Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Police Suspect Pratap

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks Pratap what he does. Kusum says he is ghar jamai and does not work, just acts in dramas. Inspector says then he is waste body who eats for free. Kusum says Maiya says same. Pratap shouts at Kusum not to interfere when 2 elders speak. Inspector says whoever is idle and has lots of time can kidnap, looking at Pratap. Pratap runs behind Kusum. Kanhaiya enters and says kidnapper had called and asked 5 lakhs ransom money, so he Maiya is kidnapped for sure. He takes Pratap and Kusum along. Inspector asks to spy on Pratap, he may be kidnapper.

Kanhaiya then reaches shop, calls his customer and requests to lend money. Khatru walks in speaking to Reshma and says he will reach magical well and pray for them, though she may slap him on the other cheek. Kanhaiya scolds that he is tensed regarding Maiya and Khatru wants leave. Khatru pleads. Kanhaiya gives him 2000 rs for travel expense. Khatru asks to add it in salary and leaves. He then returns home and sits for dinner with family. Whole family misses Kunti. Pratap mimics Kunti and asks to have food. Kanhaiya says he cannot. Pratap himself is unable to have food.

Kunti is locked in a godown since 2 days and pleads to open door. Two goons discuss that they called Kanhaiya and demanded ransom, but don’t have Kunti, once Kanhaiya brings money, they will snatch money and escape.

Inspector calls Pratap to police station. Pratap reaches disguised as teacher and starts his jokergiri. Constable shows him bag. Pratap says it is sasusmaa’s and has lots of food stuff. Inspector asks where did he hide Kunti and reads Pratap’s letter for kunti to transfer properties in his name before going to Banaras. Pratap cries that he did not kidnap sasuma. Inspector continues doubting him.

In the morning, godown door opens. Kunti runs away. Man asks what was she doing in godown. She says she entered to change sari seeing empty godown and someone locked door and did not open for 2 days. He says he was on leave for 2 days. Kunti runs from there. Goon calls Kanhaiya and asks if he got 5 lakhs ready. Kanhaiya says yes insists to let him speak to Maiya first. Goon gets tensed. His aide sees Kunti coming and signals him. He disconnects call in shock. Kanhaiya pleads to let him speak to maiya and gets tensed when call gets disconnected.

Precap: Kidnapper makes Kanhaiya listen to Kunti over phone and orders to bring 5 lakhs and take his Maiya in return. Kanhaiya reaches with money and insists to show maiya. His wives watch hiding.

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