Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhao asks Doctor why his sister was looking at the place and shouting. Doctor tells him that she is in deep trauma and imagining things which is not there.

Karuna askss Doctor how many people were involved in her rape. Doctor says they are waiting for foreignsic report and tells that may be she was not raped, although there was signs of physical intimacy. Karuna asks what do you mean? Doctor tells that they all are waiting for foreignsic report and asks Karuna not to worry and that Amla is in safe hands. Karuna leaves. Mama comes out from inside the cabin and thanks Doctor for her lie. Doctor nods her yes.
Dev calls his Chacha and asks what happened? Find out where is Amla? Chacha asks him to take the bus and come back. Dev asks why? And asks what happened to Amla. Chacha asks him to come and says you will know once you come here. Dev asks if she had an accident and asks him to say, and cries. He asks him to say else he will do something. Chacha tells him everything which shatters Dev fully. Chacha asks him not to drive car and take bus instead. Dev sits down shattered and shocked.

In the hospital, Mama meets Bhao and says I heard about your sister, and felt sad. He tells that his name is Viren, and he is lawyer by profession. He says whatever happened with your sister was bad. Bhao says yes. Mama says I can understand your pain and asks did your sister tell you anything who did this. Bhao says she didn’t say anything since morning and was just crying. Mama says so she didn’t tell you anyone’s name. Bhao says she was crying all day. Mama asks him not to worry and says I am with you, I thought you need a lawyer and that’s why I came. Bhao looks on sad.

Dev drives the car and goes. Rishan asks Pallavi where is Viren. Pallavi says he went for some important work. Divya says one thing is not secret and that the party was amazing. Mahi’s mum says everything was perfect. Mahi says it was not that perfect and says Suveer lost his engagement ring, how can it be perfect. Suveer promises her that he will buy similar ring after reaching there. Minister and his wife ask her not to make him feel guilty. Mahi says I know how to keep things safe. Suveer asks her to let it go. Rishan asks Mahi not to leave him. Evan gets Mama’s call and excuses himself. Mahi asks what is going on?

Suveer says nothing. Mahi asks why you are behaving strange. Suveer swears her that there is nothing. Mama tells Evan that the girl is in shock and haven’t told anything yet. He says you are free for sometime. Evan thanks him and gets happy. He says party is boring and says we shall be celebrate as Viraj will be going to London University. He says cheers. Mando comes to meet them and says she is Mandakini. Suveer, Viraj and Evan get tensed. Mando congratulates them and says I don’t want to spoil your party. Rishan goes to talk to her. Mando says we shall talk alone. Mahi says Amla is the one who applied mehendi on my hand, and says she is sweet and mehendi is fab.

Mahi imagines Dev coming to the rape spot and covering her up, promising to make everything fine. She says Dev….Bhao asks did you remember how Mum used to style your hairs and apply oil which you don’t like. She says whenever you used to cry, Maa used to ask you not to cry. He says everything will be fine and asks her not to cry. Minister asks where is Rishan? Raunaq goes to call him. Mando shows the ring and tells that she found his son’s ring near the spot of rape and accuses her son for raping Amla. Raunaq hears her and is shocked.

Rishan says I know you people and says you don’t fear to use your daughters. Mando asks him to come to Police station and ask his son to get test done. Rishan asks her to get out. Mando says what will happen if I go out, and blackmails him to give ring to Police, and says they will arrest your Son for rape. Raunaq comes near them. Mando says I would have gone to Police if I wanted to trouble you. She says I came here to find the solution and blackmails him. She asks him to get his son married to Amla and says then matter will be solved. She says now you might be thinking what will happen to that girl Mahi. She asks Rishan not to think much and asks him to agree and writes Amla’s name striking Mahi’s name. She says I forgot that just engagement happened.

Rishan asks her to shut up. Raunaq asks her to leave and says what do you think that we will give you money. Mando says I will leave, but the day Amla takes your son’s name then he will not be spared. She asks him to have pasta, salad with his son and says don’t know if you get a chance again.

Rishan slaps Suveer. Raunaq tries to stop him. Evan is shocked. Mahi sees Rishan slapping Suveer and is shocked. Karuna asks Abeer to leave the house and go to Police station right now. Abeer cries and says no. Dev comes to meet Amla at the hospital.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fatmagul remake…exact copy

    1. anay bangalore

      it is an official remake of fatmagul. it as told before only

    2. Shaani

      Yes… I agree… But it gives a good msg… So in pov..this is also a good way to pass this good msg..

  2. Aarti32

    Dis cheap lady!! I jst can’t tolerate dis Mando??

    1. Shaani

      Yes I agree.. She is soo cheap… Thr r ppl like her in this real world also Aaru…

  3. Shaani

    Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka is an adaptation of much-popular Turkish drama Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?,
    According to it… Amla develop soft corner for abeer…
    Idk what will happen in this.. But most probably that will happen..
    For more details

  4. MA please update today’s epi asap.

  5. guys plse update 18th April’s episode. i have been waiting for it since this afternoon……

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