Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Panjiri shields Prarthana and her theft act

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti thinking where is Prarthana. Panjiri comes to Prarthana’s room and sees her sleeping. She thinks to light agarbatti to make her sleep peacefully, but as she turns, Prarthana gets up and goes out of room. Panjiri turns and is shocked. Pratibha comes to Kanhaiya and says she saw thief and asks him to take the stick or something. Kunti thinks where is Prarthana. Prarthana comes there and acts as ringing temple bell. Kunti thinks if she is doing puja at 12 in the night. She asks her to hide near the toilet, but Prarthana goes out of house. Kunti tries to stop her and comes out from dining table. Panjiri comes out and sees Prarthana leaving. Pratibha asks Kanhaiya to come. She catches Kunti. Kunti shouts Kanhaiya. Pratibha asks are you sitting near the dining table. Kunti says yes and says you was about to hit me. Just then they see Panjiri coming from outside and walking in sleep. Panjiri feigns to walk in sleep and thinks nothing shall happen to Didi.

Next day, Kunti tells Pratap, Pari, Pratibha and Kusum that Panjiri was walking in sleep. Seeing Prarthana coming there, they change the topic. Prarthana goes. Panjiri tries to hear them. Pratibha says Prarthana shall not know else she will worry. Pari says we shall tell Panjiri. Pratibha says no. Kunti asks Pratibha not to let anyone know else people will make stories that my bahu walks in sleeps. Panjiri thinks Didi is saved. Just then Sarla calls Kunti and tells that her silver utensils were stolen yesterday night. She says Inspector enquired and told that a neighboring woman has stolen silver utensils. Kunt doubts on Panjiri.

Panjiri doubts on Prarthana. Sarla comes to meet Kunti and cries keeping her head on her chest. Kunti thinks what to say, may be my bahu have done this kand. Sarla says some thief came and have stolen her things. Panjiri tells Kunti that she is taking tiffin for Kanhaiya. Kunti thinks may be Panjiri will steal on the way and asks Prarthana to take the tiffin. Sarla says if I get that thief then I will beat her so much. Kunti hopes that her doubt shall not come true. Panjiri also thinks the same. Kunti asks Sarla not to cry and says your utensils will be found. She sees Sarla’s utensils kept there and hugs Sarla to divert her and cries.

Kanhaiya talks to Dayal and asks him to return his money and take these saree. Dayal refuses and threatens Kanhaiya. Prarthana comes there. Khatru threatens Dayal. Kanhaiya asks him to have shame for betraying a good man. He tells that he will get back the money in 7 days. Prarthana gets worried. Kanhaiya asks her not to tell Maiyya anything. Prarthana says ok. Kunti calls Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya is shocked to know about the utensil.

Kanhaiya and pratap come to Sarla’s house to keep back the utensils. They are caught by Sarla. Sarla sees silver utensils with them and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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