Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Compels pratap to work as peon when he ask money

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prema comes from shopping with makeup items. Pratibha says she does not need all these. Prema says it is for her to lure Kanhaiya. Pratibha says she needs expense details. Prema says money went in Kanhaiya’s love. Pratibha asks if they can eat love and wear love, they need money for groceries and clothes. Pari comes and says she prepared mummyji’s painting and shows a tree painting. Pratibha asks where is mummyji. Pari says she went to temple, so temple is not shown here. Prema asks where is mummyji. Pari asks to search. They both search. Pari says Mummyji is hiding behind tree. Pratibha says Mummyji has gone to temple to pray for Paanchal family’s prosperity and respect.

Kunti walks towards home with Prarthana and Panjiri. Prarthana says with god’s grace, pooja went well in pure Hindi. Panjiri explains. A few men extend their hands. Kunti gives them prasad. They says they need money. She gives them coins. They say they need 1000s as Pratap took loan from them and did not return. Beggar says Pratap took money even from him. Men say they will go until Kunti pays them as Pratap took money on her name. Kunti says she did not have so much money now. They says they will not let her go until they get their money. Panjiri says Pratap is going there. All men run towards direction. Kunti also runs. Panjiri says she lied to divert men’s attention. She holds Kunti and Prathana and runs aside. Kunti says she will not spare damadji now and will force him to work and repay loan.

Pratap boasts in front of Khatru that people were running behind him. Khatru asks if he ran away with kid’s kulfi. Pratap says they ran behind to take his autograph after watching his drama, he will be very rich soon. Khatru t aunts him. Pratap’s jokergiri continues. He shows cycle rickshaw and says it is plane and starts his imaginary explanation that he will ride rickshaw and earn money and buy many rickshaws, then taxis, buses, then planes… etc.. Rickshaw driver gets him down and takes away rickshaw. Khatru laughs on Pratap. Pratap says one day he will be very rich. His friend fools him that he got a secret scheme to double money, if Pratap gives him 50,000 rs, he will return him 1 lakh next day. Khatru jokes jija does not have even 50 rs. Pratap says he will borrow money.

At home, Kunti angrily decides to sent Pratap to work and asks Pratibha to find suitable job for Pratap. Pratibha finds peon’s job. Sleeping Kusum wakes up in shock. Pratap enters and starts his jokergiri. He asks his property share. Kunti says 52000 plus. Pratap asks to keep the change and give him 50000 rs. Kunti says he has to pay money lenders that much and for that he has to work as peon. Pratap continues his jokergiri and requests 50000 rs loan again. Kanhaiya hears his conversation and requests Kunti to lend Pratap money and if he fails, he has to work as peon. Pratap agrees. Kunti asks when will he return money. Pratap reminisces his friend’s idea and says in 2 days.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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