Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th April 2013 Written Update

epi starts wid holi party. mona cums 2 jatin & thanx him 4 calling rano even after wat happened btn them ystrday nite. jatin says he’d done this 4 the frndship. anu sees them 2gether & get jealous.waiter cums wid bhanng drink &anu drinks & asks 2 bring sum more. While drinking she thot of putting “kaala tikka” 2 both of them & thinks who”ll save them from her “evil eye”.BB was arranging sum colors on the plate bending on it.her kurta’s zip was opend from the back.ppl were staring @ her back. vihaan sees it & was angry . he went & opens BB’s hair & says that open hair suits u more. BB gets angry & scolded him that he shud not cross the limits as shes not that type of gal & won’t tolerate his “badtameezi” & hes not her frnd .and she knows hes her boss but thats in ofc. she doesn’t trusts him as he’d lied 2 her & cheated her.and never touch her.vihaan says he only wants 2 help her.BB angrily says why hes so worried?? And she asks him that he wants 2 bcum her frnd but he doesn’t deserve 2 b her frnd as hes sick.vihaan got angry & asks he r 2 shut up & says wat cheating has he done. & he wanted 2 tell her abt him bcuming CEO but she was the one who didn’t want 2 talk 2 him but he left voice mail on her phone.BB is surprised hearing all this. Vihaan keeps on saying that she doesn’t want 2 listen the truth as she’d closed herr eyes. And he’d also got cheated but he controlled himslef bcoz of her simplicity & thot of doing sumthing +ve but he didn’t know from whom hes trying 2 learn she herself is ‘ve & 4 her every1 is a cheater 4 her. And he says he gave her 1 month notice so that she can understand him but she doesn’t want 2 understand him & he can’t take it any more & doesn’t want 2 b in her life & says gudbye 2 her. Vihaan goes & BB shocked & also felt bad.

Jatin cuming down the stairs & anu came there drunk. Jatin says 2 call sum1else but anu held his hand & says shes not feeling gud. Jatin says 2 take her 2 the room & takes her 2 the room. Anu sits on the bed & says her head is spinning & shes not feeling gud. Can she get water like lemonade?& then she asks jatin 4 his phone so that she can msg driver 2 pick her up. Jatin gave her his phone & goes away 2 bring the lemonade. Anu gives evil smile.

In the hall BB was tying her hair again & mona cums & tells her that her zip is open & how shes standing here like that. BB rembrs vihaan’s opening her hair.mona asks her if she’d seen jatin.BB is shocked . mona asks her wat happened but she cudn’t say anything. BB told mona that she’d again misunderstood vihaan as he came 2 help her as he wud’d seen her open zip & he’d opend her hair & she’d scolded him so much. Mona asks her why shes not trusting any1.BB says he’d cheated her as he was owwner of the co. But didn’t tell her abt it & shes not able 2 trust him. Mona says if she ever asks the reason abt it.BB denies . mona says anu has snatched rano & RB from her but every1 is cheating her has ingrained by anu in her (BB) mind yrs. ago. She asks her 2 overcum her fear.mona priases vihaan saying hes not like anu & he cares so much 4 her.

Anu sends a msg 2 mona 4 meeing from jatin’s phone.mona asks BB if shes understanding wat shes saying & tells her abt meeting jatin bcoz mona saw the mag which anu’d sent from jatin’s phone.mona goes.BB luking 4 vihaan.anu took roses from the vase & spreads their petals on the bed & switch off the light & sits on the bed. Jatin cums wid lemonade & gets shocked seeing all this.while mona is cuming 2the room.jatin is still shockingly luking @ all this. Anu was trying 2 take lemonade from his hand & saw mona & hugs him & mona sees it.jatin trying 2 shake her off but cudn’t & he also sees mona. Mona goes & jatin tried 2 stop her. Anu gave evil smile & think mona saw all this wid her own eyes so now wats left 2 hear. jatin again tries 2 stops mona & says 2 anushka that she has filth in her mind & went away after mona & tells her 2 listen him. mona doesn’t listen & says she can’t trust him now bcoz she has seen all wid her own eyes. And she was asking BB 2 trust ppl but shes also getting betrayed even after trusting ppl.she always trusts ppl but gets betrayed every time & only diff. is that names & ppl gets changed. 1st anu’d snatched her husband & then God but still she sumhow composed herself & raised her children & gave them gud educn. Then he acme & helped her but now he has also 4got her.and why every1 gets anu’s colour on them??and she doesn’t want hav any relatiobship wid him now.

Jatin says which relationship she wants 2 break as she’d already done this last nite. And why she felt bad wen she saw him wid anu as their relationship is over?? She felt bad wen she saw her husband wid anu & its can b understandable but why she felt bad 2day??and she wanted 2 marry him 4 her children & also broke it 4 them only.but 2day hes happy 2 see that she can feel her own pain also.he’d seen her all forms mother, gud daughter, gud wife & gud business woman but not as individual. And 2day he saw mona who felt bad seeing him wid anu & the realtion she broke mite not b of luv but was above frndship which was odd in world’s eyes but close 2 the heart.and 2day he can see the truth of their relationship. Mona doesn’t want 2 recognise & jatin asks her 2 say this while luking in his eyes bcoz he knows she can’t lie & he also doesn’t lie.and 4 him the relation is above frndship.jatin held mona’s hand & took her 2 the front where plate of colours is kept.all r luking, mona’s mom, her FIL, BB,rano,RB, vihaan & oder ppl. Anu also cums & shocked.Jatin says mona’d said he’d sum1s colour on him but theres one colour in this world in which all colours get mixed &once it gets on, never wears off. He took red colour & put on mona’s forehead. All family members r watching it & shocked.

Precap- theres fire in the restuarant & mona is running here & there & searching & calling every1 but no1 is there.

Update Credit to: tiny15

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