Kya Hua Tera Vaada 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

All are rushing injured person into the ambulance..! Bulbul is screaming.. Vihaan…! She runs helter skelter.. n spots Vihaans watch..! She recollects how Jatin had gifted Vihaan a watch when he became CEO ..! Jatin says..the watch was his dads gift to him.. when he completed MBA.. telling him.. ‘Apna Waqt hamesha apne hath me rakho’! Vihaan promised to carry on the legacy..! Vihaan had showed the watch to Bulbul n she had said ..the watch is nice but on wrong hands..! Bulbul overhears someone say that some 25 year old guys son.. passed away..! She runs..towards the ambulance.!

Mona asks Rajbeer where he was and that she was worried for him..! Rajbeer asks sarcastically really? Mona talks of Chintus mom saying Rajbeer hit Chintu..! She asks him where he had gone? Rajbeer says he had gone to Anus home..! He says Anu put band aid on him..! Mona is shocked..! Jatin watches sadly..! Rajbeer says that he had come home.. n here he overheard how plans were being made to send him to prison… by her n he din wanna stay back n so went to Rano..! Mona asks him if he thinks she is his enemy? Rajbeer says.. yes.. seems so.. she has become everyones enemy..! Rajbeer says he is scared of her.. n says that Rano is right.. since Jatin has come..Mona has changed.. n doesnt care about him ..! Rajbeer rues that she believed that he fought but din think why he fought? He fought for her.. coz they were talking crap about Mona..he culdn bear! Jatin tries to explain to Rajbeer.. that Mona loves them all..n he should not talk to her like this..! Rajbeer says.. PLEASE .. who are u to tell how to talk to his own mom! Mona chides Rajbeer n recounts Jatins favour..! Rajbeer says.. that doesnt mean he ask for repayment this way? He tells Mona that he will stay in this house but like a stranger to her n everyone else..!

Bulbul keeps screaming Vihaan n falls on the ground n spots Vihaan..! He asks her what she is doing here? Bulbul asks Vihaan how is he? She starts to fight with him…for coming there without informing.. n not calling.. ! She shouts on him…n tells him to shut up..n use his brains …! Vihaan asks her to calm down n assures that he is ok…and that he informed Jatin…n din realise he needed to inform someone else..! Bulbul says..why not? He should inform Jogi too..! Vihaan smirks n says..really? Right then Jogi comes with camera n asks Bulbul what she is doing here? Vihaan says.. Jogi was with him..! Vihaan asks Bulbul why she couldnt tell him that she was worried for him?? Bulbul says she wasnt.. ! Vihaan asks then for whom did she get so worked up? Bulbul says.. if all talk is done..they better help people..!

Anu tells Rano that she knows that she is worried about Rajbeer.. but she wont let anything happen to Rajbeer..! Rano hugs Anu n says.. love u..n hugs her! Anika comes n asks Anu to come with she has something important to talk to her..n asks why Anu is encouraging Rano? She doesnt deserve! Anu chides Anika ..n says she will talk to her tomorrow..! Anu looks at Mona n Ranos pic.. n asks her to call Mona n explain Rajbeers situation..! Anu says.. dun need her anymore..! Anu self thought.. everythings fair in love n war..!

Part 2

Mona rues that her daughter has left her home.. her son doesnt wanna talk to her.. the kids who used to be with her all the time..have deserted her.. how did this all happen?? She says..she thought for her kids good n now ends up hurting them! She says she cant do this.. ! She says Anu wants to hurt her.. fine.. but she wants her kid.. she cant live without them..! Mona removes the engagement ring n tells Jatin.. she cant go thru with the marriage..! Jatin takes the ring from Mona and says.. her happiness was n is the most important for him..! He says.. same way her wishes are most important for him.. so she can keep or remove anyone she wants..!! Alok overhears..!

Part 3

Alok asks Jatin how long will he keep listening to what Mona says? Mona returned the ring n he took it back? Alok says Jatin had promised that he will give Mona so much happiness that she will forget all her pain! Jatin says he remembers but if Mona is happy then.. ! Alok says.. how can Mona be happy.. in this loneliness? Why cant he see that Jatins faith gave Mona confidence n strength..! Alok says.. whatever Mona said.. is out of doubt.. how can his love fall weak in front of Monas doubt? Alok rues.. he had promised to give Mona all happiness then

Precap — Jatin pulls Mona to the centre of the holi celebrations n puts sindoor on her forehead..! Anu n Rano watch shocked..! Mona is shocked too..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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