Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer comes home, but stands outside devastated. Karuna says you came so early, must have come in the morning. Abeer goes inside the house. Karuna asks if he will not apologize and says when I asked you to come, you didn’t think why I asked you to come. You might be drunk and must had been roaming with your friends. She asks him to answer. Abeer asks her to stop it, goes to his room and closes the door.

Evan signs Suveer and asks everyone to excuse him. Pallavi asks where you both are going? Mahi asks Pallavi to let him go. Suveer and Evan are tensed. Suveer calls Viren Mama ji and tells that Amla’s bhabhi came here and took dad inside to talk. Viren Mama tells that he is coming there. Mando comes out and see Suveer and Evan. She says your son is here. Rishan asks if she is saying true. Suveer says she is lying? Rishabh asks how did you know what she said. He says that Mando got the ring at the place where that girl was raped. He asks is that true? Suveer accepts to his crime. Rishan slaps him. Mahi comes and asks what is going on here. Suveer asks her to go inside.

Evan takes Mahi with him. Mahi asks what happened? Evan says Rishan uncle gave Catering responsibility but he goof up so that woman came to handle catering. Mahi says he just slapped him for such a small mistake and says Suveer is not a kid. Evan tells that Rishan’s anger will go soon. Mahi says how can he slap him, and says my dad never shouted at me. Evan asks her not to tell her parents. Mahi says if my Dad comes to know about it then he will break this engagement. Evan says you are thinking wrong and asks her not to tell anyone.

Abeer cries. Karuna asks him to tell what happened? She says are you angry as I scolded your friends. She says if I need, I will call you only. She tells that she needed him in the hospital and asks what you were doing with your friends. Abeer cries badly. Karuna says if you would had been in the hospital then you would have seen her condition, those men treated her like an animal. Abeer says I didn’t do anything with that girl. Karuna is shocked. Abeer slaps himself. Karuna gets up and pushes Abeer. Abeer says I was drunk, and I didn’t remember anything. Karuna beats him and asks how can you do this with the girl. She also cries.

Suveer tells Rishan that even Evan, Viraj and Abeer were involved. He tells that Evan gave us drugs. Evan asks why is he blaming him. They start beating each other. Viren Mama tells Rishan that he is troubled since morning. Mando says it is good that you didn’t tear the cheque and smiles blackmailing him. She goes out. Viren says I will drop you home. Mando says if we reach a conclusion then only I will sit. Viren asks her to sit.

Dev is driving the car while being in shock. Viren apologizes to Mando and says today’s kids can’t control themselves, and asks her not to get involved in police case. He tells we heard Suveer said, but Judge didn’t hear anything, if he refuse infront of Judge then what you will do. Mando says you don’t watch films and asks him to watch sometimes, and says she is the power herself and says Amla is silent till now, but she will speak if I insist. Viren says I want to come to conclusion. Mando says you came on the right track and says you seems to be understanding. He says he will drop her to hospital.

Karuna asks Abeer to go to Police and says she will take him. Abeer cries and says no. Karuna calls her upbringing bad and regrets to have brought him up. She asks why did you do this with the girl. Abeer cries. Karuna says I will call Police by myself. Abeer begs her to listen and says he didn’t do.. Karuna says who did then..Evan, Suveer, Viraj and is shocked to see Abeer crying. She sits down shockingly and says you all….together. Abeer cries badly. Karuna is shocked, shattered and cries. She beats him and asks him to go and die. She asks if you are human or animal and says you will get rotten in jail. She calls Police station to lodge complaint, but Abeer takes out the wire.

Dev reaches hospital. Amla gets up from bed and looks at him.

Karuna tells Abeer that she will take him to Police right now. Dev tells Pushpa that he will kill the rapist.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shaani

    I have nothing to say… Sad about abeer’s condition also.. He haven’t done anything… n amla is still not talking?

  2. vry sad for amla.kitni taklif mein hei woh
    …amla ki innocent cehera dekhte hi mon apne aap dukhi ho jaati hein..sach mein uski kiya qusoor thi jo aise saja mili!!!vry nice serial…i really appreciate it..

  3. vry sad for amla..uski innocent cehera dekhte hi mon apne aap dukhi ho jate hein.kitne taklif mein hein woh..sach mein uski kya qusoor thi jo dusro ki galti ka saja vughot raye!!! vry heart touching serial..

  4. LIBA

    Very heart touching serial

  5. Really it is very heart touching story of amla…

  6. It is really very heart touching story of amla

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