Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti determines to expose Pratap’s lie

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya asking Pratap if he will not get better. Pratap says sasumaa will not get better, and says whoever have to stay with her, needs to be spoiled. Pratibha asks him to do the work for what they came. Pratap jokes. Kunti asks him to tell straight and asks are you giving my money. Pratap asks what do you mean? Kunti says either you will give money or leave the house. Kusum asks him to give money and says I can’t sleep on cotton mattresses in Ghaziabad. She asks Kunti to throw him out. Prarthana asks him to end the matter. Kunti tells that Pratap will make an excuse. Pratap says why will I be afraid when I gave the money. Kunti is shocked and asks when did you give money. Pratap says I gave you money in the evening. He reminds her that he came in the evening and gave her money. Kunti says yes and then says he is lying. Pratap sees Prema calling and asks her to tell what Kunti said.

Prema says Maa ji said that he gave me an envelope. Kunti says I didn’t check that envelope, I kept it in the drawer and when I checked, it was not there. Pratap thinks he has stolen it. Kunti tells her bahus that she never lies. Prema says they believe her. Panjiri asks her to take out her anger. Kunti says damad ji has crossed the limits, slapped me by betrayal and fooled me. She asks bahus to listen. Pratibha asks her not to ask her to lessen the house budget. Kunti says she wants them to promise her. Pari jokes. Kunti says we will expose Pratap. Pratap hears them and says I will proof that you have grown old and forgetting things. He comes to Kanhaiya and tells that Sasumaa is forgetting things and is getting old. Kanhaiya says what you are saying. Prema says she is not 60 yet. Pratap says she got old now. Kanhaiya says my eyes are on you and says if you are lying then I will not throw you out.

Pari comes to Kunti and tells that she made a painting of her seeing milkman drawing buffalo’s pic. There is nothing in the chart. Kunti couldn’t see anything. Pari jokes. Pratap steals her phone. Kunti searches her phone. Pratibha calls and says sound is coming from kitchen. Panjiri comes there and asks do you want food. Pratibha says sasumaa wants phone. They find her phone in the fridge. Kunti thinks how did my phone come in the fridge. Pratap says you might have forgotten just like you forgot the envelope filled with envelope. Bahus nods their head. Pratap says you are forgetting things.

Kusum asks Kunti to say straight if she wants to send her to Ghaziabad, Kunti tells her that she will expose Pratap. Kusum says how will you proof? Kunti says I will search proof and says let me think. Pratap hears her. Pratibha asks did you check money in the envelope. Kunti says she didn’t check. Pratibha says we will ask Pratap. Kusum says I am going to sleep. Kunti calls Pratap. Pratap says haan sasumaa. Kunti says I want to ask something. Pratap jokes. Kunti says nobody saw the money in the envelope. Pratap says he was coming home with the money when he collided with Sarla. Kunti says Sarla will tell if you are saying right or wrong.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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