Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratibha Confesses To Tejpal Tauji

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prema romantically fixes Kanhaiya’s kurta button. Kanhaiya says Tauji may see them. She says let him see. Door opens. They get afraid. Kusum walks in followed by Pratap. Pratap says Tauji would have caught her today, but luckily he was not wearing specs. Kusum says she was dancing wearing earphone when Tauji saw her. Tauji passes by calling Pratibha. They all try to hide, but relax seeing him going into his room.

Kanhaiya wakes up to get water for him when he sees Pratibha awake writing something, asks what she is awake till late night. She says it is 5 am and she woke up early to write petition for school. He praises her. He then goes into kitchen to get water. Tauji also wakes up and walks towards kitchen to get water. Kanhaiya and Pratibha hides seeing Tauji.

Pratap joins them. Once Tauji leaves, they stand up, but stand tensed seeing Tauji. Tauji asks what is chaiwala doing at this time. Kanhaiya says he came to take water for tea. Tauji gather everyone and alleges Kanhaiya as thief who entered to steal elder people’s belongings. He continues scolding Kanhaiya that he should be ashamed to steal and is a black mark on his family. Pratibha unable to bear his taunts reveals that Kunti is her saas, Kanhaiya her husband, and rest of old people her family members. Shastri stands shocked.

Shastri asks Pratibha if she is married. Pratibha says Kanhaiya is her and other 4 ladies’ husband, they are all mad in each others’ love. Tauji says he hates lie more than marriage. Kanhaiya says it is not Pratibha’s mistake, he insisted her to act so as to not spoil her and Tauji’s relationship. Kunti says Pratibha is her loving bahu like other 4 and they are all happy under 1 roof. Tauji says he does not want to keep any relationship with her and brings his bag, says she is not his niece now. Kunti says Pratibha is very talented and looks after family and shops’ budget. All other family members also praise Pratibha. Kunti says she is proud to be called as Pratibha’s saas. Tauji says Pratibha would have done more than what she is doing here and serve society. School caretaker walks in with students and says because of Pratibha, they got back their school. Tauji forgivs Pratibha and praises her. He thanks them. Pari takes family selfie.

Precap: Kunti and bahus perform Kanhaiya’s nazar saying evil eyes are on him. Pratap suggests to seek baba’s help. Baba suggests to get Kanhaiya married to a buffalo.

Update Credit to: MA

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