Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla tells Abeer that she will sign on the divorce papers and brings it. She is about to sign and asks him to give to lawyer. Abeer snatches the papers and says I won’t let you do this. He says you are not understanding what Evan is trying to do. He is creating misunderstandings between us, and says I know him really well. He is playing with our minds and you are letting him play. He says you don’t want to listen to me as you have decided that you don’t trust me. He says I don’t meet those guys, and don’t pick their call. He says when you went to Isha’s house, I held Evan responsible and beaten him, and that’s why he is taking revenge. He knows how you will react when he comes here, and says I am not lying and says when he came here, I dragged her to the side, so that you don’t need to see his face or hear his name. He says you can hate me much, but I won’t leave you in between those devils. I will not give you divorce also, do as you wants and says you don’t have right to kick me out and I will not go from here. Amla is teary eyes as she listens to him. Abeer goes.

Anisha is doing make up in her house, she finds Amla’s clothes in her house and recalls the happenings. She feels apologetic and thinks my life is dirty and because of me, your life was at stake. She feels bad to have given her pain. She goes to Amla’s house. Amla asks why did you come here, how dare you to come here, I came to know everything and I don’t want to talk to you. Anisha says I am sorry to have hidden my fact from you, what would I say that I am an escort. Amla says do you think I am upset because of that fact. She says you might be helpless to do that, but you have befriended me and hidden Dev’s truth from me. She says I know you are Dev’s…….She says that day Dev came, but you made some story. She says you have so many names and all are lie. She asks why did you come in my life to make me know that Dev is yours now. Anisha is teary eyes.

Anisha says it is not like this. She says I came to search you for Dev, and says but I didn’t tell him and befriended you for myself. She says I don’t want Dev to meet you or take revenge. She says Dev thinks that you have betrayed him and even I accepted it, but after meeting you, I have understood that you both are having misunderstanding. Amla doesn’t believe her and tells that you both are free to stay and says everyone keeps on blaming me. She asks her to go. Anisha sees Abeer while going. Amla sits down quietly. Abeer comes and sits beside her.

Later in the evening, Amla is studying and recalls seeing the card. She gets upset and thinks she shall study. Abeer sees her studying and smiles. He goes to kitchen and makes coffee for both of them. He brings coffee for her and sees her sleeping. He sits and drinks coffee seeing her. He thinks book is a thing which makes person sleepy. He takes book from her hand and covers blanket on her, switches off lights and goes. Amla wakes up and smiles. Next morning, Amla watches news about Suveer and Mahi’s wedding. She gets upset. She watches Mahi’s interview praising Suveer. Amla thinks I didn’t tell anything to Mahi that day and was standing like a stone, and thinks to go and inform Mahi.

She leaves the house Abeer doesn’t see her going. Amla runs on the road to meet Mahi. Abeer calls Amla and searches the house. Amla takes auto to go to the mall. Abeer searches for her. Mahi walks out of the mall with her designer. He watches news and thinks if Amla went to meet Mahi. Mahi gives interview and tells that he is the luckiest girl of the world. Abeer comes to the road and takes auto. He thinks where is she gone? Amla comes to the mall and gets down from auto. Before she could reach Mahi, Mahi sits in car surrounded by people. Amla calls Mahi.

Abeer comes back home and calls Amla. He asks where did she go? Amla is about to tell him.

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    1. Finally abeer made amla realise about abeer goodness..

    2. Abeer best dialogue- Jitni Gali Deni hai do, jitni nafart krni hai kro,  but main tmko unn darindo ke bich chod kr or na hi tmko divorce dunga.. or jo sochna hai sochho. Na tmko haq hai mujge nikalne ka or na hi main jaunga..????????????

    3. Aaj pheli baar amla abeer ki or dekh kr full on surprised ??????thi.. vo kya reaction de even she didn't know..

    4. Anisha you are thinking wrong, as I think what all happened in Anisha's house made Amla and Abeer came near with goodness.

    5. Amla said right, any escort do their work due to problems or pressure or even due to force but yes, they can also be made friends?????

    6. Though I know Dev is not at fault about amla and abeer marriage(as it was planned by viren and mando) but he is at fault for not believeing on his love and Amla. ????

    7. Abeer bichara jab tak coffee banna kr le kr gya Amla so gyi..?????? or coffee date bekar ho gyi.. ?????

    8. Abeer said right school books always make every student sleep(no Offence to any student) ???????????

    9. News wale bhi kam nhi hai, pain dene k liye amla ko..?????

    10. Finally Amla realised that she should have told truth to Mahi that day..??? but ab pachatye hoth kya jab chidya chug gyi khet..

    11. I doubt if Amla will meet Mahi or not?????

    12. Abeer got so worried and Amla will show arrogance to him… Amla ka behaviour samjg nahi aata..

  2. The show had so much potential even after modifying and adapting from the original(which I have not seen by the way) But the inconsistencies in characterizations are killing the show. There is a lot of confusion between how much to stick with authenticity and how much melodrama to bring in and the result is somewhat unfortunate. First they brought the inane dream sequence song and romance. It confused me so badly I still dont know what happened for real and what was dream and whose dream:( Then Amla got super angry again. Her character has been mishandled the most and God that hairstyle. But the actors are trying. Doing their best I guess. Rajveer is improving from his initial blank stares.Hoping for the best and wish the show well.

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Great Episode ?
    I am glad that the show has reached this stage finally, where Amla is aware of what she has to do … and with Abeer’s support ? love it !!! Cannot wait to see Suveer’s face when Amla crashes the Wedding ? (which I hope she does)


    Why there tooo much delay in update?? Show telecasted at 12.30 pm and till now there is not update..
    Please update it soon

  5. Zaina

    wow. finally amla heard him.

  6. Why it’s too late for next update
    I’m egarly waiting for next update

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