Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lady Inspector asks Mando if she is her bhabhi. She says Bhabhi is like a mum. She asks Viren if he is Malik’s lawyer. Viren says he is Malik’s brother in law. Viren tells that Mando is Amla’s bhabhi, whatever happened was wrong and tells that all the neighbors are spitting on them. Mando tells Lady Inspector that they had fixed engagement with Dev, oblivious to the fact that Amla is having affair with two guys. She tells that as Dev was on tour always, Amla found Abeer and started having affair with him. Inspector asks if Abeer and Amla know each other. Viren says Amla and Abeer like each other. Abeer gave statement. Mando tells that Abeer might have asked Amla to elope, but she refused and that’s why he might have forced herself on her. Viren says Abeer was just expressing his love. Mando says our respect is ruined. Viren says girl said that she don’t want to file the complaint. Abeer agreed to marry her and make up for what he had done. Mando says Dev will not let the marriage happen, will kill Amla and us. Lady Inspector says you are a good story writer. Viren says this is done by the girl. Lady inspector says if the girl accepts that whatever happened with her consent then we will agree.

Amla asks Bhao about her rapist and asks if they are caught. Bhao says Mando haven’t told me anything. She went to Police station with Viren. Amla asks about Dev. Bhao asks her to have something. Amla asks him not to hide and says Dev haven’t come to meet me. Amla cries and thinks if I have become dirty for you also…Dev.

Lady Inspector says girl statement is needed. Viren says when both are ready for marriage then why this case. Lady Inspector says they have to close preliminary enquiry and says this is rape case. Mando says this is love triangle case and says Amla is trying to rescue Abeer. Lady Inspector asks if anyone know about their affair. Mando says yes, some people might know. Viren asks Mando to bring her neighbors who had seen Abeer and Amla together. Mando leaves. Viren tells Lady Inspector to say. Lady Inspector says case depends on girl’s statement now.

Raunaq asks Abeer to think about his future, and says you are getting benefitted with this deal and your life will change. Hema comes there. Raunaq says Abeer is an understanding guy as he always been. Hema says mistakes is done by everyone, but they don’t have the courage to accept it. She says you are not only accepting your crime, but saving your friends also. She says your sacrifice….Raunaq says he is doing his responsibility. Viren tells Inspector that girl and the boy are ready to marry, and asks her not to waste time solving their issues, and says time is money. Lady Inspector says we get money from the govt and says nobody can buy me. She asks whom he is trying to save and wasting his precious time. Viren says he is trying to protect Abeer.

Hema says I am a mum and shall thank him. Today our sons are in Mumbai and free. Abeer asks Mumbai. He asks did they all leave? Raunaq says what they would have done here, you are here to take care of everything. Abeer asks did they leave? Raunaq says until when they would stay here, and says I have to save you from this case and I will save you. He asks him to understand and close this chapter. Abeer is disgusted with his friends and leave. After Abeer leaves, Raunaq tells Hema that you shouldn’t have told that kids are in Mumbai.

Karuna asks Abeer’s Guru if he can do this. He asks if Abeer said anything. Karuna says she is sure that Abeer can’t do this. She tells that Amla’s fiancé told that he will kill that guy. Abeer’s Guru tells that Malik’s sons have done this and have trapped Abeer. He says Amla’s statement is very useful. Karuna says that girl can lift curtain from the truth. Dev comes to the rape spot and looks at the swinger. He takes out his anger on it and cries badly. He shouts Amla and sits down shockingly….Amla calls on Dev’s mobile. Dev finds Amla’s scarf on the tree and thinks this is the same scarf which I gave her.

Dev tells that he wants to meet Amla once. His father tells that she has become impure and is not suitable to be our bahu. Viren tells Amla that there was only one guy there and says if you accuses other then may be they can file case against you. Raunaq tells Rishan that he has hired some spy to spy on Abeer. Abeer cries somewhere while the man follows him. Mando finds Amla missing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hate u Amla’s bhabhi
    U r the worst bhabhi

  2. LIBA

    Mando is really a mad woman
    Hate her and that viren too

  3. I also hate mando and viren.

  4. hate is a very strong word and it can cause more pain for you than for the person committing the crime …
    these men will never lead comfortable lives no matter where they go …
    I feel so sorry for Dev ? … such a huge burden to bear … as for Amla, I cannot even fathom her pain ? I feel so ashamed of this society where men can get away with this … smh ❎

  5. Even though Abeer doesn’t remember anything and is not able to understand anything,he should remember that justice is done to amla only when his friends are punished.

    I don’t know why I am getting angry on Abeer

    1. i think he feels he can love her the way she is now …

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