Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Spots Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kidnapper tells Kunti that they will get her speak to her lalla Kanhaiya as they have phone. Kanhaiya informs his wives that kidnapper had called him, but disconnected call. Kidnapper gives phone to Kunti. Kunti huffing asks Kanhaiya to come and take her. Kidnapper snatches phone, goes aside and aks Kanhaiya to reach Madari Chowk with 5 lakhs holding red rose. Kanhaiya informs his wives he is going to Madari chowk with money as kidnapper is coming behind dhaba. Pari informs Pratibha and asks to inform police also.

Inspector torture Pratap and asks where has he hidden Kunti. Pratap says did not and wrote letter just like that as he always does. Constable Shambhu says let us hang him. Pratap runs away and locks police in. Inspetor warns to open door. He says they always lock

criminals, even they should experience being in lockup. He runs out. Pratibha reaches in auto and takes him away saying kidnapper is coming to Madari chowk with Kunti.

Kidnapper takes Kunti to madari chowk dhaba and gives her chat to eat. He asks her to wait till her son comes and walks aside to call Kanhaiya. Khatru comes there speaking to his girlfriend Reshma over phone and hears kidnapper’s conversation, realizes he is talking about Kunti and sees Kunti there. He sits in next table and informs her silently that these are kidnappers asking ransom from Kanhaiya and asks her to silently run away. She runs and he follows her. Kidnapper’s stammering aide sees them and runs behind them. Kanhaiya meets kidnapper with rose and asks where is maiya. Kidnapper asks to give bag first. Kanhaiya sees Khatru running and then Maiya and runs behind them. Kidnapper shouts to give money bag and go and follows him trying to snatch bag.

Pratap with bahus reach Madari chowk in auto and starts his jokeriri. Kidnapper tries to snatch bag from Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya pushes them on cart and pushes cart away. Pratap sees Kunti and runs behind her. Inspector reaches and follows him. He gets into cycle rickshaw and speeds away. Inspector follows him on bicycle. Jokergiri starts. They all finally meet each other. Inspector catches Pratap. Kidnapper trying to snatch money bag sees inspector and tries to flee away. Kidnappers catches him and his aide. Inspector says Pratap is caught with his gang. Pratap says he is not kidnapper and asks Kanhaiya to save him. Kanhaiya is not kidnapper and these 2 are kidnappers. Kidnapper says he found Kunti’s missing poster and thought of earning 5 lakhs. Kunti returns home with family and informs whole story whole she got trapped inside godown. Inspector gives her Pratap’s letter. Kusum reads it. Kunti scolds Pratap as usual. Pari takes family selfie.

Precap: Pratibha renames Kunti Nivas to Jeena Isi Ka naam hai old age home and tells family her uncle is coming and he does not like anyone married, if he finds out she is married, he will disown her. Uncle asks people where is Jeena Isi Ka naam hai old age home.

Update Credit to: MA

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