Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Viren Uses Character Assassination Tactic Against Amla In Court, Evan Keeps Mahi Captive

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 25th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viren tells in court that he will prove that the girl who accused these three guys is shameless and characterless girl. Amla gets up and says he is lying, I didn’t do anything. Raghu asks Amla to say.Judge asks her to sit quietly. Viren says when Suveer didn’t reach to pond side, she thought how to get money from him and put accusation of gang rape, extortion sec 320. He says how can a liar girl can accuse my clients. She can sell her respect for money. Amla and Abeer looks on angry. Viren says we are dealing with this shameless girl in court. Amla says he is lying. Judge says it you interfere in court proceedings, then I will put charges of contempt of court. Evan smiles. Abeer asks Amla to sit. Viren says we have filed criminal case of defamation and extortion against Almla and her husband. Judge checks the papers and asks Prosecution to say. Prosecution Lawyer tells that Defense lawyer is trying to protect Maliks and says truth will be out when they are cross examined. We have recorded confession of one of the accused. Viren, Rishan, Evan, Suveer and Viraj are shocked.

Suveer recalls confessing to Mahi and thinks what did I do? Prosecution asks Court to give sometime and says his witness will be coming in sometime. Amla thinks why Mahi haven’t come till now.

Viren signs Rishan. Rishan nods no. Viren tells that prosecution is trying to stop the proceedings. Prosecution tells that his assistant is trying to contact the witness, but contact couldn’t be made. He says my witness is a responsible person. Viren says you would have given a valid excuse. He tells that prosecution claimed to bring the witness, but he don’t want to tell the name of witness. Judge asks who is your witness. Prosecution lawyer writes Mahi’s name and gives to Judge.

Judge says Prosecution can present the witness. Viren thinks he has to do something to the witness. Abeer calls Mahi, but her phone is off. Rishan says don’t know who is that witness. Evan says I know and looks at Suveer. Amla says what we will do now. Karuna says she might be stuck on the way. Evan asks Suveer to tell. Rishan asks even you know. What is happening, even you knows about the witness. Suveer hesitantly tells Rishan that he told Mahi everything, unaware that she was recording him. Rishan slaps him angrily. Evan says your son has made full planning to send us to jail, he thought she will go against me if he tells the truth, idiot.

Viren calls Mahi and says we can stop her. Evan says don’t worry, nobody can reach Mahi or she can reach court. A fb is shown, Evan hears Mahi talking to Ritu and telling that she has a video recording of the confession. She turns and sees Evan standing. Evan says you made good plan to send me to jail, but your planning will be successful when that evidence reach court. He takes her phone from her hand and checks for the evidence, but it is not there. Mahi smiles. Evan says I swear I will find it and searches for the proof. When he couldn’t find it, he asks Mahi where did she hide it and shouts. Mahi refuses to tell him. Evan says I know quiet well, how to make you speak. He holds her mouth and takes her inside. Fb ends.

Judge asks Prosecution if his witness reached. Viren tells that this is prosecution trick to divert the case, they want to get money from my client and is doing all possible tricks to get money, it is a fake story, there was no rape, or s*xual harassment. He asks if there was a witness, there where is he? He says truth is that she is a characterless girl who wants to get much money from Maliks. Abeer gets up and tells that this case is not fake and Amla is also not lying. He tells that he was with them that night. Judge asks Abeer to meet in his cabin. Amla asks Abeer why did you say that. Abeer says he couldn’t bear and asks her not to worry. Mahi is still tied somewhere. She sees a steel glass and tries to get it, but she couldn’t and cries.

Judge asks Abeer if he was involved in the gang rape. Abeer says yes, but I couldn’t save her that night. Viren says what a drama they did, he became fake witness of the fake case and refused to take the blame. He tells Judge that he is talking softly with him and asks can I question him. He asks Abeer what he was doing there and why didn’t he stop them. Abeer says I was drunk and couldn’t stop them. Viren asks who saw Amla first and held her first. Abeer says I. Viren says you held her and gave to them, you didn’t know what was happening, but you remember that they raped her, and later on you married her. He asks what is this story. He says they have made a good plan to get money and tells that they are liars. Abeer says he is lying. Viren says he shall be jailed first.

Amla is packing her stuff and tells Abeer that this story started in Dharmshala and we have to go there to end it. Abeer says I will handle, you don’t need to go. Amla says this fight is mine and I am hero of this story, if you want you can come with me as side hero. Abeer smiles.

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  2. love you ABEER.

  3. Viren rocked today .only five more days ??

  4. dance + ka winner kon hai yaar??????

    1. Bir Radha Sherpa

  5. Akshay Anand as advocate viren rocked today ??.only 5 more days

  6. Phankuri and rajveer are the worst choices for the lead roles.side character artists are better than them.i feel pity for the actress playing karuna

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    sad thing about court… a wrong word can make you a victim of misunderstanding… the solution I think, is to sit quietly the night before and meditate upon the situation and pray for the wisdom Spoken by our Almighty which is versed in the Bible (ie. the version in your Religion) Wisdom to speak, not from your own understanding, but from the written word… Truth will always Win ? ??


    I knew mahi will be kidnapped by evan. As she was playing too dangerous game.. ???? anyway hope to see happy ending as only 5 more episodes are left..

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