Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th May 2013 Written Update

epi starts jatin goes wid rano @ sum apartment . jatin asks rano is this the same place where he lives. rano tells that they came here once or twice 2 pick up sumthing.jatin asks a neighbour abt rohan. He tells that rohan is not here from past 1 week & his landlord also came asking him. He mite’dn’t pay his rent. Jatin asks the address of rohan’s LL.neighbour tells jatin 2 ask from building’s secertary.

BB, mona,daadi & anika @ b’fast table. vihaan cums & anika is trying 2 impress vihaan & asks him 4 parantha. Vihaan didn’t answer her.mona said 2 vihaan that is that ur manners that u r not responding 2 ur wife’s quesn bcoz ur daadi doesn’t luk like this( OMG mona’s mahanta raag again widout understanding situtns). Vihaan tells anika that he doesn’t need paranthas. Daadi praises mona 4 not siding wrong done by BB( where r these ladies brains??)

Suddenly vihaan injured his hand & BB stands up & want 2 go 2 him but mona stops her & asks anika 2 go 2 vihaan 2 put medicine. Anika goes but vihaan didn’t want medicine from anika.BB sees this & she burns her hand by pouring hot tea on it & goes away. all shocked( i liked BB’s approach).

Jatin & rano goes 2 secretary & asks abt rohan that hes living for tell us if u know anything strange abt him . Secretary says we’d told everything like his name ,add, phone no. etc 2 u & his rent always came on time so we never asked anything else. Jatin asks if sum1 is criminal then u won’t also enquire abt him. Sceretary says if hes a cop so that he shud tell anything more.jatin gets angry but rano puts hand on his shoulder & pleads secertary 2 tell abt his whereabts. Secretary told that he’d an aunt on whose recommendation he gave him home & she was the one who paid the rent & she was a stylish lady. Rano asks if her name is anushka sarkar. Secretary checks the file & says yes.

Jatin & rano cums out & jatin was shocked 2 know that anushka is planning all this from one yr.mona @ home pacing. Rano & jatin cums & rano asks 2 listen her 4 once & tells her she’d got a proof against anushka.mona again not listened( wat a dumb woman). Rano again pleads & said she’d got proof against anushka & she was planning this from 1yr. & knew rohan, and she brought rohan in rano’s life in such a way that rano fell 4 him.and rohan frightened her & blackmailed her & anushka pretended 2 support her & won rano’s trust so as she can defeat mona thru her family.jatin was quiet while all this.rano again says anu planned murder, broke BB’s marriage & vihaan didn’t’ve any fault & he married anika 2 save her.moan got shocked(mona’s face was worth watching). Rano told mona that anu wants 2 break mona’s strength & asks her now after knowing everything she still wants BB 2 4get everything & wants anika 2 live wid vihaan.and mona shud listen 2 BB. & show mona rohan’s file.

Mona sees rohan’s photo & rembrs her convo wid him @ travel agent’s ofc. Mona is shocked & asks rano that if hes rohan. Rano says yes. Mona then tells that she’d seen him @ travel agent’s ofc 4 ticket 2 amritsar. & it means hes alive.and she again did the same mistake & she didn’t trust rano while all were trying 2 ask her 2 trust. Jatin asks her 2 4get everything but now she’d 2 give statement in police station so that rano is saved. Rano asaks mona not 2 feel guilty as she didn’t mind it. rano also wants 2 go wid them but mona asks he r 2 stay wid BB as she’d burnt her hand. Rano got worried but mona says its not v.serious & take care of BB & goes away wid jatin.

@police station mona tells abt rohan @ railway station as its his train’s time 2 depart. Jatin wants 2 cum but cops refuses & says they don’t want 2 take any risk & he mite’d sum weapon also.cop goes .

In the hall BB is standing far away from vihaan & wants 2 put medicine but she stops herself. Both BB & vihaan r sad. Anika cums & taunts that both of u do anything u want as mona is not here. BB says that anika may’ve not the manners 2 listen her parents but she has and she respects her mother a lot & she knew that wat mona is doing will b 4 her gud. And she agrees that she mite’d cum against mona’s wishes as she luvs vihaan a lot but it doesn’t mean she doesnt luv her mom.and she’d promised that she”ll get vihaan back & she again promises that she do it wid her mom’s agreement & blessings(OMG while all this anika’s face was also worth watching) & she won’t give any more pain 2 mona. And she came here 2 give pain 2 anika & she knew her limits.and her mom is not like anika’s mom so thatswhy she & anika r also not same as she can’t give pain 2 oders & can’t blackmail sum1 4 her happiness( gud one. blackmailing sum1 4 marriage doesn’t make marriage as sacred & one shud stuck up 2 it). Rano came there. BB says that she knew that she gave pain 2 mona but she won’t give her anymore pain & mona also knew it. then BB asks rano 2 put ointment on vihaan’s hand. Anika shocked.rano goes & put it on his hand & asks 4givenss from vihaan as bcoz of her both BB & vihaan r in this situtn.

Anika says that she cudn’t understand anything. She wud’d understood if vihaan’d told her he doesn’t luv her but why vihaan is scarificing his luv & life 4 BB’s sis?? Vihaan stand up & says that anika doesn’t know wats a family is.BB’s family is his family & so r their probs.but she won’t understand all this & try 2understand all this nxt time means in nxt birth(bang on vihaan).vihaan then promises rano that both BB & he”ll b 2gether soon.

Anu came wid bouquet & says BB is like her as wat she likes she also wants 2 get it as she likes vihaan so wants 2 get him & no1 can stop her not even her mom & 2day shes standing where anu was standing & ppl said her as oder woman & now 2day BB is alos oder woman. BB gives an amused smile but didn’t say anything( plz sum1 tell this anushka that her & BB’s situtns & intentions r difft).anu keeps on saying that she got so many curses etc. But she didn’t care bcoz she only luved pradeep. vihaan listened it & shocked & was understanding why anu did all this & 2day BB must b understanding her pain, jealousy etc. And BB hated her in childhood & 2day BB is @ her place & anika @ mona’s place. Anu says she knows that children get their parent’s luks but she didn’t know that they also get their destiny but here it got exchanged as anika got mona’s destiny & BB got anushka but she supports BB. BB & oders listening & BB wants 2 tell anu the truth abt anu’s so called destiny talks but didn’t & only gave amused smiles( BB must b thinking wat adumb woman is anu & she not just destroyed ehr own life but also of anika bcoz her expressions were like this). anu says her mom left her 4 her principles so is mona doing wid BB but she i.e anu won’t leave her.meanwhile anika came behind anu & anu keeps on saying that as u consider vihaan her husband so she can consider anu as her mom also.anika listend.

Aniak called anu & says that she”ll support BB against her daughter??BB smiles listening anika.
@ police station mona & jatin waiting & cops cum wid rohan & asks him who oder is involved wid him. Rohan was beaten up.cops ask them 2 go home & they”ll tell all abt him wen get 2 know. Mona asks 4giveness from jatin & jatin says not 2 say sorry. Both goes away from there.

Anika was saying that why she’d the feeling that anu is more interested in BB’s destruction than in anika’s life.BB’d victorious smile.anika asks anu that if she got her married 4 her revenge or bcoz anika loves vihaan( really anika is so stupid & selfish.she thinks she luvs vihaan)vihaan says that shes not this dumb that she even doesn’t know the answer of this quesn.& if she doesn’t know then he”ll help her.and says that her mom was saying that anika always cries & can’t do anything on her own. Is she like this?? BB smiles.anika gets angry & asks vihaan 2 shut up & again asks anu abt marriage. Anu confesses that she wanted 2 take revenge from mona thatswhy she got anika married 2 vihaan.BB smiles & anika got shocked.

Pre-cap- all jatin, mona, BB, vihaan, rano & anika present & anu confesses that she killed pradeep but she wanted 2 kill mona & it was an accident & mona made her 2 murder pradeep.

Update Credit to: tiny15

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