Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 15th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mona asks Jatin what all he has hidden? About Rano.. n now Bulbul living in Vihaans home as an other woman? Mona says..that this other woman thing was a curse on her life..and now she is living with a man who is married with someone else n became other woman..! Mona asks why her kids are doing this to her? Jatin asks Mona to listen to him but Mona says..that she got answer why Pradeep left early so that he doesnt have to see his kids do all these deeds! Bulbul and other guy from her office return home n find Anika cosying up with Vihaan! Bulbul says that seems she has spiked Vihaans drink bring him close to her..! The guy says that Vihaan had told of Anika tricking him before too..! Bulbul says whatever Vihaan has done is coz of some good reason n then gives the guy an idea..! They decide to execute Mission Anika..!

Vihaan chides Anika for cosying up to him.. during work! Anika asks Vihaan if he has forgotten everything.. that happened in Australia? She says..she came to remind him of all that! Vihaan says.. he remembers all his stupidity! Vihaan asks her to switch the lights on! Anika says..she doesnt mind him not remembering the past but they can make a fresh start..! Vihaan spots his office guy there signalling to him! Vihaan agrees to make a fresh start..! Anika offers Vihaan the drink..and he says.. how the drink she has given is his fave n he spills the drink! Anika reminds Vihaan of their first kiss..! She pours another drink for him.. n he again diverts her attention..! Anika self thot. .keep recollecting past so i can separate Bulbul from u..! Vihaan throws the drink again..! Vihaan fakes being drunk ..n says he will bring the other drink..! He is tripping and Anika tries to hold but he asks her to sit put!

Mona throws all things and cries..! Jatin tries to comfort her..! Mona tells Jatin that he has lost all rights..! She rues that she thot Bulbul is in Amritsar …n calls out to Alok ..! She asks him where is Bulbul? Alok says..she is where she should be..! Mona asks if he thinks Bulbul should be at Vihaans place as OTHER WOMAN?? Alok chides Mona but Mona asks if he cant hear this.. why send her there to be other woman? Alok says Anika has no right on Bulbul ..! Mona asks him why he supported Mona then against Anu? Alok says its different..! Bulbul is not Anu ..their situation are different! Mona says.. but they will be called same..! Alok asks Mona to keep quiet n Mona says..she does wanna be quiet forever.. ! Mona says..she wont let Bulbul do what she is doing…n wont let another Anu be matter how badly her heart breaks.. she wont become OTHER woman n live at someone elses place..!

Part 2

Vihaan acts as if he is tripping n sees Bulbul n says.. what is she doing here..she knows.. he n Anika are married! Vihaan tells Anika that he loves her..n recollects the past..! Anika supports Vihaan inside his room and he smiles at Bulbul..! Anika helps Vihaan sit and switches on music.. while Vihaan helps Bulbul enter the bedroom..! BG- Raat akeli hai..! Anika tries to seduce Vihaan and Bulbul glares… !

Monas mom says Rano did what she did in self defense.. is she gonna send her to jail? Rajbeer defends Rano too but Mona says enouf..! She says its a crime.. ! She tells all that she has right on her kids.. ! Mona asks Jatin what he wants.she should shush up to save her kid? They see their daughter but not the boys house! She rues that entire life she prayed that no one points finger at her kids coz they lost their dad but she culdn .. ! She pulls Rano by her arm n takes to police station!

Bulbul chides her office guy for gawking at a girl n fumes seeing Anika closing in on Vihaan..! She is about to beat him when the office guy restrains her! Bulbul changes the song to ‘Om jai jagdish hare’..! Vihaan cribs that she ruined the mood..! The CD is on the floor n near to where Bulbul is hiding.. but thankfully she doesnt see them..! Anika changes the song..n Bulbul pulls Anikas hair n Vihaan dances with her.. to save Bulbul from getting caught..!

Part 3

Cop asks Mona if she is here to get her daughter arrested? Mona says Rano has murdered someone. n she will admit it..! Rano says.. she did it in self defense and then Anu said she threw the body on the railway track! The cop says she can be imprisoned for this ..! Alok says..Rano is innocent..and takes Mona aside and counsels her not to ruin Ranos future..! Rajbeer requests too but Mona refuses to budge and asks Cop to arrest Rano..!

Anika is still dancing with Vihaan and he says.. lost in ur eyes..and says Bulbul doesnt understand his love..! He says Anika understands him.. and says he feels bad to see Anika struggle to get him..! Bulbul fumes..! Vihaan says he wishes Anika will love him forever and Bulbul steps to face him..! Anika self thot that dinno the plan wuld be so successful.. n scoffs that Anu should see how she got Vihaan..! Vihaan spills the drink on Anika n she goes to change..! He asks Bulbul what she is doing? Bulbul says.. baby? close dance? The office guy asks them to go out..n goes n hides..!

Rano is being taken by the cops when Jatin comes n says.. one minute..! He tells the cop that Rano is innocent and says that his news channel is covering the unknown body . .n they got to know that the body is of some 40 yr old guy..! He asks the cop to confirm from his sources..! He tells cop that there is no body.. and gives the cop papers..!

Precap — Mona tells Bulbul that what has happened with her..she wont let that be repeated..! She tells Bulbul n Vihaan that she does not want them to repeat her story.. n that she doesnt want another Anika who is labelled illegitimate!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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