Kya Hai Iss Zindagi ki Daastan-Episode2

The episode starts with Nikki,Ashu and Nirvaan relishing in restaurant.Ashu is saying about her trip.While saying she thinks about an incident in which some people and police men were shown beating a person(incident is not clearly shown).They ask what is she thinking.She says nothing in order not to make them tense and diverts the matter.They have some chit-chat and leave for their houses.Nikki enters her home and greets her mom Ankitha.She goes to her room and start studying.It becomes night.Ankitha gives her food and asks her to eat.She says she will have it later after studying.Ankitha give a soft smile to her and says she is like her father.Nikki gets annoyed by this and says not to compare her with him and leaves from there.

Nikki is shown standing in the corridor.She thinks about her childhood memories spent with her father and cries(father face is not shown).Ashu and Nirvaan comes to nikki fighting.She stops them and asks about fighting.Ashu says i asked him to come home but he was flirting with a girl on road and gets annoyed.Nirvaan says that girl asked about some address and I was directing the way.Ashu calls him a liar and figts with him.Nikki laughs seeing them fighting.They get relieved by her laugh(a flash back is shown where Ankitha calls Ashu and asks her to come saying about Nikki.flashback ends) and smile seeing her…Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai song plays….

A man of 40years(approx) is shown waiting for someone in a deserted area.A young man of 21years(approx) comes there.He gives the man pic of Ashwini and asks him to find her soon.Old man says O.K and leaves.He smiles cunningly and says Ashwini i’ll see you soon.The scene shifts to the friends.They are shown playing carroms.Nirvaan says he is feeling hungry and takes them for eating.While eating Nirvaan answers to a call of his friens.He gets shocked and says what?He ends call and says a big problem.They both get tensed and asks what happened.He says My results will be out tomorrow sadly.They both see each other and starts laughing and tease him.

PRECAP: The young man described above comes and meet Ashu.Nikki and Nirvaan looks on seeing them.Someone is shown talking over phone and saying to find them immediately..

frnds give your valuable comments so that I can work more on my story and hope u all enjoy

Credit to: sree

  1. Sree it’s a nice story. I liked it.

  2. Nice epi buddy…Waiting for next …pls update soon..Waiting for hero’s entry…precap looks interesting..pls update soon yaar..pls continue

  3. nice episode keep going

  4. nice go on

  5. thank u every one

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