Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge- Shot 1

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Shot 1

AdNi (FS) : Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge

In Advay Singh Raizada Mansion

Beautiful mandap is shown.
Brides are interchanging their floral garlands.
Both of them seems to be very happy.
Their happiness is clearly visible in their eyes.
And now groom wears mangalsutra in bride’s neck.
Bride’s eyes filled with tears.
Now pandit asked them to take pheras.
Groom stood first and showed his hands towards the bride…She is about to pick his hands…

Murali : Bhaiya Bhaiya utiye na U have to attend the party of your business partner today.
Come on bhaiya wake up fast…

Murali said by adjusting the windows curtain which made sun rays to fall in advay’s face

Advay woke up by rubbing his eyes..

Advay : what have you done murali…I was about to take pheras???

Murali : kya??..but bhaiya aap toh yahan so rahe the

Advay: haan haann..i was saying about my dream

Advay opened the cupboard and took his towel..Murali stopped him and said by laughing

M: bhaiya i was asking you to search your dreamgirl in the reality..but u are marrying her in ur dream..uff oh

A: murali i will marry her in reality too..and i am sure u will get ur bhabi soon..??

M: acchha tk..i will wait for my bhabi..but for now get ready soon..we have to go for the Mrs.Vashist daughter’s engagement party.

A: haan haan yaad hai mujhe..

Advay said and went to take bath

After sometyms in the living area

Nani: murali kahan hai cheeku?

Murali: nani, bhaiya is getting ready..he will be here in …

Before murali finishes advay came and took nani’s blessings

N: kush raho beta..aur haan..find ur dreamgirl atleast in this party

A: nani, mein bhi har jahan pe doond raha hu usse..lekin voh mili nahi rahi…i will try to find her soon

N: haan haan par jaldi se doondo beta..

Advay smiles at hearing nani’s word☺☺☺

A: ji nani.

Advay and murali bids goodbye to nani.


In Yash Narayan Vashist’s house

Advay and murali enter the house.
Function was already got started.
Many guests were there. Mrs.vashist noticed advay..and went towards him to receive.

Mrs.Vashist: welcome advay, thanks for coming.

Advay : oh dats my pleasure to attend your family party.

After welcoming Advay they both started to discuss about their business

Pandit came and asked

Pandit: indrani ji..kya shuru karu mein??

I: haan pandit ji, aap shuru kar dijiye..excuse me advay

A: sure mrs.vashist you carry on

Advay and murali get seated themselves…Murali get lost in the beautiful decoration of this house.. Advay knew the groom already as he is too a businessman.. while advay tried to see the bride’s face,but he couldn’t see as everyone is around her..

Pandit started the rituals and everyone stepped back..

And now everyone could see the bride and groom.

Brides are changing their rings..Everyone clapped shouted in a joy..

Mrs. Vashist comes front and said

Here my daughter engagement ceremony went very well and thank for everyone who came here and please enjoy the party till the end..thank you

Everyone in the party seems to be happy except one person..And that person is Advay.

Advay’s eyes went wide after seeing the bride..yes she is the one who came in advay’s dream

The girl is none other than our elegant chandni yash narayan vashisht. Chandni looks more adorable in her attire..Advay couldn’t stop himself on seeing her.Actually he is in a confusion what’s all this..if she is going to be someone else wife den why should she comes in advay’s dream..

while advay lost in his thoughts, murali shook him

M: bhaiya ..bhaiya..kahan kho gaye the aap??

Advay turned with his reddish tear eyes..

M: kya hua bhaiya?? Aap ro kyun rahe??

A: murali mujhe meri dream girl milgayi??

M: bhaiya yeh toh khush baath hai..itni sad se kyun bol rahe aap..aur where is my bhabi??

Advay point his finger towards chandni

M: bhaiya woh Mrs.vashist ki beti..agar yeh aapke dream mein aathe toh bagwan aap donon ko shaadi karna chahthe hai

A: no murali..she is going to be someone’s else wife ..yeh sab sirf sapna hai..koi matlab nahi..

M: bhaiya par…

Advay stops him

A: let’s move murali.. i am not feeling well.

M: tk bhaiya..i will go and start the car.

Advay walked slowly with his teary eyes..he is still in confusion why did chandni came in his every dream..and in his every dream he felt more happy with chandni..he is so worried.

Someone stops advay

Someone: hi advay..i am prakash..did you remember we met in that infotech meeting??

A: haan prakash, oh actually..

Advay couldn’t concentrate on anything properly..

A: sorry i should leave now..excuse me..

Dat man gave a puzzled look on advay’s behaviour

Murali started the car and waits for advay’s arrival

Advay is about to leave vashisht house but he stopped by hearing a one girl’s voice


Advay saw a girl who is trying to jump through the window..

Advay: hey ladki…stop!!!

That girl turned by hearing advay’s voice..
She adjusted her hair which is continously falling in her face..

And she is none other than chandni..she is trying to run from this place.

After seeing advay, chandni said

C: sorry sir, i have to go now..bye

Again advay got shocked..???

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