Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th April 2013 Written Update

bulbul in d hospital canteen…where anika is arguing on d phone with her mom about why she was kept in d dark about vihaan’s health condition (really?????? helath condidtion or financial condition ). accidentally she spills coffee on herself & bulbul comes to her rescue. she recognizes her as her elder step sister & anika thanks her dat she was right when dey dropped her back to d wedding … as now she regrets not marrying d love of her life. bulbul symapthasizes with her as she herself had felt love today. dey share some tidbits of love (& in love with d same person ). dey both wish each oder luck (u girls gonna need it soon…actually poor vihaan might need it more ).

anushka going crazy…planning 2 send mona 2 pradeep. & lo comes in rano crying about mona. anushka angry to know dat she is safe. but resolves to kill her soon…but gets worried dat she mite b caught by d police… (how many murders has she done by now??? lost count )…anyway she pretends innocent in front of rano & asks her 2 b her alibi & telly everyone dat she was with her fulltime. rano agrees

but great news is dat rano has opened her brain…she confides to rajbeer dat how anushka wants her to save herself using dem. dey understand dat anushka wants 2 harm mona thru dem. rano rajbeer decide to bring doom to anushka.

next morning vihaan arranging d bed (he is out of hospital soo early??)
& bulbul scolds him jatin advices him 2 do as she says
jatin mona watch bulbul fussing over vihaan.
bulbul asks vihaan if he is allergic 2 anythng & vihaan says dat it got healed after kiss treatment
mona overhears but vihaan diverts topic
soup comes & vihaan insists dat she feed him…bulbul scolds him..
jatin suggests mona to go home
mona tells vihaan dat she will feed him d soup (kya saans hain)
anyway she understands finally & tells bulbul 2 feed soup…
but as she tells bulbul to come home…vibu make excuses.
jatin takes mona away & gives vibu some time alone…tum ho sequence

next morning bulbul in thoughts eats hot dal by mistake…mona teases her about how she is lost & is changing…she gives her a necklace by pradeep & says he had bought it for her marriage. sweet mom-daughter moment
anyway she says dat she can see dat she loves vihaan.

Precap:: funny…very funny…
anika lands in mona’s home ..

Update Credit to: sen_madhuban

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