Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Faces Business Issues

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya speaks to his customer over phone sneezing and says he cannot cancel such a big, what will he do with so much saries. He informs Kunti that his business is in losses. Kunti touches him and sees his fever increasing, asks if he did not take her given medicine. Pari sitting nearby starts her jokergiri. Kunti scolds her. Kanhaiya goes to take bath and then to shop. Pari’s jokergiri continues. Kunti thinks lalla got someone’s evil’s eyes/nazar on him.

Prarthana and Panjeri walks towards home via market when they see Pratap disguised as parrot and says baba Trikaldarshi suggested him to disguise as parrot if he wants success. They joke and he continues acting. Back at home, Kunti with her bahus watch news where host covers unique wedding of a man and buffallo on Trikaldarshi baba’s suggestion for success and prosperity in life. They all laugh. Kanhaiya thanks god that his maiya does not believe any baba.

At shop, Khatru gets tired selling saris without any customer. Pratap walks in and does his jokergiri. Kanhaiya walks in next and scold Khatru. Postman comes with Pratap’s money order. Pratap collapses in shock. Khatru says jija did not get anything in life except stale burps and scoldings, how did he get money order. Pratap finds 20000 rs money order and run all around happily.

Kunti performs Kanhaiya’s nazar and burns red chilli, but it does not emit smoke. Panjeri says Kanhaiya has got severe nazar. Kunti meets Sarla while buying vegetables and explains her situation. Sarla’s jokergiri starts. Pratap comes there and pays for vegetables, then buys them kulfi. Kunti stands shocked. Pratap reveals that his 3-year-old drama payment came with Trikaldarshi baba’s blessings and suggestion. Kunti requests him to take her to baba. Pratap flies away.

Precap: Kunti consults Trikaldarshi baba for Kanhaiya. Baba suggests her to get Trikaldarshi married to a buffallo. Kunti emotionally blackmails Kanhaiya to get married to buffallo.

Update Credit to: MA

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