Kya Hua Tera Vaada 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 4th April 2013 Written Update

owing 2 my ever expanding popularity…i have been asked 2 torture u all with mu updates twice a week……no need of standing ovation guys…its cool……

holi morning mona making delicious food for ungrateful rajbeer…whu comes in saying dat he can arrange for his food himself. bulbul joins in but rajbeer becomes progressively careless with his mom’s emotions. mona is about 2 reveal dat she & jatin broke up. but her FIL tells dat she shudnt loose in ffront of her spoilt kids’ wish.

anushka receives holi invitation from jatin & accepts it to prove dat she isnt scared of mona.

mona calls all guards in d scoiety & gives all delicacies made for rajbeer 2 dere children …
mona goes to rest & rajbeer feels guilty.

rano informs anushka dat mona jatin had a fight & mona returned jatin’s ring. anushka decides 2 take rano 2 jatin’s holi party.

anika rano face off…about middle class wannabe…rano tells dat anika looks like a comedian dog..
anika complains 2 anushka…& she says dat she doesnt want her 2 come with her 2 jatin’s party as vihaan wud b dere. anika super pissed

bell rings…& lo behold…comes in vihaan dressed in white kurta……looking soo very delicious……
he jeers off bulbul who opens d door covered with flour (she was cleaning d kitchen) & vihaan helps her brush off some of it …..
he comes in & is all very lovey dovey with bulbul’s family……just like uncle…eh??… vadhu ko bhi pata lo…

vihaan convinces everyone including rajbeer 2 come for jatin’s party. mona tells bulbul to do mehmaan nawazi for vihaan…..maa ho to aisi….vihaan happily eating as bulbul cooks……bulbul refuses to go & vihaan tells her 2 call jatin sir herself. bulbul grudgingly goes off 2 get ready.

anushka comes in with rano rajbeer…seething with jealosy on d prospect of mona landing up richer dan her.
jatin welcomes all of dem…rano rajbeer behave superr rude …& anushka is all flirty…

vihaan driving car with one eye on d rear view mirror staring at bulbul. he starts praising cheeks…face…& clothes…& turns d table by directing d compliments at d last moment towards mona & dadi…..he wonders why 3rd gen (bulbul) is not as good looking as dem …bulbul all huffed up.

as everyone reaches d party…bulbul is unable 2 open d car door. vihaan peers in from d window tells dat he has put a child lock in it for d cute kid…whose cheeks are all puffed up in irritation…& whu throws cute tantrums. …finally he opens d door & as bulbul climbs out dey have a tum ho sequence …& her dupatta flies on his face

mona thanks jatin for having her entire family here. anushka takes pic with rano rajbeer & tells dat dey r a family.

Precap: mona all upset about anushka takes away watever is dear to her…her husband…her kids…& now him……& jatin puts ek chutki sindoor ramesh babu….

Update Credit to: sen_madhuban

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