Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets disappointed by bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema saying she will clean the mess. Pari comes and brings their school bags. Girls confuse her. Pratibha and Panjiri bring their tiffins and give their tiffin, but they want tiffin according to their preferences. Suleri tells that she don’t want paratha else she will get fat. Pratibha says she is conscious about diet in this age. She asks her to eat. Prema asks them to come as they are getting late for school. Prarthana comes and does their aarti. She prays to get God’s blessings on them. The bahus ask their daughters to come. Girls tell that they are seeing clock and say it is 9 am. Bahus tell that they had school at 7:30 am. Pratibha says mission failed to send them to school. Kunti scolds her bahus for not been able to send their daughters to school. Pratibha

reasons with her. Kunti asks her to be quiet and asks whose mistake is this? Pratibha says we don’t know about their preferences. Prema says kids’ time lost due to bathroom problem. Panjiri says my Dhairya was in bathroom for much time so others got late. Kunti says I have to make you understand. Pratap comes and says sasumaa’s daughter sleeps till 12 in the afternoon. Kunti asks him to be quiet and writes on the board that they shall remember what they eat and what they take in tiffin. She says second point is you shall remember about their school bags. She writes that nobody will use bathroom before kids use. Pratibha and others ask what they will do. Kunti says whatever, but you will not use. She asks them to sacrifice for kids, and says mission to send kids to school shall not fail under any circumstances. The bahus say yes.

The girls look at the bathroom and thinks it is good that Dhairya haven’t come till now. They fight saying they will go first. Dhairya comes and goes to bathroom, says first me. The other 4 girls argue. Panjiri tells that kids shall not be late. Prema says we will make kids reach school on time. They make their tiffin. Prema brings milk for them while they eat their breakfast. Chanchan takes Dhairya’s paratha and teases her. Prema asks her to return her paratha. She gives milk to them. The girls spit milk and say it has turmeric and elaichi in it. They tell that they want milk with strawberry flavor, chocolate etc. Prema says she will bring milk again. Pratibha brings their tiffin. Prema serves them milk again. Song plays….duniya ka naara…Pari gives their school bags. Pratibha says Papa is ready and will drop you to school. Kids look at the clock. Pratibha says today also 8:30. Prema says mission failed today too.

Kunti takes her bahu’s class and asks them to hands up. She says you all have failed today. Pratibha asks her to think. Panjiri says kids are punished in school. Kunti says those mothers get punished whose kids couldn’t go to school. Pratap comes. Kunti asks if he got the bathroom tap repaired. Pratap says I am sheikh and will not do small work. Panjiri asks her to ask Prarthana to let Prarthana drop her hands and says she will lift her hand. Kunti says you couldn’t send 5 kids to school and asks why they get late daily. Prema says they were just a bit late and they would have gone to school almost. Kunti says you shall send them daily. Prarthana asks her to give them a chance and says we will send them tomorrow. Panjiri translates. Kunti says don’t know how you will send. Pratap jokes.

Kunti writes about the house expenses. Pratibha and Buddhi calculate rightly together. Kunti says beauty parlour bills is much. Pratibha and Buddhi hear Kunti writing the amount in the book and compete to answer first. Buddhi answers first. Pratibha is upset. Kunti says God gave 5 girls. Pratibha appreciates Buddhi. Buddhi says now score is 1:1 and says next time I will win. Pratibha says nahi…

Bahus sit down to write about kids’ preference. They don’t remember about girls’ preference for milk flavors. Pratibha says they will get late again. Pari jokes. Panjiri says Dhairya is late much. Pari asks them to hold the thumb. Kanhaiya says Maiyya will not punish you tomorrow. Pratibha says we don’t know how to give good upbringing. Kanhaiya asks them to show the list. He asks them to stick the pic of the girls on the school bags, tiffins etc. Prema appreciates him. Kanhaiya says you will be successful to send kids to school.

Panjiri asks Dhairya to run to compete in the running competition, but dhairya couldn’t run and walks slowly. Panjiri asks her to hurry up.

Update Credit to: MA

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