Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Vihaan introes Maira to Bulbul n praises Mona’s cooking! Bulbul calls for plates! Maira praises Bulbuls nature n beauty! Maira tells Vihaan that he does not like mooli parathas..! Bulbul says..why he din say before? Vihaan says..its ok n he cant refuse Mona’s cooking ! Maira hits Vihaan n says..he used to be so fussy earlier..! The duo are chit-chatting and Bulbul feels left out..! Vihaan says..Bulbul to thank Mona! Vihaan requests Bulbul if he can take some time out to take Maira around and she says yes..! The duo go off..!

Rano tells the guy (Rohan) with her that the place is too expensive.. she cant order..! The guy orders instead.. and asks Rano to come to Fire & Ice disco with him! He tells her to agree or else he will..! Right then Vihaan comes and at the same place and introes Maira to Rano..! They excuse themselves off! Rano is taken aback seeing Vihaan and Maira ..and wonders if Bulbul is aware? Rohan tells Rano that he is coming to pick her up but she resists ..but finally gives in..!

Mona comes with Jatin and Alok says..they got too late! Jatin says..coz he was helping Mona change tyres! Jatin goes to wash hands! Mona asks if he knew Jatin was coming? Alok says..yes n he called to take Jatins opinion as Anu is planning legal action on them! Mona goes to get fresh and make tea! Alok tells Jatin the whole thing about selling the society off to a builder! Jatin assures that he has a lawyer friend and that he will handle the case well! Alok is relieved! Mona hesitates to stick around Jatin and goes off..!

At office.. Bulbul is a bit disturbed..! Vihaan comes to her and thanks her for letting him off so that he could finish work and come back fast..! He talks of Mairas trousse shopping and Bulbul fumes..! She asks him to focus on work and Vihaan heads off..!

Part 2

Alok is on the phone with Jatins lawyer friend and thanks him for the help..! [Mahesh Gandhi is the name of the lawyer]! Alok talks of his high fees..and Jatin says.. he is a friend wont charge much! Alok tells Mona about Jatins help n asks for another round of tea..! Alok asks Mona to sit with them.. but she hesitates.! Jatin takes cue and excuses himself..! Alok says..he is not able to understand.. what the matter is? Mona says.. nothing like that.. ! Mona says..sorry to Jatin! Alok says..that he feels.. Mona is trying to block out people from her life..even though they wanna help! Jatin says..he helped them so that in future..they can help him..! Jatin asks Mona if she will help him…she says..ofcourse! Mona asks him to take a seat and goes to get something to eat!

Rano comes in Bulbuls room and sees her sitting sulking n wonders the matter…! She decides to cheer Bulbul up…! She says.. she met Vihaan and that she saw him with a girl..! She says..the duo had no chemistry! Bulbul says..doesnt matter as they are getting married! Rano asks who said? Bulbul walks off!

There is door bell ring and Rano checks..n is shocked!

Part 3

Mona asks who was it? Rano says..egg seller and then pushes Rohan out and asks what is he

Vihaan asks Jatin why is he in such a happy mood? Jatin says..that the person u like.. if they do something u dont like even then u smile..! Vihaan recollects moments with Bulbul n smiles! Jatin asks why is he smiling.. he says..due to same thing as Jatin…!

Later in the night.., Rano decks up …n sneaks out..! Mona coufs and gets up to drink water..! She goes in Ranos room and thinks she is asleep..! She goes to put rajma in water.. n suddenly the lights go off! She opens the door to go out and check and trips and falls on the stairs..!

Rano comes back and finds Mona lying on the stairs..and rushes to her..! She calls everyone and they rush to Monas side..! They help her to stand up and get inside the room! Anu is near the electricity cabinet and self thought.. hope ur not scared of darkness coz this darkness will

Precap —Bulbul tells Vihaan to cheer for someone! Vihaan says..that he needs to cheer for Bulbul ..n Bulbul says..he is jealous of the other guy ..! Vihaan says.. interesting..! He asks Bulbul if she felt jealous anytime ..recently?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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