Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti’s Search For a Buffalo

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reporter covers Kanhaiya’s story and says Kanhaiya was tensed as bachelor and then was tensed marring 5 women, now he is marrying 6th time with a buffalo. He taunts Kanhaiya as Rahul and buffalo as Anjali and jokes. People laugh. Kanhaiya gets out of imagination sitting in his shop and panics that he will not marry a buffalo.

Kunti with bahus reach buffallo tabela/shed and starts her jokergiri with bahus. Pari starts her jokergiri. Kunti asks buffalo owner when she can take her bahu home. Buffalo owner says he will not send his buffalo as he has only one and he knows someone must have suggested to get her son married to a buffalo, she can bring him here and get married to buffalo. Kunti tries her best, but owner does not budge. Kunti leaves with her bahus sadly. She then remembers Pratap’s friend who has buffalo.

Kunti with Kusum heads towards Pratap’s friend when Sarla stops her and starts jokergiri. Kunti somehow escapes from her and leaves in auto. She reaches Pratap’s friend’s house who thinks Kunti has come for his daughter Poonam’s alliance and says Trikaldarshi baba’s idea of wearing sheep’s dress for a day worked and he got alliance even by just holding buffalo. He asks his daughter Poonam to bring tea and samoasas. Kunti looks at buffalo Pushpa while man boasts about his daughter Pushpa’s qualities. Drama continues. Finally, Kunti reveals she came here with Pushpa buffalo’s alliance. Man calls Pratap who is disguised as peacock this time. Pratap says Sasumaa came with buffalo Poonam’s alliance. Man says Poonam is his daughter’s name and Pusha buffalo’s. Pratap convinces him to get buffalo married to Kanhaiya. Man finally agrees. Kunti says she will bring Kanhaiya tomorrow for buffalo’s alliance.

Kunti reaches home and informs family that she found bahu for her. Kusum shows buffallo’s photo. Pratap says she looks like Kunti.. Everyone congratulate Kanhaiya. Kunti says they will go tomorrow for engagement. Jokergiri continues..

Precap: Prea and Pari take buffalo Pushpa for shopping. Buffalo escapes.

Update Credit to: MA

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