Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abeer Becomes Reason For Amla’s New Found happiness

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 7th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer thinks about Amla in saree and stares her from outside the room. He signs her that she is looking good. Amla feels shy and goes. Abeer smiles. He comes to Karuna. Karuna says they felt peace as Ganapati ji came, and says Amla was looking beautiful today. She asks him to tell Amla that she is looking beautiful. Abeer says slowly she is forgiving me and her hatred is fading away. Karuna says everything will be fine. Abeer says he will sit near Bappa. He prays to God to give what he wants.

Amla is drying saree. Abeer comes and holds saree, and folds it. Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan plays……..Amla looks at him shyly. Abeer gives saree in her hand. They both look at each other while the song continues to play…Amla shyly goes inside.

Rishan tells his family members that Ritu insulted and humiliated him today. He blames Suveer and Evan for the insult, and tells that Amla has dragged them to this condition and says she has no value and respect, but now we have become poor like her. Pallavi says you would have thought her value, and says I know this would happen one day. Hema says kids are young and can do mistakes. Pallavi says you are talking like this being a woman, seriously. Evan says mom is right, even Chacha and Mama can’t handle that girl. He says that’s why we are facing problem today.

Abeer hangs Amla’s pics in his room. Mann Khoya Khoya song plays…Amla comes there to give his clothes and sees him seeing her pics. She feels shy and smiles. Song continues to play. She keeps his stuff in almari and looks at him. He kisses her pic. Amla gets shy and runs out of his room.
Some neighboring women come there and asks Abeer about Amla . Abeer asks them to come. He comes to Amla and calls her Mrs. Anand. Amla asks women to come inside. They say that they came to do darshan of Ganapati. They ask about Mannu. Amla says he is my Bhao’s son. Mando and Karuna comes there. Amla introduces them to the ladies. Chintu’s mum tells Mando that now she knows that Mannu is her son, and tells that Amla is young. Mando says she is one –two years elder than Amla. They ask about Amla and Abeer’s baby. Abeer and Amla say that they don’t have. Neighbors tells that they are organizing game for new couples and invite them. Abeer smiles looking at Amla.

Rishan talks on phone and gets shocked hearing threat to drag him to court from his clients. Viren are fed up of answering calls and asks receptionists to call on hold. Rishan tells Viren, how business will run now, there is no incoming money. Viren says he has called someone and everything will be fine.

Amla and Abeer wash the floor with water. Mannu comes and says Chintu gave him list. He tells about his challenge with Chintu and asks Amla to Abeer to win. He gives him best luck and goes. Amla stares Abhi and says we are not Jodi. Abeer says it means let everyone heart broke and tells about Mannu’s bet. He calls her Akdu. Amla says we are just acting for Mannu. Abeer thinks he is happy.

Amla dances on the song Silsila yeh Chaahat Ka in the competition, looks at Abeer and smiles.

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    1. Amla and Abeer were rocking ?????

    2. Their secenes were just mindblowing..?????

    3. Song Mann khoya khoya was not appropriate- it should be Do Dil Mill rehe hai, magar chupke chupke, haan sabko ho rehi hai kabar chupke chupke… ?????????
    And ankhon ki gustakhiyan maaf ho was right song at right place…

    4. Rishan, Viren you are in deep trouble… its truth that Truth can be quite for sometime but can't be hidden..

    5. Amla said truth only to Mahi for  saving her life not for her justice but Malliks are paying for their deeds..

    6. I wonder Amla, Abeer and their family are staying since long time but neighbours came now on Ganpati…?????

    7. Mrs. ANAND just made Amla and Abeer happy ?????? and even Amla accepted it…

    8. Abeer made his Almari full of with Amla pics like it was photoframe..?????

    9. Children get first education from their mother and then family.. Hema words it happens with young boys made me too much angry ??????????????????????????????????????.. and now I know why Evan is big creep..becoz of his creep mother, being a women she said this..

    10. Amla shall be looking soo prety in lehnga and her song for dance is just perfect…. Silsila yeh chahat ka na maine bhujne diya.. ????

    1. Aleya.marzan

      U r absolutely right . do dil wala song should be there. N yess amla was looking gorgeous in lehenga n I saw some pic on Twitter. Of screen ambeer is also rocking just love them???????????

    2. Aleya.marzan

      N again the scene when abeer kisses her pic n she shyly goes to room is just lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
      Ambeer ho ya pankhveer they rocked n stole my heart ?????????????????

  2. Aleya.marzan

    Saree folding was awesomeeeeeeee !!!!
    Precap is lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Malliks r dirty as always.

    Hey do anyone know I heard that kqhak time slot is gng to change as ipkknd3 gng off air???

    1. I a roumour .. Its not true …. There are sme nrws as well ipkknd3 is going off air in septmber last but its also fek..

    1. Its fek news

  3. Fami

    Abeer’s prayer will be answered for sure…anyway he should go for some job or start any business- studio/electrical repairing services as per choice….but don’t stay at home all day…. Abeer wil still get enough time with Amla after work….he s good at heart….wanna see him taking livelihood responsibilities too…

  4. What a poor direction?Looks like Amla was just waiting for Dev to see him and tell him off and next thing she was lovey dovey with Abeer.All 3of them are clueless.Feel stupid to watch director’s stupidity.

    1. Well I recommend you to watch Fatmagul with eng sub. Its having much better direction and crisp story line.

  5. Ambeer rocks

    yaar.. today’s update pl..pls…aaj Amla is dancing for abheer on the best song….pls yaar jaldi update karo…why today it took this much of time haaaaan???? Shraddha diii and ma pls do favor…… pls yaarr jaldi…..

  6. ma i hate you for late update

  7. Today’s epi was full on ambeer…….loved it…….

  8. Ambeer last conversation was mindblowing…..?????& the precap is so adorable

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