Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Evan Portrays Amla In Bad Light, She Faces The Media

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Evan tells Media that he is Sunny and he knows about Amla well. Sunny says whatever Evan said about Amla is true. Anisha also watches the news and thinks whatever happened with Amla. She says you respect is ruining infront of the world because of me, please forgive me Amla. Media asks Sunny what he does and how he knows Amla. Sunny says I know such girls very well and I know from where they come and where they go. They think me as their friend. Media asks about Anisha. Sunny says I know when Amla meet Anisha to get training from her and tells the dates. Anisha thinks I can’t let this happen, I will clean this black spot off from your head. Evan signs Suveer and Viraj that everything is in control. Dev also watches the news. Abeer gets Evan’s call. He gets angry and tells Amla that how dare he call me. Amla asks him to put call on speaker and says even I want to hear. Abeer picks the call. Evan says you might have good and bad news, both. Good News is about our bail and Sunny giving bad news. He says this is a start, so much going to happen with Amla. She is going to be famous, many people, media, customers will come to meet Amla at home….and laughs. Amla takes the call and asks him to listen to her now. She says you can do whatever you want, I am not going to get scared from you now.

Rishan and Suveer are shocked to hear her. Amla says the more you try to suppress my voice, it will be so aloud, the more you scare me, my courage will be more strong. You made fun of my life, now I will make fun of you all. She asks him to tell this good news to Suveer and Viraj. Evan says I am scared and says you shall be happy that you are alive. Amla says you shall not worry me, think about yourself, Suveer and Viraj. I am alive and happy, and this thing is not good for you. Evan gets angry and says this no status girl, I will kill her. Viren says situation is not like before, case is filed now, if Amla gets even a scratch then press and law will take off our clothes. Evan says if we will be silent. Viren says no, we will file defamation case against her. Evan asks if we shall roam court again and again. Viren says real game begins before court hearing, and all means are used before it. He says you have ruined her image, we shall take advantage of it. He calls Pawar and asks him to file defamation case against Amla and says I want water type case. He then tells Evan that they shall use money way now and calls Mando.

Rishan and Viren come to Mando’s house. Abeer sees them and stops them from entering the house. He says how dare you to come here. Viren says you..Abeer says if you utter a word then I will bury you alive. Mando says can’t I call my guests here. Abeer says you called them here. Mando asks Viren and Rishan to come. Viren sits on chair and says we don’t like to come here, it is for your betterment. He tells Amla that he came to make her understand that she can’t prove in the court. Amla says you came to protect yourself. Rishan says you can’t do anything even now and asks her to handle her leftover respect. Amla says I have no respect left now and I don’t care about my life now. Viren says you shall get scared as you have a life ahead. He tells Mando that he brought 50 Lakhs rs. and if Amla wants he can give more such bags. Amla throws the bag on floor and warns Mando not to touch that bag. She says you have taken price for my respect, but now they will pay for it. She asks them to leave else she will call police and tell that you are threatening me to take the case back.

Abeer asks them to leave. They take money and leave. Mando says you don’t think about yourself, atleast would have thought about us. We are ruined because of you. She asks did you know what is 50 lakhs rs, and if you start counting, notes will not end. She says you got your respect looted. Raghu asks her to keep quiet. Mando says you have no respect, they are giving 50 Lakhs for a girl like you, you don’t have no respect. Raghu slaps her hard and signs her not to say anything. Media comes there calling Amla and asks to come out. Abeer asks Amla to go inside and closes the door and windows. He tells that he will talk to media as they are TRP hungry and gives pain. Amla says I am ready to answer them as you are with me. Amla goes out and asks Media to ask her. Reporter asks Amla about Evan statement, and asks if this is truth. Other reporter asks about Anisha. Amla says I have nothing to do with Maliks’ thinking, I just know that the accusation was true. She says Anisha is her friend.

Reporter asks who is Anisha? Anisha comes there and says she is Anisha. She comes and stands beside Amla. Abeer and Amla are shocked. Anisha says Amla is my friend and you can asks Amla about case related thing. She asks them to ask her about herself. Reporter says Maliks claimed that you are an escort and trained Amla too. Dev comes and says it is a lie. Amla and Abeer looks on. Dev says it is Maliks’ cheap trick to ruin image of my to be wife. Anisha and Amla look at each other. Dev holds Anisha’s hand and tells that Maliks are shaken up and doing this cheap tricks. He says we will not bear and if they try to harm my finance then I will do what Amla has done. I will drag them to court. Anisha is shocked. Amla looks at Dev and Anisha.

Reporters on TV tells that Amla gave statement against Maliks and court has given orders to start Amla’s case as soon as possible. Reporter asks if Maliks will be proved innocent or Amla accusations right. Viren prepares for the case. Many days passes by. Amla and Abeer meets lawyer etc.

Amla says today is her case hearing and a big test. She prays to God to give her strength so that she don’t get scared or lose her strength. Abeer comes and stands beside her. Amla opens her eyes and asks what he is looking at? Abeer says today it is a big day for both of us, for our future life. I just want to tell you that whatever happens in court, I will always support you. If you slip then I will hold you, if you get teary eyes, I will wipe your tears, and if you smile..I will smile with you, whatever happens I will always stand by you. Amla smiles.

Viren tells in court that Amla called Suveer near pond side as she wanted to offer him physical relations inexchange of money. He says Amla is a shameless and characterless girl to have accused those three guys.

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  1. What’s wrong with this viren…. cheap men
    Navkar ki bhi avkaat nahi he iski… Malik’s ke paiso par pal Raha he

  2. May God give me the strength to watch de upcoming court is de most honorable person in ths show.forevr in? wT dev


    Finally game is ON for us to watch and Team has ended their shoot of Court secenes as per instagram…??????
    Amla got courage and she answered media so well and I was so much happy after reading that evan had bad plans that almost backfired ????????

  4. Aleya.marzan

    loved todays epi. for the first time ever dev did a good job not like a coward !!!

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Sad show is going off air… so many options ?

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