Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 13th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer tells Viren until when they will hide the truth. Viren is shocked and says I was so selfish. She says everything is changed and I will not judge anyone, and says I have insulted Suveer by doubting on him. He says always right and was not involved in the incident. She blames herself for doubting on her love due to a gossip. Viren says now everything is sorted out, accept and marry him. He asks Abeer what did he say to Mahi. Mahi says he told me that Amla has a heart break when Dev left him and since then he is taking care of her. Abeer says I told that Amla needs time to forget Dev and says he shouldn’t have married her. He says now nothing can be done, and says I want to see her happy and safe, don’t want to hear pind taunts. Viren says Malik have so many projects there, and people

do bad publicity, but we have to learn how to handle this. He asks Mahi that she shall not trust on news as her dad is a public figure. Mahi asks Viren not to tell Suveer that she came to meet Amla. Viren says I will not tell him and says she will leave. She thanks Abeer.

Viren asks Abeer to stop and says I need to ask you something. Karuna asks Amla why you are so stubborn. Amla says me? Karuna asks her to let others work who wants to help her. Amla says she is habitual to work. Karuna says I will treat your habit and makes medicine for her.

Abeer asks you are asking me and says you will not understand. He says if I had told Mahi everything, then would have told about others involved in rape, and how he hide the truth. He says I have hidden the truth and says injustice have happened to Amla and I don’t want to give her false hopes. Viren smiles. Dev sees Suveer going in a hurry and asks guard. Guard asks why do you want to know and asks him to do work. He comes to the reception and says he needs to give some papers urgently to Suveer and asks where is he? Receptionist gives him address.

Amla sits down. Mando taunts her. Karuna asks her to walk with support and says she will apply lep. Mando says nautanki is on and taunts them. Karuna asks can’t you see that her leg is swollen and says if you have gotten ¼ of her injury then you would have shouted and gathered everyone at your side. She says we know who is best in doing drama daily.

Suveer meets the client and they leave in car. He sees Dev and drives car fast. Dev follows him in auto. Suveer drops the client on the way and speeds up his car. Dev thinks he got saved even today. Abeer comes home and says Mahi reached here following Viren and you. He asks why did you go and meet him. Mando says we are staying here in small house. Abeer says we are hiding here from Dev and asks her to think he will kill whom first.

Evan is in his room. Suveer calls him and says Dev was following him today. He says Dev followed me like a ghost and says why don’t he follow you. Evan says may be he likes you and asks him to ask Mama why did he hire security. Suveer says he will tell Rishan and make him scold Mama badly.

Amla tells Karuna that she is feeling better now. Abeer comes home. Karuna asks Amla to sit like that and asks Abeer what he told to Mahi. Abeer says nothing. Karuna says she has the right to know the truth. Amla walks from there with difficulty. Abeer asks what happened? Karuna says Mando pushed her and says she troubles Amla a lot. Karuna asks Abeer why didn’t you tell her. Abeer says whatever he told was after a lot of thinking. He goes to Mando and asks her to listen. Mando says Dev will come here following Viren one day. Abeer asks did you raise hand on Amla and warns her not to do this again else nobody is bad than him. Mando looks on.

Some goons beats Dev badly in the restaurant. Abeer tells Amla that he is here for Mannu and her and asks her to tell him if she needs help.

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  1. abeer…. What are u man!! for saving one girl u are ready to ruin other girl who trusted you and believed what u told her…. wow round of applause such a horrible story..

    it’s just dragging day by day nothing more..


    i knew abeer will hide truth, but it was unexpected that he told whole truth wrong (i mean all wrong things).. i thought he would take all blame on himself but he denied involvement of anybody.. poor mahi, her life is going to ruin due to this lie.. ????????
    But I am happy to see karuna and abeer care towards amla????
    And for amla expressions change karo, hr baat ke liye ek hi expression ??????

  3. This serial is too slow. Fatmagul was way better

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    why is Abeer saving those scumbags ?? Mahi has done nothing to deserve this … maybe in a way he is right but in the long run he is doing more damage than good…
    Suveer is a coward and a criminal n Evan seems to be enjoying his life even tho he is also a criminal … foolish that goons were sent to beat up Dev this will only enrage him more …
    nice to see Abeer caring for Amla …

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