Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abeer Brings Lord Ganapati Home, Amla Takes A Step Towards Him

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mando tells Amla that it is your favorite R D Burman song. Song plays. Mannu tells that his friends bought big Ganapati ji’s at home and asks when will Ganapati come in our house. Mando says what is the need, he will take you out and show you Ganapati. Karuna suggests to bring Ganapati home. Raghu says it will be auspicious. Mannu says daily we will get to eat laddoos. Amla looks at Amla’s smile and says we will bring Ganapati. Amla says even I will come. Mando smiles. Abeer looks smiling at her…She waves her hand and asks what happened? Abeer says nothing, come. Mando says then who will do the arrangements and stops Amla from going out. Raghu says I will come with you. Mannu says he will have food and go.

Evan asks Hema to get him married. Hema asks him not to joke. He says he is young, dashing and eligible guy. He asks her to get him married. Hema says do you know what I am going through and asks him to stay away from Dev. Evan asks her to relax and says I am not Dad to see everything silent. He says he choses his enemies, and tells that he wants Dev to get circled with Abeer and Amla, so that he can focus on his main enemy, Rishan Malik. Hema says but Dev. Evan says he will not do anything. I have done a big favor on him, and he will stay as my puppet all life, whom I can make dance on my tune. Hema says I just wants you to get saved. Evan asks him to get him married. Hema says you are saying as if you have seen the girl. Evan smiles. Hema asks who is she? Evan says I will show you pic and shows some (may be of Mahi’s) pic. Hema is shocked. Evan says this is your daughter in law.

Amla makes Mannu have food while the latter refuses. Abeer comes and says still you are eating and asks him to finish fast. Mannu asks who is Ganapati ji’s father. Abeer says Shiv ji. Mannu asks about his mother. Amla says parvati ji. Mannu asks who is Parvati ji of Shiv ji. Abeer says wife. Mannu asks who is Shiv ji of Parvati hi. Amla says husband. Mannu says Shiv ji and Parvati ji are like you both. Abeer and Amla looks at each other. Abeer asks Mannu to have food. Mannu asks when your Ganapati will come. Amla feels shy. Abeer looks at Amla and smiles. Amla feels shy and goes inside.

Viren tells Rishan that Evan is a big enemy and says he might have some plan. Rishan says sometimes he thinks to get his encounter. Viren gets a call and switches on TV. They watch on TV about Manwinder getting heart attack and in serious condition, but still at home and undergoing treatment with best doctors. He says his wife Rituu Pandey will take up his responsibility and take his position in the party. They watch Ritu thanking the party and assuring best of her service.

Amla makes all arrangements. Abeer brings Lord Ganapati home. Everyone is happy. Amla and Abeer smiles. Pandit ji asks Abeer and Amla to do the rituals. He says whoever brings idol, his wife shall wash his feet with water. Abeer says this is not needed. Amla says she will do all rituals and goes to bring water. She brings water and washes his feet. Abeer looks on. He keeps the Lord Ganapati idol on its place. He asks Amla and Abeer to lift the cloth from Ganapati and do darshan. Amla and Abeer lift the cloth and do darshan. Pandit ji asks them to get ready for Puja. Abeer says sorry to Amla as she had to touch his feet to wash them. Amla says no, Ganapati ji came today for first time.

Dev wakes up hearing the phone call and checks for the box. He calls Anisha. Anisha says it is 1 pm. Dev asks where is my box which was kept there. Anisha says it is under the bed. He looks at Amla’s pic and says he will see her pic daily so that revenge fire keeps on lighting in his heart, and this fire will set off when Abeer dies, and I will do my memories last rites in his last rites.

Abeer wears the clothes. He looks at his mother’s saree and hugs it. Karuna comes there. Abeer says it is Maayi’s favorite saree, I used to tease her when she wears same saree, but I didn’t tell her that it used to suit her a lot. Karuna says time has come to give it to new owner. Abeer says if Amla refuses. Abeer says she will not refuse as Ganapati ji came and everything will be fine. Abeer knocks on the door. Amla opens the door and smiles shyly. Abeer looks at her.

Mando tells that Amla takes much time to get ready. Amla comes wearing the saree given by Abeer. Abeer looks at her smilingly.

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    1. Thanks for fast update

    2. It was awwwww wala episode for abeer and amla ?????

    3. Mannu said so innocently about Amla and Abeer baby and even compared them to God Shiv and Goddess Parvati…????

    4. Evan creep can’t stay quite so easily..

    5. Viren and Rishan shall try to manipulate Mahi or her mother????????

    6. Amla and Abeer Brought Ganpati at home, now their pain, worries, problems shall go and bring happiness in their lives.?????

    7. Its so good to see amla and abeer eye lock and their smiles..

    8. Amla washed abeer feet and he said sorry being mature as he is from those men/boys who feel women/girls are equal in married life. ????

    9. Amla will be looking beautiful in saree.. ????

    1. Aleya.marzan

      Yess r8 ur. Absolutely agree with u. I’ve a request to u whenever u do update try to avoid ur stickers . some times I couldn’t get is that’s ur emotiona or showed in serial. Even I like ur expession but sometimes don’t get that. Sorry don’t take me wrong


      Let me clear your confusion that its my personal expression to make update more enjoyable and full of with feelings..
      But i shall do it less next time for sure

    3. Aleya.marzan

      Sorry . don’t change ur self for mee. Do it with a caption in last that it was ur expession. I really like those but I didn’t got earlier . nice to talk with u


      Don’t be sorry… good ideas are always welcomed

  2. Awww …amala feels shy at hearing ’bout their child 2 come ?and abeer ?

  3. Aarti32

    Such a cute episode.. Amla n Abeer both r so cute..n Mannu’s ganpati wala question was ? I’m already thinking abt how cute their baby will be..but it’s obviously too soon for a baby right now!!
    Evan blushed today!! I mean rilli!! EVAN blushed??

  4. Aarti32

    I think Evan wants to marry Mahi

  5. Aleya.marzan

    Awesome episode . liked the way when mannu talked about their child n they smiled. Just awesomeeeeeeee yaaar

  6. Riyarocks

    I think evan wants to marry mahi…….this dev…..such an annoying creature……..hate him to the core……a treat to watch mannu,amla & abeer cute scenes………..

  7. Ambeer are awesome & soooooooooooooo cute in blue and pink combination…..nice track but soo fast….a girl cannot feel comfortable in just a small duration of time after such situations….good running well ……

  8. Sabrina

    Aww Abeer and Amla are so freaking cute just love them?…. still don’t get Dev why don’t he leave them alone ?
    I am kinda excited to see the picture is it Mahi or the girl Rishan was having affair with ?

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Mannu is true to his name ? very Manish ??
    Evan is looking for a wife ? Suveer’s Mahi ?? classicc
    I can see Rishan and Viren’s brain ticking like a time bomb? when they heard about Manvender’s heart attack … no doubt that the sneaky pair will try to capitalize on it ?
    so happy for Abeer as Amla is warming up to him ?

    Precap: Amla looked really pretty in the saree WoW !!! ?

    1. Fami

      What does Manish mean??

      So Dev is at a loss!!!! Just like Mustafa!!! What we call the person who was once in a deep love thinks to harm his/ her Lover if she / he rejects him after some series of misfortunes???? Psycho/sadist/mad or any other word??? I don’t know exactly….. But such people exist here….that’s true…

      And Evan’s… she supports him everytime…. She was angry with him for a night only the day she knew her son s a rapist….. his parents ,hamesha saath dete hai uska.

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