Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer thinks about that incident which changed his life completely upside down and recalls Amla’s hatred towards him. He recalls how his friends tricked him and made him marry Amla. He shouts aloud to take out his anger. Suddenly rain starts. He gets drenched in rain and thinks about Viraj telling him of his innocence in Amla’s case and had not done anything with Amla. He walks off.

Rishan tells Manwinder that his mood is spoiled. Hema hopes Evan and Suveer comes home. Viren brings Suveer home. Hema asks where is Evan? Viren says sorry and says I couldn’t take Evan and Viraj out of jail. Raunaq says when Suveer came then why can’t Evan. Viren says I couldn’t do anything as in Evan’s blood, there was a high dosage of alcohol was found. He says tomorrow there is a court hearing. Raunaq asks Manwinder, if he didn’t use his contacts. Rishan says he can’t use his contacts for wrong and tells that Evan did a mistake and that’s why couldn’t be freed. Raunaq and Hema get upset.

Abeer comes home and is shattered. Karuna asks where did you go? Abeer looks at Amla as Viraj’s words echoes in his ears. Karuna asks him to say something and asks if you went to meet Dev. Mando wakes up and comes out. Abeer says no and looks at Amla. Karuna asks with whom you went to meet? Mando says his silence are telling that he went to meet Dev. Manwinder tells that they shall go home. Suveer thanks Manwinder and says I don’t know how to lower your favors. He says Viraj was driving the car, so I sat in it to stop him. Mahi asks why did Evan call you and asks who was that friend of yours. Whenever you are with your friends, something happens.

Suveer says Abeer was with them. Mahi asks why did you go and meet Abeer, so much has happened? Rishan gets tensed and tries to handle the situation. He thanks Manwinder. Viren also thanks him. Manwinder says he saved him for his daughter’s happiness and to save her fiancé. Suveer says I was not involved in this. Manwinder asks him not to think that he will forgive him again, and says I have forgiven you twice. He asks him not to apologize to him and make friends smartly. Mahi says Papa. Manwinder says he will not think before breaking this relation. Rishan is shocked. Mahi hugs Suveer.

Karuna asks Abeer to stop and says until you tell me, I won’t let you go. Abeer says he went to meet Viraj as he is going to London for studies. Amla gets angry and pulls the curtain over the window. Karuna says you still meets him. Abeer says he didn’t go to meet him as a friend. Rishan and others drop Manwinder till lift. Manwinder asks him not to do formality, but instead handle Suveer. Pallavi asks Rishan why did he thank Manwinder when he told Hema and Raunaq that Manwinder haven’t used his contacts to free Suveer. Rishan says what I would have told then, and tells that Evan is at fault as high dosage of alcohol was found in his blood. He says they are not in a state of mind to understand that their son is at fault. He asks her not to interfere. He asks Suveer what is drugs matter?

Viren says I will handle. Pallavi asks do you take drugs? Suveer says no. Pallavi says you guys are disgusting and goes. Rishan asks Suveer to tell why did he go to meet Abeer. Suveer tells that he got Evan’s call informing him that Viraj is drinking vigorously, that’s why I went. I didn’t know that Abeer was there, else I wouldn’t have gone. He asks him to believe him. Rishan slaps him repeatedly and beats him. He says you are asking me to believe and says I will kill you today. Viren asks Rishan to leave Suveer and asks if you want to kill him. Rishan says I am fed up of him, my business, my empire, my relation with Thakur Saheb will be finished because of him.

Karuna asks Abeer what he talked to Viraj. Abeer says nothing. Karuna says she was worried about him. Abeer says they were talking casually. Karuna says she is going to Dharmshala tomorrow. Mando says I am also going to sell the stuff. Abeer goes. Karuna looks on upset.

Rishan tells Viren that Evan’s ego will be shattered in lock up. Goons threaten Evan. Evan gets tensed. Abeer tells Amla that he met his friends last night and they told him truth. Amla asks they have ruined whose life this time. Abeer is shocked.

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  1. Aarti32

    Evan almost cried in d lockup..very well deserved ????

  2. I wanna see the episode when abeer tells the truth to amla. Nd I guess the episode after that shall be awesome. Waiting impatiently. LoL. @[email protected]

  3. NABANITA626

    Atlast……please abeer speak out the truth to amla……plz amla belief abeer…please writers progress the love story of ambeer….plzzzzzz

  4. i want to pick story alittle fast as that was in starting

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    OMG !!! Rishan is such an arse !!! I really hope the case goes to court by tuesday next week !!!
    I wanna see Amla’s face (pathetic because she still loves Dev)
    I wanna see Mahi’s face when she hears the truth
    I wanna see Mando’s pathetic face when she hears what happened
    I hate the way Abeer is holding back the truth from Karuna … smh

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