Kya Hua Tera Vaada? A Nairan Fanfiction ~ Chapter 5

Naina’s POV
After everything that had happened yesterday, I needed some rest so I took the day off. I tied my hair into a bun and was going to go down for breakfast when I heard the doorbell ring. Jiju and Di had gone to drop Meher, Muskaan and Pankti to school. I opened the door to find Khyati at the door with Jiju and Di. I was quite suprised and wondered if Khyati knew about everything that happened the day before. I quickly gave Khyati a hug. Di and Jiju started explaining why Khyati was here.

Di started, “Cheeku, actually Kunal and I needed to go on a business trip and you can’t come because of your work so we thought Khyati should stay with you!”

I nodded, “Sure! Pankti will stay with me and Muskaan will leave with you as usual, right?”

Jiju nodded. I showed Khyati her room and quickly ate my breakfast. Di and Jiju left at seven pm and Khyati, Pankti and I were alone at home.

We watched Kal Ho Na Ho and cried the entire time especially when Aman died! ? It reminded me of my story, a painful, incomplete love story! The only difference was that Aman had been selfless and had wanted to leave love behind for his Naina while Karan had left behind wounds which would never heal!

Our names were the same but destiny was different! Finally, we decided to go to sleep. Pankti slept with me in my room because Di and Jiju weren’t there and Khyati slept in another room.

I was sleeping and saw a dream. I dreamt about the worst time in my life! The time when I lost her! (I know that normally you don’t show a flashback when you’re dreaming but it was necessary here.)
Naina: “Doctor, what happened? Why am I here?”

Doctor: “I’m sorry Mrs. Chauhan! I couldn’t save her!”

Naina felt the weight of the entire world on her shoulders.. She started crying.

Doctor: “Mrs Chauhan, please! Control yourself or you’ll…!”

Naina: “This is all because of you, Karan! All because of you!”
~~~~~~~~~~Flashback ends~~~~~~~~~~
Pankti’s POV
Naina Maasi seemed to be seing a horrible and painful dream. She was kicking and crying inconsolably. I quickly woke up and tried to wake her up. I even sprinkled water on her but she didn’t wake up. She seemed to be in a lot of pain and I was heartbroken. I couldn’t see her in pain so I decided to call Khyati Bua from her room. Khyati Bua came and checked Maasi and called someone called Karan whom I didn’t recognize. (Only Muskaan and Meher were at home when Karan came, Pankti wasn’t there.) When this Karan arrived, Khyati Bua tried to convince me to leave the both of them alone, I was quite apprehensive about leaving Naina Maasi in this state with a stranger but finally agreed.

Karan’s POV
I rushed to Naina’s house when Khyati called. When I entered Naina’s room, the sight I saw was undescribable. Naina was on the bed, sleeping and she was kicking and crying. She seemed to be seeing a very painful dream because the agony reflected on her face.

I reached out to her and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. She didn’t stop crying but calmed down a bit under my touch. I stroked her back and caressed her hair while rocking her. I didn’t know what dream she was seeing but I knew that I couldn’t bear to see her like this. I had not trusted her but she was my life! And I couldn’t see my life in so much pain!

She was crying in my embrace and murmuring, “Doctor Abha! Doctor! Please save her! She’s my life! I don’t want to lose her! Please!”

I didn’t understand what she was talking about so I did the only thing which came to my mind. I kissed her forehead and murmured in her ears, “Please don’t cry! I’m with you, always!”

She stopped crying in around ten minutes so I tucked her into bed and got up to leave when she held my hand in her sleep, “Don’t leave, Karan! Not again!”

I felt so bad after listening to her! She was going through all of this because of me! I made a mental note to find out what she was hiding and tried to remove my hand but her grip on me was tight. Finally, I gave up and lied down on the floor as I knew she wouldn’t be comfortable if I slept on the bed.



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