Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th May 2013 Written Update

helloz everyone…

so bulbul in a rudra avataar & we all r loving it…so heres continuing d saga…

bulbul slips and vihaan catches hold of her…dey share an awkward moment and bulbul notics anika on d door. she slides her hand on vihaan’s shoulders and tells him not to romance her early in d morning with d door open lest his wife sees dem. she den goes off leaving anika angered

jatin goes to polce station and finds out dat d dead body hasnt been claimed and its age is more dan 45yrs old…jatin thinks back to the time he shouted at vihaan and regrets it. rano all angry but jatin tells her dat dey shud b careful while dealing wth anushka (finally sum1 with common sense ).

bulbul in kitchen cooking and anika comes in to display her culinary skills. but fails miserably. she calls her mom who tells her to act to cook. anushka den gets cooked food and slips it 2 anika behind bulbul’s back. anika is about to take d food to d table wen bulbul stops her and removes d receipt of d food from d tray and tears it. she says dat despite lying and scheming are in her blood yet she is poor in it. anika serves vihaan who refuses her. but eats watever bulbul gives on his plate.bulbul insists dat he taste watever her elder sister has cooked. vihaans dad leaves for office and tells vihaan’s grandmom dat let vihaan take care of his wives only …grandmom asks bulbul to serve her and tells vihaan to give her d shagun…

vihaan eats d food by anika and coughs…bulbul runs and stops him from eating it …vihaan keeps d shagun(money) on d table and bulbul walks off. anika starts he rrant about her being d bahu of d house and vihaan calls a servant & tells him to distribute her cooked food among d servants …

mona going to d temple and rajbeer tells he too will go with her and assures her dat dey will face dese tough times together. her neighbours talk about how mona has been busy with her own love life and dats why bulbul is in dis situation. mona lectures her neighbours (more dan pradeep…mona or anushka…her neighbours r paid in khtv…always have dialogs in every 2nd episode ).

bulbul restless in her room and wonders what & why she is doing all dis. she decides to go to d temple to feel better.

jatin comes to vihaan’s home shouting and says dat he will never see him. jatin goes up to pack his stuff.

rajbeer-mona and bulbul in same temple…

vihaan follows jatin and apologizes. jatin closes d door and sayd dat he has come to apologize. jatin tells him wat dey came to know in d police station. jatin thanks vihaan again. vihaan says dat bulbul can still move ahead with life but rano means everything to his bulbul
jatin assures him dat he is with him.

Precap: d usual mona-anushka debates on whose daughter is more virtuous…any1 interested?

Update Credit to: sen_madhuban

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