Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mando asks Bhao if she shall keep lathi and chair there, and says she is looted. She says when I asked you to stop her, you didn’t listen, she has blackened her face and ruined our respect too. Bhao asks her to stop it and says Amla is crying since long. Mando takes him with her. Viraj comes to Divya and sees her crying. She asks him to go. Viraj cries. Darshan comes there. Divya asks him not to talk to her from now onwards. Darshan says he is our son and we shall support him. Divya says I thought he will not go on you, I was so wrong. Evan is playing video game. Hema comes there and looks angrily. Evan asks what happened? Hema says nothing, you just play your video game. Evan asks then what I shall do? Hema says she is ashamed that he is her son. Evan asks what you are saying mom and plays video game again.

Pallavi comes to Suveer’s room and sees him sleeping. Hema asks Pallavi what he is going. Pallavi says he is sleeping. Hema says Evan is playing video game. They feel bad about their upbringing. Hema says we have to think about Malik’s family and think about how to come out of this situation. Pallavi asks what about that girl. Hema says I am going to sleep. Viren talks to someone and says you will get new notes cash. He tells Pallavi that he has booked special flight for kids as they are going back. He asks can’t you get sleep? Pallavi says I am not like you and don’t think from mind. Viren says it is about malik family’s respect. Pallavi asks what about that girl’s respect. Amla is sleeping and recalls the trauma. She then sees Dev threatening her in the hospital. She shouts. Bhao comes to her and asks her not to cry. Amla cries.

Abeer is standing near the window. Karuna shows him newspaper as Amla’s raped news is published. She says basically the news is empty as culprits name is vacant and victim’s name also. She says Rishan Malik is influential and has bought justice. She asks if that girl will get justice or not.

Karuna says when you were young, you used to get scolded when almonds finished at home. Later we come to know that you used to take almonds for your friend, says my Abeer can’t do this big crime and asks him not to take big blame on him. She says that girl will not get justice and your life will also be ruined. She says your life is not yours alone, it is mine also. She asks him to tell the truth.

Mannu comes to meet Amla. Amla is scared and shouts. Bhao asks her not to get scared. Mando says you would have used your loudspeaker voice at that time. Viren calls Mando and asks her to come to Police station. Mando comes to the Police station. Viren asks her to be careful with her words. She says she never lies. They see Dev there and insults him, says he was never meant to marry Amla. She accuses Dev. Viren gives his card and says I am Amla’s lawyer. Dev is going. Mando shouts and tells him that Amla took out her hasrat on others, when he was on tour. His father asks Dev to come. Inspector asks Dev not to fly high or do anything.

Viren tells Lady Inspector that Amla was given enough freedom and put blame on her. He asks her to confirm with Mando.

Mannu comes to Amla and asks her to take bath, and says Mando asked him not to play with her and said that she has become dirty. Amla is shocked and goes to bathroom. She pours water bucket on her head and cries.

Lady Inspector asks them to bring the girl and says if that girl accepts the crime then we will also agree. Mando and Viren looks at each other. Amla thinks if she has become dirty for Dev. Hema says because of Abeer, their children are freed in Mumbai. Abeer says Mumbai.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. yeh keisi society hein!!! koyi insan keise dirty ho sakti hein!!! ladki koyi samal hein kiya jo kisi ke chunese dirty ho gayi!!!duniya bohot tarikki toh kiyi,par afsos,hamari society mein ladki oko abhi bhi kitna kuch tolarate karne parti

  2. I agree with u kirti di.

  3. LIBA

    I love abeer and amla ka pair


    1. Correct. Eye witness and victim will get married. With some romances and dramas Amala will get justice…Waiting for that moment?

  4. while I understand some of the comments kirti wrote, I gather that society is to blame and not the women themselves … I realize that the law, probably written by male scholars at inception, was made for men … not women, because the early teachings state that man is head of the household and women are the caretakers … however, with the ever-changing society, we see women working in various key positions such as this serial, which shows a female officer in a top ranking position at the Police Station … so why then is the situation so bleak that the women still get skirted under the law !!!
    The solution, which I believe to be fair, is for equal rights where necessary in cases such as the one in this serial, where the men who committed the offence, be made to sit trial for their horrendous act.
    This is just my opinion, so I hope that no one takes offence from my comments.

  5. Waiting to see amla getting justice ……i read that in actual serial fatmagul ( kqhak is based on turkish serial fatmagul) abheer/karem is innocent..
    Actually he did not rape her…
    His friends make him believe that abheer raped amla……
    But very later ( after a very long time) on serial it is revealed that abheer did not rape amla…..
    And he took the blame for a crime he never commited…..( the real criminals are free)
    So ……….i think abheer is the best partner 4 amla………
    I am sure this will be a nice love story….
    .and eargerly waiting to see amla getting the juatice and wanting to see those criminals being punished

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