Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets upset with her moustache

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Kunti that moustache will not come out till 10 days. Kunti gets angry and accuses Pratap. Pratap says I didn’t do anything. Pratibha comes and asks why Sasumaa become Sunny deol and then says Anil Kapoor. Pari says Sasumaa has moustache now. Kunti asks Panjiri and Prarthana if they have stick moustache to her face. They refuse. Kusum comes and gets shocked. Prarthana says it is unbelievable. Pari asks what we shall call her mummy ji or papa ji. Pratap says papa ji. Kanhaiya comes to Pari and asks where is everyone? He says I have promised you that I will stick moustache to Maiyya’s face. He says I have fulfilled my promise. Pari gets shocked. Kanhaiya shows the pic of Kunti with moustache. Kunti hears him and gets shocked. She asks him why did he take revenge on him. Kanhaiya asks why she is hiding her face. Kunti says shall I make my fun. Kanhaiya says I stick moustache to you on Pari’s insistence. Kunti asks if you will give me poison if bahu says. He sees her face and gets shocked. Kunti calls him shameless.

All bahus get shocked. Kunti asks him to promise that he has done this. Kanhaiya refuses and tells that he made moustache on her pic and not to her. Kunti shouts and asks who did this then. She promises to take the guilty to mundan temple and will stick people’s hairs on to their face. Pratibha asks pratap to call the gum merchant. Kanhaiya asks him tell about the mishap. Pratap acts and cries, calling the seller on call and says sasumaa will beat him if he don’t take her moustache out. He tells her address and says sasumaa is beating me. Door bell rings. Kunti thinks now he will take out my moustache. She opens the door. Milkman sees her with moustache and laughs on her. Kanhaiya asks him to go. Kunti says now everyone will know.

Prarthana says I asked you not to make fun of the milkman. Panjiri says you made his fun and that’s why same thing is happening with you. Pratap gets gum seller’s call and he refuse to come there. Kanhaiya says it was overdose of acting.. Pratap asks her to keep beard. Panjiri asks her not to worry. Pratibha reads on net about how to take off the moustache, but Kunti dislikes her idea. Pratibha reads home remedy. Pratap jokes asking her to make ID card done with moustache. Kunti gets upset. Kanhaiya asks her not to worry. He calls his wives and asks them to pull Kunti while he tries to take off the moustache. Sarla comes there calling Kunti. She sees Kunti having moustache.

Vimla and Sarla laugh on Kunti Devi and make fun of her. They call her Kunta Deva,.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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