Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector Neeru asks Abeer not to lie else her social worker Maaso couldn’t save you. She asks constable to take him to control room. Karuna tells that Abeer is trapped and she is sure that Rishan must have bribed police. Abeer is taken out by Police. Karuna asks what did you say. Abeer is taken to control room. Amla is brought by Mando and Viren. Karuna thinks Amla will give statement and save Abeer. She asks Amla if she is fine. Viren asks her to move back. Mando asks her to go. Karuna says I want to talk to her. Viren says this is not your charity case, but this is a victim. Karuna asks Amla to tell truth to Police and don’t come in their provocation. Inspector Neeru tells Amla that she is safe and asks her to tell true and then only she will get justice for her. She asks her not to get scared or come in anyone’s pressure. She asks her to tell. Amla is silent.

Mando tells that she is ashamed and asks Amla to tell what she told to her. She says you went with your wish that day. Neeru asks her to keep quiet else she will send her out. Mando says Amla will not speak all day. Neeru says get out. Bhao asks mando to come out. Mando tells that Amla will not tell you anything.

Karuna tells Viren that she knows how he is manipulating Amla. Viren tells that he knows her grudge against Rishan and tells that he came for Amla. Karuna tells him that you will not be able to manipulate her, and that she will tell truth.

Neeru asks Amla to tell truth to her and says guilty should be punished. She asks her to tell the name and asks if you are afraid of the your pind. Neeru asks Amla to nod her head. Neeru asks if you went to meet your lover. Amla thinks about Dev and nods her head. Neeru asks did you get your clothes torn with your wish. Amla is scared. Neeru asks why did you go there and tells that they are giving answers since 2 days. She asks whose mistake is this? Amla says it was my mistake. Viren hears her. Sultan tells that they shall go to Ladakh. Dev refuses to go anywhere. He says he has made my Amla dirty and I won’t leave him and will kill him. He says if I don’t kill him then I am coward and unmanly. He tells that guy raped my Laadi and have looted my everyone. Amla tells that it was all her fault.

Neeru asks why did you come here then? She says you have wasted our time and says you have done it. Viren comes inside and asks Neeru to write whatever she wants to write in file. Neeru says we will write what she said. Neeru asks Constable to leave Abeer. Karuna asks Amla did you tell their names. Mando asks Karuna to let them go. Lady constable frees Abeer and asks him to go. Karuna asks about Amla’s statement. Constable says girl took the blame and that’s why Abeer is freed and case is closed. Karuna is shocked. Viren thanks Neeru for closing the case. Neeru nods and smiles.

Pallavi appreciates Viren for closing the case and says cheers. She says he has fixed Abeer and Amla’s marriage and made a rape victim lost her fight. She says our sons have become innocent now, and everything will be in some days, but it is not going to end for me. He says such a disgusting act, my blood have ruined a girl’s life, and I can’t do anything being a woman, and says a woman lost in the hands of a mum.

Hema asks her to stop it and says whatever girl’s family have done is due to greed. Pallavi asks what about our kids? Raunaq says we shall tell them that all is well. Rishan says let them stay in fear for some days. Darshan says I didn’t know that Abeer will accept. Viren says he bribed the Inspector and tells that marriage is tomorrow. Rishan says we all will leave after tomorrow. Viren says he have to stay back as he has to handle Dev.

Amla recalls Neeru talking badly with her forcing her to accept the crime, mando accusations and Dev’s anger. She cries. She tries to commit suicide, but Bhao comes and takes the tablets bottle. Amla cries. Bhao gives her promise. Amla says she wants to die. Bhao says I will also die with you. Amla cries and hugs Bhao. Mannu comes there. Mando asks Amla to stop crying and asks her to have food. Amla refuses. Mando emotionally blackmails her and says Dev will not accept you, atleast he is marrying you. Amla says who will marry me knowing the truth. Mando says he knows and he agreed. Bhao says Mando said that he is nice guy.

Karuna gets a note and is shocked to know about Abeer and Amla’s marriage. She thinks so this was their plan. Viren asks Abeer to change his clothes in car. Amla, Bhao and others come out to get her married.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. mando unknowingly done good thing

  2. what will amla do now

  3. Rhimjhim

    i just love this serial even the original version of it ‘FATMAGUL’… the storyline is so strong and the acting by all the artists are just amazing…

  4. Amla is so in love with Dev ?
    Dev on the other hand is too hurt to think clearly, so I think if Amla gets the chance to meet him, then she should try to make him remember the reason they fell in love in the first place ??k

  5. amla n abeer such a nice couple

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