Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Amla Decides To Move On, Dev Takes A Hasty Step

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla says I wish that night would had never come, and you wouldn’t be involved in that night. Abeer tells Amla that he wishes she would not have doubt him on someone sayings, wishes she could have understand what she means to him, he says whatever happened why and how, neither I could answer nor the destiny. He says may be that incident leave troubling you, but until this ‘why’ don’t leave you, nothing will change, until you come out of that night, you can’t see new colors of life, I live for you….Amla and my every step is for your happiness and I can even give my life for you. He says I have nothing to give to you or say. He says I wish you could have trusted me. Amla looks at him.

Rishan tells Viren that Dev and our problems will end together. Viren says except Mahi and Suveer’s marriage. Rishan says it will happen too. Viren says I don’t think Manwinder will agree. Rishan says woman is weak in love and is forced to give a chance to man anyhow.

Mahi thinks about Suveer and the happy times spent with him. She recalls her cancelled marriage etc. She gets Rishan’s call. She picks it up. Rishan tells her that they have accepted her as their bahu and asks her to make her parents believe that she will marry only Suveer. Manwinder ji takes phone from Mahi’s hand. Rishan asks her to give a chance to Suveer. Manwinder says how dare you to think that my daughter will marry a rapist. He warns him not to contact Mahi again, else he will make him out of business and city too. He says I will not leave them so easily. Mahi cries. Rishan gets tensed and tells Viren that Manwinder threatened him. Viren says it is not easy for him, but Mahi will melt seeing Suveer. Rishan says we have to plan carefully. Evan asks what they are planning. Viren asks about his wound. Evan says he is better and says he bought special gift for him, and calls Dev asking him to bring it. He asks Rishan to open champagne. Just then they see Dev walking inside. Rishan asks Evan what is this? Evan says it seems Chachu doesn’t like the gift. He asks Dev to go. Dev goes. Evan asks them to relax and says he is Dev only.

Viren asks how can you let him alive. Evan says I am more responsible than Suveer. He says Dev needs to be alive for us, and it will benefit us. He says dev is not Amla’s finance or lover, he is now our gun who will be fired when the time comes.

Dev puts Amla’s things in the box and says I had kept these things thinking I have a misunderstanding. He says I was stupid to search you, but you forgot me because of that man. He says I will burn everything. He lights the match, but goes hearing the door bell. Anisha comes there and asks if he is fine? He nods yes.

Mahi tells Manwinder that you and Mama have been in pain seeing my condition. Manwinder says no, and tells that Rishan Malik have to pay for this. He gets a heart attack and he falls down. Mahi calls Ritu and Servants.

Dev tells Anisha that he has become dead body now. Anisha asks what did she say? Dev says she was accusing me and trusting the guy who had ruined our lives. Anisha says you are not bad, just think that Amla has forgotten you and moved in. She don’t think bad about you. Dev gets angry and asks how to forget her. Anisha says you have a life ahead, if you take one step then life will take 4 steps for you. Dev says it is easy for you to tell. Anisha says Amla will not return, she has moved on, understand this and moved on. Dev says she has ruined me, don’t know where to go and hit my head. Anisha says you are still same Dev whom I met. I have realized seeing you that I have a heart in me. I have realized that I can share my feelings with him etc. Hearing this, Dev looks at her and gets engaged in kiss with her.

Amla thinks about Abeer and his words. Yeh moh ke dhaage plays….She reminisces Dev. Abeer comes and picks her scarf. Amla tells him that she wants to forget her past behind and fill her life with new colors. Abeer smiles.

Mannu asks who is Ganapati’s father and mother. Abeer and Amla say Shiv ji and Parvati ji. Mannu says just like you both. Abeer asks him to have food. Mannu asks when your Ganapati will come.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. awesome update but sorry to say u wrote in precap that ganapatis father is “vishnuji”.its not vishnuji its “shivji”

  2. Aarti32

    Dev n Annie kissed!? Rilli????
    Mannu was hilarious ?? just like his mother


    1. Interesting episode..

    2. Dev will share bed with annie and then they will move on..

    3. Dev had shown same boys mentality.. first don't trust the girl whom you love and afterwards when she move on or confront boy for his doings, their ego get hurt and blame girl… ????????????

    4. Finally amla is ready to fill colors in her life ☺☺☺

    5. I hope Mahi donot  fall in trap of malliks..

    6. Precap is tooo much funny and interesting..?????? Mannu (changed?) shall ask amla and abeer about their child.. and compared them with shivji and parvati ji


      MA Ganeshji is son of shivji and parvati ji not of vishnu ji.. instead parvati ji use to consider vishnu ji as brother.. plz in future be careful about updating of God and Goddess of any religion

    2. MA

      Thanks. It was a typing error. I know about God Shiv and Godess Parvati were his parents.


      Ok and thanks for correcting it.. and sorry for saying all this

  4. Epi was ok but hate this rishan,Evan, viren toli I wish Evan die but evil don’t dies easily
    To me there’s no difference between ek vivah aesa b’s Ravi and dev both r selfish,left their life partners when they need them the most and now want them back the only difference is
    Amla refused to dev but suman didn’t to Ravi till now but hope she will too sooner or later
    Wish u all have a great day
    Sorry for saying this
    If someone thoughts are opposite to you then ignore him/her or accept as he/she is but don’t fight plz. everyone is not the same and we can’t make everyone the same and most important we have the right to share our point of view but don’t have the right to impose our pov on others so accept others as they r

  5. I didn’t find nothing bad in dev and Annie pairing although she is a call girl but it wasn’t her wish everyone had the right to start a new life then y not she to me Annie is better than dev as she has a pure heart and more over she don’t believe anyone easily in other words she isn’t kaan Ki kachi


      Agreed with you ooshi.
      How are you?

  6. Aleya.marzan

    really dev deserves this type girl !!!!!! bravo dev u chose best for u.
    ambeer can now move on . really waiting for ambeer scenes

  7. What a hypocrite Dev is. He could not stand by Amla for wrongfully being tainted, but will shack up with Annie. How is that for his reputation? He is so delusional and flawed. Amla does not know how lucky she is to miss out on marrying such a loser. He is clearly not a man who can weather a storm, he is weak by all means, and by far in mindset.

  8. Dev prove his fake love ???
    He don’t deserve amla…. direct kisss?? seriously??
    Atleast 4-5 days ruk jata????
    He show his true love today ??


      Ha ha ha…
      Agreed with you as he was drunk… i doubt even tomorrow they shall show that dev get up with anie beside him, and then he shall regret about his doing..

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    It’s disgusting how a man can just shove aside the remnants of a relationship and move on to another woman in the blink of an eye ? that is NOT True Love … its a Joke!!! Dev, you deserve what you get ? Amla spoke her feelings to you … and even now, she is still trying to come to terms with it by remembering your good … shame on you Dev ? Abeer is a lot more thoughtful than you, giving Lots of space for Amla’s recovery and what do u do?? well let’s just skip all the la-da-da and jump onto the next gal u meet … smdh

  10. Sabrina

    Thanks for the update …. interesting episode today… I hope Mahi father feels better and they don’t have to deal with the Malik’s ever again and I really want to see Mahi really like her. Dev and Annie so cute now things r getting very very interesting …. don’t know what’s the deal with Evan and Dev though… love love the ending ??? finally Amla can move on without thinking about those dogs that night. Mannu I so love u for asking that question even more lol ?

  11. Fami

    Perhaps Dev s the only man Annie has seen, all others r animals for her..if she falls for him…we can’t blame… On the other hand Dev s so impatient and short tampered too… Amla once scolds him and asked to leave -Dev got angry and wanna take revenge on…
    And Abeeeeeeeer,,,,hmmm… how much he endured Her anger and hatred…several times she asked him to go away frm her…he nevr withdrew himself frm seeking forgiveness and helping her….

    2de What all Abeer told Amla were heart touching… If Amla forgives Abeer and starts a new life with him faster than fatmagül did, that wil b the best justice she can do herself for the Time being, she deserves every good lucks in her life… And why the hell rape victims should be in trauma and suffering alwas…?? We prefer victim being strong!!!!! Rather than hiding herself let the rapists hide…(out of shame)

  12. Fami

    Really hated the immoral relationship of Meltem and Mustafa in fg….Mahi should stay away frm maliks and Dev… She still has a bright future …There wer several similar occurrences I disliked in fatmagul..

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