Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lady Inspector asks Dev to go and says they have not arrested anyone till now. Dev asks her to handover the rapist to him. The people of Dharmshala tell that they shall kill that person who had raped Amla. Dev says if you don’t handover the rapist then…Inspector asks Constable to take Dev inside. Karuna hears everything and is shocked. Dev’s dad tells that Dev is worried as Amla is his fiancé. Inspector says they will talk to Dev and make him understand. They take Dev inside.

Rishan apologizes to Minister and says that woman came for some money. Mahi asks Suveer if he is fine and says if you want, I can stay tonight. Suveer asks her to go. They sit in the car. After Minister family leaving, Rishan asks Darshan to come with him. Pallavi asks what happened? Rishan goes. Pallavi asks Raunaq. Raunaq says nothing. Divya says Viraj is in the room.

Bhao and Mando are talking Amla home. They make her sit in auto. Nurse comes and says you can’t take her without doctor’s permission. She says she is talking to Police now about Dev. Mando asks what she was doing when Dev came to the hospital and asks her to let her go. Nurse says you can’t do this. Mando says we will go. Nurse asks her to sign on the paper before going and says it is written that you are taking patient home without Doctor’s permission.

Mando signs on the paper and sits in car. Rishan tells that small people have humiliated him. He scolds Evan for giving drugs to Suveer and says you are elder than him and gave drugs to younger brother. Viren says this is really not done and asks them to think something. He says atleast that woman is ready to talk to us. He says someone from you all have to marry that girl and this is the only solution. Abeer looks on.

Inspector asks Dev if he will beat her. She says we are Police, but human. She tells when she saw Amla, her mind get off and thought to beat the rapist mercilessly. Dev says he was in Malik’s party and asks her to catch him. Inspector says we know our work, don’t explain me. She gets Doctor’s call informing her that Amla’s brother and sister in law took her home without my permission. She says her fiancé came and threatened Amla. Everyone looks at Abeer.

Abeer asks why I shall take blame on myself. Viren says yes, why he shall take the blame alone as they have done the crime together. He says if anyone would have asked me to take the blame, I would have curse him. Rishan says if he wouldn’t have bothered about his business then he would have taken them to Police station. He says let them go to jail now. Viren says only Abeer can do anything. Abeer refuses to take blame alone.

Viren says news will be like rich sons of maliks’ have raped a poor girl and says media will make you villain, and no lawyer can save you. He says if you take the blame alone then I will get you out on bail. Abeer says why I will go to jail alone. Viren says I am not selfish, and will end the case in first hearing. Abeer says I don’t remember anything. Evan asks Viraj to make Abeer recall everything. Viraj says we all know what you did, stop telling that you don’t know. Viren says you people have no option, anyone among you 4 have to marry her. Darshan says why you think that Amla’s family will agree. Viren says they will agree as nobody will marry her now. Suveer says I am engaged.

Rishan asks didn’t you remember then. Darshan tells that his son is not yet settled. Evan says if she marries me then also she won’t be happy with me. He says we don’t know her except Abeer. He loves her and held Amla firstly. He says if he had not hold her, may be she would have escaped and this wouldn’t had happened? Viren signs Rishan and smiles. He asks Abeer if he loves her. Viren says how can you let this happen with you, and says if I was in your place, I would have broken my head. If you really like her, then marry her, else you will be suffocated that you ruined your love’s life. He asks him to think about Amla and says I fear that she might commit suicide. Abeer cries. He tells you are getting a chance to do penance. Abeer says why she will marry me, I have done….Viren says she will marry you. I talked to her family. He asks her to marry Amla, and take her far from this city, and forgot that anything had happened in the past.

Precap: Karuna comes there and blames Suveer, Evan and Viraj. Rishan says they were with us last night. Karuna is shocked to see them trapping just Abeer alone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shaani

    These ppl can’t blame Abeer Na… This is very wrong ..? poor abeer…

  2. I love this show very much….they can’t blame abeer…he is innocent guy……

  3. Sad !!!!! n shockng.
    I wonder y nly few ppl watch dis serial..
    coz der r nly few comments

    1. I agree with u pari…. This show is far away from saas bahu drama….it’s a new concept….really nice show….

    2. this is a new serial and I believe not many people know about it as it is shown pretty late at night and the re-run during the midday period when they are at work …

  4. Hi all … yes this is a very nice show and it’s focus is on a real problem in this society … rape
    Abeer is so silly to be hanging with those losers (rich and foolish) … there is always one nice guy in the lot, he tho is even at fault and should not be spared … uncle too, is such a big swindler to force him to take the blame for all of them … smh
    I am truly sorry for Amla (there are no words to describe how she must feel) … and for Dev as well, who will no doubt start blaming himself …
    this story is so gripping that i sit before it starts and wonder if I were in her shoes, what would i have done … sad

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