Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla is shocked with Abeer’s confession and cries. She tells him that she wants to return. The train comes back to the same place. Amla runs out of train and cries. Abeer looks sad and cries. Viren tells Rishan that Dev got good job, new mobile etc and even his parents couldn’t give him this, and says I will handle Dev, but take care of Suveer. He says Suveer gets tensed seeing him and asks Rishan to tell him not to get afraid of him. He says Dev is after Abeer now, and I will not let him get Abeer. Rishan says you manipulates people easily. Rishan tells Raunaq is very angry with him as Evan is in jail. Viren says you asked me to let Evan in jail. Rishan says he would have learnt a lesson there.

Pallavi comes and asks why did you book Delhi tickets for me. She refuses to go to Manwinder’s house. Rishan says Thakur will not listen to me, and asks her to go and takes them in talks. Pallavi says this is not a business deal. Rishan says it is a big business deal and tells that he is getting Suveer and Mahi married as it will be profitable for his business. Viren asks Pallavi not to be emotional and asks her to go, says Suveer’s life will be set. Pallavi says she knows whose life will be set and whose not.

Abeer looks at his mother’s pic and thinks he didn’t want to hurt Amla. He says you hate that man, and I also hate him all my life, but became like him today.

At house, Mando asks Amla what did they do in train and asks if Abeer took her far. Amla is in shock with his revelation. Karuna goes to give food to Abeer. She asks what did he say to Amla and says you might have apologized to her but she must have not forgiven you. Abeer goes out of outhouse. Karuna sees Abeer’s mother Geeta’s pic and tells that years have passed, but Abeer shares his talks with you, and I am always his Maaso.

In the morning, Karuna asks where is Mando as they need to go to airport. Mando comes wearing a modern outfit with high heels and googgles. Everyone is surprised seeing her. Amla and Mannu smile. Mando tells Raghu that she might get chance to work in films if she meets any film personality in plane. Raghu says you are looking like heroine’s mum in law and laughs. Mando scolds him. He asks Abeer to take care of Amla and asks Amla to take Abeer to school for Mannu’s admission. Amla refuses. Mando asks her to understand and says it is matter of Mannu’s life. Karuna gives money to Abeer. Abeer refuses to take it. Karuna asks him to keep it. Mando and Karuna leave for airport. Mannu tells Raghu that they will have fun now. Abeer tells Amla that he will come with her to school. Abeer refuses and looks at him. She moves backward. An iron thorns are about to pierce in her. Abeer saves her. Amla takes her dupatta and goes. Abeer looks at her dupatta decoration piece and smiles.

Viraj recalls about Amla’s incident. He imagines his mum and gets shocked and shouts. Evan asks him to forget Amla and let others also forget her. Viraj is distressed.

Viren gets Evan and Viraj freed from the lock up. Evan hugs Raunaq and Hema. Darshan tells Viraj that Divya is waiting for him at home. Viraj says I don’t think so and goes. Viren asks Darshan to leave him alone for sometime.

Amla is walking on the road and stops at a public telephone booth. She calls Dev. Dev is seen at Raghu’s place and shoots him. Mannu witness the murder and gets shocked. Dev aims gun at Mannu and shouts him also. It turns out to be Amla’s imagination. Dev picks the call and says hello. Amla doesn’t speak to him. Dev says hello.

Evan asks Rishan if he is happy seeing him back home. Rishan says ofcourse. Evan says I thought you are happy that I am in jail. Raunaq says he is not wrong. Abeer and Amla goes to school for Mannu’s admission and the principal refuses to give admission to Mannu as his parents are less educated. Amla and Amla are shocked. Later in the auto, Amla’s dupatta falls on Abeer, she takes her dupatta.

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  1. Poor abeer……plz amla try to understand abeer,i can’t see him like this.precap was nice….

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  3. Hi MA.. thanks for the quick update.. take care n stay blessed

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