

  4. Aarti32

    Dis show is awesome.. no odt vulgarity..but alas it ended??

  5. Its an awesome show i have ever seen!!

  6. I miss kqhak ??

  7. Aleya.marzan

    love the serial will miss it
    they could continue it
    to every extend
    if its a copy that doesnt mean it should end like the other one
    they couldve shown new journey of ambeer
    new life new war

  8. Agree star plus should
    Be playing program to educated al the gal. Indeed it was one of best program on star plus

  9. Yaaa I agree too that KQHAK is worth watching … It would be great if they would have stretched the serial a little more ❤

  10. Bahot jaldi pata chala …..

  11. abeer_amla_raman_ishita_fan

    This show very awesome this serial should get secondsecond chance

  12. Fatema faisal

    Our show didn’t get any opportunity to prove itself. I couldn’t accept its ending yet. I hate starplus.

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