Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev tells his father that he can’t forget Amla as he loves Amla since childhood and have seen all dreams with her. His father asks can you change the happening. His friend asks him to stop it. He tries to calm down Dev and asks him to come home. Dev refuses and asks him to leave him alone. Abeer comes near the pond and comes inside the shed and eyes the swinger. He thinks about Karuna’s words and says I didn’t do anything.

Amla tells Bhao that even Dev rejected her call. Bhao asks her to cry and take out her pain. Amla cries. Mando tells Viren that Inspector Neelu is strict. Viren calls Rishan and tells that Neelu is strict and that he is trying to solve the matter. Rishan asks him to think about their respect. Pallavi asks Rishan about the case. Rishan says everything will be sorted. Pallavi says she will not forgive Suveer. Rishan says Evan is responsible for this. Pallavi says he is not a kid to get manipulated by another kid. She says this is a rape crime and disgusting.

Mando comes home with Viren and asks her to do as Viren says. Amla asks will you catch those four guys. Viren says four guys. Amla says I told Mando about Malik’s son and tells that two other guys have also…..Mando asks her to listen to him. Viren says when someone is in shock, they can’t remember. He says there was just one guy there Abeer, and says if you blame others then they will file defamation case against you. Amla says they were four. Viren says I heard that you love Dev, but….Amla asks what happened to him. Viren says Dev has gone mad and wants to kill you. He says he got him arrested, but now he is freed. He says if you take more names then Dev will kill you and many people. She asks Amla if she wants him to get hanged. Amla says no. Viren asks her to do as he says. Amla looks on.

Rishan asks Raunaq about Abeer. Raunaq says he left. Rishan is angry. Raunaq says I have sent a guy who will follow Abeer. Amla says why will Dev kill me and says he is angry now, but he loves me a lot. Bhao says they shall be punished. Mando asks him to keep quiet and let Viren speak. Viren asks her to decide if she wants Dev’s betterment and says nobody will get punished.

Mando tells Amla that Dev went from her hand and says we can’t do anything. She says one guy agreed to marry you, and asks her to marry him and end the matter. She taunts her badly and says Viren ji convinced that guy. Amla says my marriage. Mando says you left that dreams near the pond and asks what you will do. She asks her to stay at Bhao’s house or get killed by Dev. She says the least you can do is to marry. Viren threatens Bhao and says he don’t want to hear Malik’s sons name. Amla gets vomiting. Mando taunts her. Bhao goes to bring water. Dev is in his dream house and recalls Amla and his planning about a home. He hits the house angrily and tries to break it. He says Amla…you have ruined everything.

Bhao says Amla will not marry against her wish. Viren asks him to understand and says people here will not let her live. He asks him to think about his son, earnings and living. Mando says we have to leave this house. Bhao refuses. Viren asks them to shift to Mumbai and says her life will get better. Bhao asks who will marry her? He asks what he do? Viren says he is one in crores and will keep Amla happy. Mando tells Ragho that she has brought up Amla and says although she talks bitter, but right. She emotionally blackmails him and acts as she is sacrificing house for Amla. She asks him to convince Amla. Viren tells that Police came to take Amla’s statement. Mando goes to Amla and finds her missing.

Dev tells that he will burn his dream house. He pours kerosene oil on the house. Amla is running on the road. Dev pours kerosene oil on Amla’s name on the wall. He lights the house on fire.

Many people gather there. Amla also comes there and calls Dev’s name aloud seeing house burning. She cuts her wrist.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. she suffered being raped … and she is suffering even more after the fact … sad
    Viren is a wicked man and he will suffer … suffer even more than Amla …
    I feel so hurt for Dev tho … he does not have a clue as to what to do … he is acting only out of rage at not being there to help her…

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