Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge- Shot 4

AdNi (FS) : Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge : Shot 4

Advay and chandni both forgets wer they are actually..
They both wants to freeze this moment..????

After few seconds advay came back to reality..

And he is surprised to see chandni lyk this..???

The girl who never stops her bhak bhak is now in silence..

She didn’t even speak a word.

He slowly calls chandni..


But she didn’t respond..

And now he joins with her to lost in their world..

While they are speaking with their eyes nani calls advay


Cheeku kahan hai tu

Advay hears nani
He asked chandni to get up.
But chandni still didn’t get back to the reality..

He gives his tedhi smile ☺☺and pinch her cheeks.

Chandni screams
C: ouch….advay wat s dis..its hurting??

A: sorry???..but u know wat i tried a lot to make u to come back.

C: kahan se??
A: from your dream world.
C: aisa kuch nahi..pehle aap uttiye
A: Ms.Chandni aap mere upar u have to get up first.??

Chandni stares him and tried to get up..but those hair didn’t made her to move..advay helped her by removing her hairs from her shirt..

Again nani calls advay

As soon as they heard the sound they gets up.

A: ji nani…i am coming…

He said to nani and asks chandni

Do you wanna say something???

Advay asked her

Though she wants to question advay, she didn’t ask…
She is still njoying his presence with her..but she didn’t show it..

C: woh…kuch nahi..

Advay thinks…..
Yeh zaroor kuch kehna chahti thi..

A: i got a job offer for you in a reputed hospital….but the place is mumbai..u have to go there…are you okay with dat??

C: kya mere jaane se aapko koi farak nahi hai??

A: excuse me??
C: ahhhh….kuch nahi

Chandni phone rings..
It is her sister shikha…
Chandni is so happy to see that..
C: excuse me…she said to advay and went from there

Advay thinks why she ask lyk dat??

And he went to nani’s room..

Chandni attends the call..
And now chandni begins her bhak bhak

Shikha how are you and how is meghu???
Do u know how much i miss you?
Just now you got a time to call me? Haan..this is bad shikha..u both forgot ur sis in a day??

S: di relax…thoda hum ko bhi chance dijiye na baath karne ki

M: haan di just relax

(Call puts in loudspeaker)

Chandni exhaled her breath

C: am sorry..voh kya hai na?? I missed u both so much

S: di hum bhi aap ko bohut miss kar rahe the

C: i knew it ..nd u know wat now i am in a safe place..u both don’t worry about me..nd i got a job too…i will be joining in few days.

S: we knew it..and after seeing wat he did, we have full belief on him that he will keep you in the place wer u will be safe.

C: shikha, tum dono kis ke baath kar rahe hai??

M: wahi di…dat dashing young man who came here…and his name is…aaannn…naam….Haan got it.. Advay Singh Raizada…???

C: Advay…he came there??
(She thinks to herself he didn’t say this too)

S: haan..he came wid a police…to arrest maa and bl***y idiot..

M: di, after u went everyone asked us about you..somehow we managed by saying we don’t know…and maa started to search you with the help of police…and wen we are in the middle of this tension advay came..he said dat he filed a complain against maa and that idiot for forcing you to do this engagement..and police took them both to police station..

After hearing all these chandni’s feelings towards advay increased….

S: di are u der??

C: haan..shikha..m here..

M: vaise di…aap apna dashing boy friend ke baare humse kyun chupaya??

C: Dashing Boyfriend?? Woh koun hai??

M: Mr.Advay Singh Raizada..shikha kitna hot lagta tha na woh..☺☺?????????

Meghu got mad in advay’s hotness

C: woh mere boyfriend thodi na hai..i just met him in the morning..voh bhi humare ghar pe..he helped me to escape from there..that’s it…aur koi relationship nahi hai humare beech mein.

M: oh..toh tk…if you both are not committed..then i will commit myself with him..and then he will be your brother

Shikha stares at her..

C: shut up…no one is going to get commit with him..and he couldn’t be my brother

M: did you heard?? (Meghu asks shikha)..di ko gussa aarahe hai..definitely something is there between them…

Chandni realizes wat she said

C: woh..woh..

S: woh..woh..kya di..agar kuch baath hai..toh batha dena..

C: aisa kuch nahi..pehle cut the call..i will talk to you later..

M: kyun di?? Are you blushing or Is jiju calling you??

C: idiots, i am disconnecting the call..

Meghu and shikha smiles on chandni’s madness

Chandni thinks

why would i said lyk..he couldn’t be my brother..
why i am enjoying being with him..
Why i am feeling safe with him..
And why i came in his dream..

Is there anything god wants to say..

Chandni’s mindvoice says

If you are enjoying being with him means you fell in love with him

C: but how could fell in love wid a guy whom i met just in the morning..

C’s mindvoice: you were with him till now..he helped you in everything..and you couldn’t find any fault on him..he just want her girl to be happy..Y can’t you love him

C: haan…he doing all these to make me happy..but still how could i believe him…agar yeh bhi uss idiot ki jaise mujhse behave karte hai toh..

C’s mindvoice: don’t compare advay with him

Chandni agrees with her mindvoice.

In nani’s room

A: nani did you take ur medicines??
N: haan beta mein ne khaa liya apni medicines ko.
P: advay wer have u gone??
A: woh..i went to Mrs.Vashist house
P: you mean chandni’s house

Advay nodded his head and said everything wat he done there and also about the job.

N : done very good job..u have now saved chandni permanently from them..?

Advay smiles slightly and said

I want her to be happy always..☺☺☺

N: beta, why do u get a job for her in mumbai??

A: nani..i got this job from my friends hospital…and now it will be her go there or not

N: mein baath karungi chandni se..tu bas yahan kahi pe doondlo chandni ko job

Advay nodded his head

P: okay advay…wen u r going to say ur love??

A: don’t know di..but i think she started to have some feeling on me???

P: haayee….hw did you know..tum dono ke beech mein kuch hua hai kya??????

After hearing this he thinks about their eyelock and blushed???

P: dekha nani..aap ke cheeku blush kar raha hai..???

A: di..

While they speaking adi comes there to take his CM with him

Adi: CM, wer were you?? I was seraching u in all the places..ab mere saath aayiye na??

He asked with childish angry

A: relax baba.. i gone out to attend a meeting..i will come with you now.

P: par wer r u going adi.

Adi: i want CM to prepare my fav gulab jamun..

Adi’s fav gulab jamun will always done by advay..and advay is expert in making jamuns..Advay didn’t know to cook but he learn to make gulab jamun for two reasons

1. Advay ate gulab jamun with chandni once in his dreams..

So he learned to make that..

2. Adi loved his CM gulab jamun.

P : but ab kyun??
Adi: will always get please don’t stop us from eating..

They all smiled at adi’s reply..

P: could eat ur fav gulab jamun..ur will mama will make it .and now u come nd do ur homework

Adi: mumma..i will help for CM

P: adi i know about you

She said by twirling his ears

Adi: sorry i will come with you

Everyone smiled on him

Advay comes near adi and kneeled down

A: oye my super hero..i will prepare ur fav jamun..

Adi kissed him in his cheeks

Adi: thank you so much CM

advay kissed him back

In kitchen

Advay is preparing jamun..
Chandni comes there with murli..
As advay is busy in preparing jamun he didn’t see them

Chandni tapped her leg on the floor which makes advay to turn.

A: what?? Kuch chahiye??

He asked

Before she speaks

A: aahnn…chandni i forgot to say something..

She thought he is going to say about the dream

A: i just bought some clothes for you as you didn’t brought any dresses with you..

he turned to murli and said

Everything is in car..take everything and keep in her room..

C: one min advay..i would lyk to wear those dresses which is in ur about that …dats for me ryt??

Advay is shocked to hear that and he looks on murli.

Murli made his head down..and advay understood

Advay asks murli to go and he says

A: chandni listen..aisa kuch nahi

C: kuch nahi??? I knew everything..murli bhaiya sab kuch keh diya

So there is no way..advay surrenders

A: yes chandni, i saw u in my dreams..i was searching u in all the places..i couldn’t find you..but atlast i find u in ur engagement…after seeing you getting engaged with someone else i decided forget you…but after that god made me to meet u again in a different situation which makes me to continue my love for you..

C: So u are accepting ur wrong?

A: excuse me?? Iss mein galti kya hai..

C: you hide all these from me

A: yes i agree…but that is not wrong …i was just expecting good situation to tell you

Advay said with his smirk and come little close towards chandni..When he came close chandni feels that strange feeling again which gives her happiness but still she stepped back..

C: advay..don’t come close…peeche jaayiye

Advay smiles by hearing her and went little bit close

Which makes chandni to pin in the wall..advay kept his one hand in the wall and took his other hand towards her cheeks..he hold her cheeks and said

A: chandni, I love you??…i just want ur eyes to mesmerise me for my whole life…i just want you to give every happiness which you want..

While advay confesses his feeling..chandni just stopped on those three words I Love You???

Though she already knew advay is loving her but wen she hears from him and lyk this…she enjoyed his presence even more…she could see his pure love on his eyes… she wants to hug him ryt now

Advay finishes his confession by again saying I LOVE YOU???

Chandni smiles at him.
He took her smile as her answer..

They had an eyelock..???
So advay comes more closer to chandni..and he is about to kiss her..chandni too comes closer…they both broke their eyelock by closing their eyes

but her childish behaviour gives her a naughty idea..
She decided to act lyk she don’t lyk him..

Chandni made herself free from advay and turns back

A: kya hua??
C: no advay..this won’t work..i am leaving this house..

She said by smiling

A: but why…and chandni you can’t go away from me

Chandni gets irritated on his confidence
C: i can..
A: you……

Before advay says…
nani comes there by calling chandni

They both moved back

N: chandni tu yahan hai na beta..
C: haan nani..mein yahan hu
N: chandni beta, advay said that he got a job for you in mumbai..
C: haan nani..he said to me too
N: mein chahthi hu ki tu vahan mat jaavo..i will ask advay to search a job for you here..because i want you to be with me..this is your nani’s request…will you be with me here beta??

Chandni smiles on her request and said

Before chandni answers advay said

A: nani, how could she go by leaving her loved ones
N: beta..will you be here??

C: ji nani..i will always be with you

Nani kissed on chandni’s forehead and she went to her room..

Now advay comes near chandni..

I said na….you can’t go

C: dekho Mr. Ajeeb Singh Raizada……

Before she scolds advay filled her mouth with gulab jamun.

She couldn’t speak

advay pinches her cheeks and said

with his smirk

he went from there


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