Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abeer motivates Amla to tell truth to Mahi

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viren tells security incharge not to let Abeer and Amla enter the venue and shows their pic. He informs all the guards. Evan teases Suveer. Everyone laughs. Mahi says I am watching everything. Evan and Viraj lifts Suveer just as Mahi is about to make him wear garland. Mahi asks him to get down. Viraj asks her to climb up to make Suveer wear garland. Rishan asks them to stop joking and says everything shall happen within mahurat. Evan and Viraj take him down. Mahi makes Suveer wear garland. Suveer also makes her wear garland. They all claps.

Dev is waiting for the jeep to come and thinks he will make crematorium ground in the jeep itself and will take revenge for snatching his life. He sees the jeep coming and points gun towards the jeep, recalls Viren telling the jeep number. He stops seeing some other couple in the jeep and thinks they are not Abeer and Amla. Abeer and Amla are in the car right infront of him, but he don’t see them. Abeer tells Amla that they have to be more alert, and have to hide themselves so that nobody can identify them. Viren tightens the security.

Manvender’s relative Sameer and his wife are declined to enter the venue without car. The relative gets upset. Suveer and Mahi are sitting in the mandap. He holds her hand. She keeps his hand back. Sameer’s wife calls Manvender. Manvender asks where are you? They say that they are stopped by the security. Manvender asks Rishan what is this and tells that if his relatives need card.

Rishan calls Viren and asks him to bring Manvender niece and her husband. Viren goes to the security and scolds guard. He asks them to go. He gets Dev’s call and he tells that Abeer and his jeep haven’t come. Viren asks what you are saying? Abeer and Amla come there. Guard asks for the card. Manju and Sameer complains to Manvender. Abeer asks Amla to show card. Amla says she forgot.

Abeer says why did you forget. He asks guard to check his name and tells that his name is Mr. Rajveer and his wife Mrs. Rajveer. Viren scolds Dev and says panga will happen here. Dev says Abeer wants to kill me and asks what do he mean. Viren tells that he will send someone to search Abeer. Guard comes to Viren and asks if they shall send Mr and Mrs. Rajveer.

Viren says if he shall do their work. Pallavi calls Viren and asks him to come and attend the marriage. Viren says he is busy with Rishan’s work. Real Mr. and Mrs. Rajveer comes. Viren lets them go. Guard tells shim that a couple went inside with the same name. Viren is shocked and goes to CCTV room to check the footage. He finds Amla and Abeer in a different attire and gets angry.He asks guard to take 10 guards to hall. Abeer tells Amla that the work which she is going to do is difficult, but now she can’t back off. He says you can do this, I am with you. Amla says I can do this, I have to do.

Amla comes to the marriage hall and stops the marriage just as they were about to take last round. She asks Mahi not to marry without listening her truth else she will repent all life. Viren, Suveer and Mahi are shocked.

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  1. Rehmat

    I hope this marriage broke I love ambeer just hate is dev viren

  2. Abeer end of the day you have proven that you are nice and innocent guy who really want to help her to get justice

  3. The journey of amla nd abeer is like ‘The blind leading the blind’. ???…….. I wonder y he keeps saying her , ‘amla u can do it,u have to do it ‘.. as she z doing a new task.he z motivating her like she z going to climb mount Everest…..may b he forgot ,his
    strong-willed wife had already done a failed attempt to come there nd talk 2 the bride ..that 2 did it all by herself. ? bt we didn’t….
    They r Made 4 each other…..kisi ki Nazar Na lage dono ko……cvs r draaaaagggggging ths simple issue for 3 days like ths z de only one left to deal with…….kya.q.h.amla.k viewers should b nominated 4 ‘patience’s of a saints award 2017’

  4. Well they are showing how they can turn even a brilliant show like fatmagul into crappy show. They started good but failed to live up to the expectation. They turn sensitive story into drama circus.

  5. kkhavit dear.. Saiva vaishnava kurinju cheppiyaavu kadhaa andhukke South Indianaanu aduhiyaanu.. vaalukku S&V andharum odate.. I’m further down from TN..
    No point in comparing Fatmagul with this one.. We should compare with apples with apples. So the Ambee fans compare this one with other Starplus and other tele serials and admiring it. The reality is gone a long time back, just showing some colorful dreams with songs and heroism heroins m etc., to boost it to cheap commercial ideas.
    Engin’s each sec shows so many relevant expressions, his intention is not to hurt Fatmagul, watch her without showing her his feelings in the beginning and show lots of love and concern after she reveal her love to him. My gosh anyone will fall for his beautiful expressions and love in his eyes. All the actors lived in that characters. Here they are acting in KQHAK. The sequences were spontaneous with no flaw. I was also in favor of KQHAK but after realizing that its completely moving out of the track and reality I couldn’t continue watching it. I just read the updates …

    1. oh u 2 frm south India.we both r frm neighboring states ???Telugu z my natve lang .I understd s nd v part (I guess u used tamil) little bit as tamil z similar 2 telugu. ….ha fg fan can watch ths.i m soooo curious hw our Indian cvs will turn ths sweet dream like project into a nightmare

  6. Hoping good


    1. Episide was just good.
    2. Amla and abeer were looking good ???
    3. I doubt if Mahi will believe her now ???? as she is blindly mad in love with surveer..
    4. I hope Mahi’s father believe Amla (if not others) as he should able to figure about doings of malliks.
    5. Best part Abeer giving strength and supporting Amla???? to say truth.

  8. Ambeer rocks

  9. Just hate this show … used to love this and I regret now …this show’s just moving out of the track… abeer is emotionless and amla as well …

  10. No shred of reality is now being shown in this show … casting was not bad though ..acting is that poor 🙁

  11. I never watched Fatmagul, therefore, I have nothing to compare the serial to. However, I noticed everyone does a comparison. Why can’t the show exist in its own entity with its own spin? I know it is based from Fatmagul, but remakes always change the story. As a first time viewer, I think they are doing a decent job, are there some scenes I question, of course, but overall, I am liking the serial. I like the cast.

    1. u r right dear…..

  12. Enough is enough.Director should wrap up this drama now.Let Amla and Dev be together as he is her first love.As a repentance Abeer should help Amla to put 3 of Malik’s son in jail as he was involved too.He should divorce Amla and let Dev and her live happily ever after.This is 20th century and Amla should be strong enough to go to jail and get over with this drama.By showing Dev’s acceptance for Amla it will be a good message for the society .
    I used to watch it but no more patience to digest director’s mistakes.

  13. omg am in love with ambeer did guys luk cute together Kya qusoor hai amla ka rocks

  14. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    OMG !!! Amla and Abeer looked Gorgeous together !!! ??? and their entrance was spectacular … Mission Impossible style ? ??
    I just cannot wait to see Rishan Malik’s face next episode ???

    btw … for the viewers who are confused … the name of this — TV Serial — is — Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka and NOT the — big screen Movie — Fatmagul … fyi fyi … pls ?

    1. But this is – big screen MOVIE- Fatmagul’s REMAKE, smart girl 😉
      If there wasn’t Fatmagul, this crap couldn’t be.

    2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      ohhh … umph, nevermind

  15. Guyzzź plzzz dont comapre the 2 serials i didnt watch fatmugil but i knw its story kkha is not bad it has good story in my opinion if u keep comparing kkha will always be bad to u there will be difference nd weak points in the shows just accept it its just a show fr that we cnnot cmnt the acting of the actors nd all plzzzzzzz i am not blaming u just saying my pov just see this serial without comparing it will be gud if compared with all other serials evry serial has bollywood styles like eyelock,catching while falling nd all i am requesting plzzz dont insult nd taunt or fight wid each other just accept the show

  16. There might be some places where the acting is not good but they acts mindblowingly nd the cast are also excellent

  17. Thamaam.we fgsc fans accepted long bk ths show is unbeatable ,applause to everything abt ths show cvs,cast,script everything …..hope I spread sooomuch positivity in my comment nd impressed uR again I am stressing Your cvs,worshipprs,nd the last one uR Telly Update team,the biased one

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