Kya Hua Tera Vaada 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 17th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Anu is surprised to see Alok ..! He apologises to her for coming so late.. n says he wanted to meet Rano-Rajbeer! Rajbeer hugs him..both break down..! Anu addreses him as Papaji ..n Alok says.. relations are changing everyday.. n he has no idea what to consider true or fake..! Anu asks if Alok is leaving for someplace or Mona kicked him out? Alok says that Mona came to him saying hotel is burnt so told him to sell his share to Mona-Jatin..! Alok says that he couldnt agree to Mona and decided to go to Amritsar to Suhasi! Rajbeer rues whats wrong with Mona? Alok rues that Mona was never like this.. dunno whats wrong with her! Anu smirks..that now its Monas breakdown time..even Sasurji is against her.. her biggest supporter! Anu assures Alok of her support n promises to teach Mona a lesson n asks Alok to stayback at her place.! Alok says bad times reveal people n relations..! He appreciates Anu n Anu smiles..! Anu asks Alok to rest while she finishes some errands..! Anu leaves..! Alok asks Rajbeer why is he staring..he was acting.. n they go inside!

Jatin asks Vihaan if he won hearts? And if yes..its time for celebration.. n Vihaan says.. need Whiskey ..neat.! Jatin asks the matter? Vihaan says..he could not talk to Bulbul ..! He says that he was about to keep foot in new life when past came in front..! Vihaan says that he was waiting for Bulbul when Anika came n hugged him n Bulbul watched n left..! Jatin says how come? Vihaan says he had no idea..she was in town..! He rues that seems he is not destined for love so everytime..this happens! Jatin asks why Vihaan din tell Bulbul…maybe she left seeing Anika hug him! Jatin tells Vihaan what Bulbul thinks is not right.. so better go and explain to Bulbul ..! Vihaan says.. Bulbul is not receiving his calls n has switched off her cell ..! Vihaan says ..Bulbul trusted him after lots of efforts n now that trust is broken!

Rano apologises to Alok ..for leaving their house and hurting Mona…! Alok hugs her ..! Rano rues her behaviour and asks him to forgive him ..! Rano tells Alok that Anu is not a good woman and that till date she has only hurt Mona! Alok says he knows..! He says that seeing them at the hosp..he figured that they know Anus truth and decided they need to teach Anu a lesson…together..!

At home, Mona comes back and finds Anika.. n then Bulbul crying..! She prays that hope these two dont pay for their elders mistake..! Bulbul asks Anika why she is crying? Anika hugs Bulbul and says that HE told her ..he does not love her …n that she knows he is trying to take revenge..! She says that they were 17 when they fell in love.. n a new random girl cant come between them..! Bulbul assures Anika that the guy she loves so much..she will get him..! Anika says that she is stupid talking of herself..what about her? She had gone to meet HIM…did she meet him? Bulbul breaks down n says that she is a fool ..especially about love..! She says that he does not love her.. he loves someone else.. ! She says that she made a mistake ..! She says that love is not meant for her..! Anika says that if Bulbul has full faith that she will get her love..she has full faith that Bulbul will get her love too..!

Jatin tells Vihaan that he knows Bulbul is very sensitive and moody..! He says that he will talk to Bulbul and once she knows all truth… she will be ok! Vihaan hesitates.. ! Jatin says.. nothing to worry..!

Anu arrives at Monas place ..!

Part 2

Mona asks Anu to come in and Anu asks Mona to think..that ages back she invited Anu in.. n then all is history! Mona says..that day ..was different.. today she is a mother..! She says she understands Anus pain! Anu asks Mona to cut the act…! She says that Anika din come on free will …Mona lured her here..! Anu says.. Monas son Rajbeer.. n her Father in law Alok too..! Anu asks Mona what all she wants to snatch? Mona says.. nothing at all ..! She goes to call Anika ..n asks Anu to talk to Anika softly she is troubled! Anu tells Mona to stay out of it..! Anu looks at Pradeeps pic ..n self thought.. that Anika never got dads love n now Mona is taking Anika away from her mom too..! Anika tells Mona that she doesnt wanna meet Anu..! Mona insists .. n Anika relents..!

Anu asks Anika what is wrong with her? Anika asks Anu not to cry n tell whatever she has to in 5 mins..! Anu asks Anika to come out …! Anika agrees to go out…! Jatin arrives and asks about Anu-Anika..! Mona says that Anika fought with Anu and came over..! Mona says that Bulbul looks troubled.. n Jatin says that he has come to meet Bulbul only.. ! Anika is the same girl who ditched Vihaan at the altar n that she is the one responsible for both Vihaan and Bulbuls pain!

Part 3

Mona says that but she and Bulbul only left Anika back at the venue! Jatin says..yes.. n that Jatin is his very good friend Harsh’s son.. n he is like his son..! He says that Anika broke Vihaans heart.. n now she is back to ruin all relations again! He takes Monas permission to talk to Bulbul. ..she allows him! Jatin tells Bulbul that he wants to talk to her..she agrees..!

Jatin says that Bulbul must be rueing for trusting someone! He says that whatever Bulbul saw.. any girl would lose faith in love..! He says he has right to wipe Bulbuls tears .. but he wont.. as he wants Bulbul to wipe her own tears! He tells Bulbul that she has to listen to him.. n cry if she wants..curse her destiny too.. ! He says that Vihaan-Anika are childhood lovers.. Jatin narrates whole story of Anika breaking Vihaans trust n heart…! Bulbul rues about Vihaan having to bear all this! Jatin says..thats why he can understand Bulbuls feelings..! He tells Bulbul that she should give Vihaan a chance to explain! Bulbul says Anika still loves Vihaan ..! Jatin says.. she and Anika are different.. if she wants to give Anika a second chance..give.. but not at the cost of Vihaan and Bulbul …! Jatin asks Bulbul to meet Vihaan …! He says that Vihaan must be coming .. he has called him there!

Precap — Vihaan says that Bulbul has to listen to him n believe him! Bulbul asks Vihaan to leave her hand …! Anika overhears them..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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